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  1. Update: Anyone else searching for this: you don't have to intervene. However - I believe you do have to save Zeus/erase Zeus name in chapter 5. Only thing I did different and trophy popped once I got to the crane area of the chapter.
  2. Do you have to intervene to save the guy that kills himself in chapter 5? I was careful not to shoot any civilians and trophy didn't pop. That's the only thing I can think of because I just ran passed him
  3. Borderlands (the first one). After almost 7 years I went back and wrapped them up after getting back into the games and platinuming borderlands 2 on PS4. Working my way through trying to 100% all of them on PS3 and PS4, but presequel is soooo bad.
  4. My favorites: 1337: Log off 3000: For the hoarder 30th plat: Legion of merit
  5. 1) is only missable right now on Consoles. Once PS4 gets 1.04 it will no loner be missable.
  6. Haven't needed to farm it, but chalice dungeon bosses still reward insight for beating them, and those are all replayable, assuming you have the materials to open another dungeon.