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  1. So I'm in the U.S. Am I able to 100% the game without an EU account? Is the DLC on disc? I'm looking to play through this for a third time.
  2. Does anyone have any information with regard to additional future DLC? I'd like to trade in my disc should there not be any additional incoming DLC.
  3. This was the easiest challenge for me and I'm hopeful the last one is reasonable as well. Wonder what the next rank will be too as people who have gotten golds in everything should have enough xp. On the NG+ front, I am not pleased to be playing through the campaign for a third time.
  4. I give them credit for making patch perks that help with previous challenges. I'm concerned what these hordes will be considering how easy the previous two weeks have been. Still, I'm looking forward to getting these last three trophies done and hopefully the game as well. I don't feel anymore DLC is needed.
  5. They decreased the requirements for the sub challenges and added a bonus for finishing the race. That should help significantly.
  6. With regard to mass destruction, throwing the regular attractor near the oxygen tanks and/or oil barrels will help you get more explosive kills. Also, try to pick up any frag grenades throughout the map. And biggest tip which saved me is don't forget about your proximity and remote mines. I'm greatly looking forward to being done with this dlc pack soon and hope that will be the end for this game.
  7. I went gold Bolted, silver In Scope and gold in the other two. I started by going up to their spawn and getting about 20 or so headshots. Then, I took my time running around and kiting the enemies. Wound up with 184k and change while using Lionheart and Fleur De Lis. Make sure to use your focus and stamina cocktails as well. I'm wondering if rank 6 is the "Founder Rank." I guess we'll find out next week as I'm 15k off. The new challenge should be enough.
  8. Just got gold in this challenge with 33,516. I got gold in sub-challenges shots fired and relentless while I earned silver in brutality and silent night. There are large square-shaped crypts and I basically would circle these while looking for angles on headshots. They provide good cover as well. Specifically, there is one in a back corner that I used almost exclusively. In addition, if you leave the mission area you are automatically done, your points are not given to you so a warning for everyone here. I focused on headshots first, then melee and stealth but I suppose the reverse order would be best because the enemies are easier on earlier waves. At least this was easier than the first challenge. I've gotten both overall golds so far.
  9. Shape Shifters spawned multiple Mimics for me while I farmed weapon orbs at the Mana Fortress.
  10. You can. I just got my third and final gear trophy and I sold previous items which were no longer as strong.