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  1. Would create a boosting session for this but unfortunately I can't for some reason? I also can't write what's written below there, need a thread instead. Mods, delete/close if not allowed. Looking to platinum the game again for a second time from scratch. I have extensive knowledge of the game and will help/stick through until completion with whoever decides to join me on the journey. I'm looking for a trophy hunter who isn't turned off with a 200+ hour trophy hunt, who's wants the ultra rare plat and has next to no time constraints. I'll need someone who has the game but hasn't started it yet, as I'll be doing the same on a fresh account, it's easier on me, and ensures I'll have said person working on the same trophies as me. The trophies require only 2 people for 90% of them, the 3 man trophies will be taken care of since I have a second PS4, the rest can be boosted with a a simple boosting session on here. (1 requires 4 people, the other 7) Message me here on PSNP or just comment below if you're an UR trophy hunter looking to snag up this low rarity platinum, nows your chance, if you're keen.
  2. Digital version is EU, physical is NA. Both have seperate lists.
  3. Borderlands 3: Super Deluxe Edition.
  4. I’d say yes it’s relatively true that games and platinums have become easier on PS4 as opposed to how they used to be on PS3. I haven’t got much experience with trophy hunting on the PS3 but I have seen first hand others getting platinums on the older console and know that games on the PS3 were more or less harder, or at least didn’t hold your hand as much. But that’s not to say PS4 titles don’t have hard as hell trophies/100%’s or platinums because it does, you just have to find them. Usually indie games or non AAA titles have the harder ones as opposed to AAA games. I find companies like Ubisoft have softened up their annual IP’s with easier trophies over the years. I mean look at games like the Far Cry franchise, the lists nowadays are nothing like Far Cry 2’s was. I can certainly agree that it obviously isn’t what it used to be for sure, but it’s not to say that there isn’t and won’t be anymore hard games, you just gotta dig a bit for them.
  5. Blank
  6. As written above, although this thread has been answered this still applies as I had trouble with this recently when I tried getting it. You have to trap the survivor THEN pick them up from it, 10 total times for the trophy to pop. If you simply catch them and they escape from it, it won’t count towards the total amount. I did maybe 30 or so successful traps before I actively started picking them up and was wondering why the trophy wasn’t popping. Not sure if hitting them into the dying state whilst trapped works but it definitely only works by picking them up with R1 after they’ve been trapped does it count.
  7. This isn’t a game for boosting. The platinum/trophies should come organically rather than going into this game with a fully written guide and a plan from the get go. Unlike Friday the 13th you cannot boost in private matches in Dead by Daylight, everything has to be done in public matches. I myself only recently started this game about a month ago and I’m already 1 trophy (albeit bugged) off from the platinum and pretty deep within the DLC trophies as well. Overall I’m over 75% completed for all 122 trophies in just over a month. Some are decently difficult, others are supposed to be tremendously difficult but you can get help with these by simply “passively boosting” by messaging survivors or killers before the match starts and getting help. Have fun with the game and most trophies will come naturally and others will require a little bit of time to achieve. It’s grindy, but it’s fun, unlike F13. Matchmaking is fine, isn’t great. Depending on where you live and time of day queue times can be between a few minutes upwards of 40 minutes sometimes, especially if grouped with friends. The games active though, it’s fun and the trophies are somewhat enjoyable to obtain.
  8. PhD was a bit “iffy” when me and my mates got the platinum, both in a good and bad way. I had 1 friend do every kill besides like 3 or 4 and it popped, another who had to do the wall kills a few times in order for it to pop. Not sure if it’s been fixed or it’s the same but it can be slightly bugged, like most of the game. 😂 If I remember correctly no it won’t pop the trophies out of order. If you’re referring to auto popping the other region and getting 1000 matches trophy before 500, no it won’t happen.
  9. It most definitely has to be bugged. I’m 98% on my DbD base trophy list with this trophy as my last for the platinum and I’ve put well over 200 hours with my Survive With Friends group in the past month and it has not popped. I know for a fact I have done over 100 full heals both with medkits and standard healing as my group purposefully only allows me to heal them every match. I get at least 5-6 heals per match depending on how it plays out so within 200 hours this hasn’t popped for me which is highly annoying. I also know I’m about 30-40 wounded heals as well so I’m close to popping the Wounded Healer before I ever get this trophy. 😔
  10. Yes it does. Do the platinum on either region and it will auto pop on the other, doesn't matter which one you do first.
  11. I can't be anymore specific than that. Do the environmental kill repeatedly until it works, being the host however should remove the need to do this at all since all kills work host side.
  12. Happy to have helped! Yeah you usually end up getting Unbound last instead of first lol.
  13. Seems to like anime just a little bit.
  14. I just started on the game today and have only just finished the white tracks lmao, kinda sweating at the thought of not being to get this platinum lol. Oh well, time can only tell, there's no turning back now since I've already popped a few trophies.
  15. @DaivRules is mod now, no more spicy debates I guess now, he might get trigger happy with the ban hammer.