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  1. I couldn’t imagine playing a TES game in third person. My 8 year old self who first explored Oblivion back in 2005 would be teeth clenching at the thought. Always have, always will play a TES game in first person for maximum immersion! On topic though. Has it had been mentioned above, it wouldn’t be Skyrim unless you’ve come across a non fixed bug. You’re better off instinctively making manual saves often when playing in case of a situation like this, otherwise you’ll be forced to restart.
  2. Thanks for testing it, glad to have a solid confirmation on it.
  3. My all time favourite has to be the main one from TES IV Oblivion, for nostalgic reasons.
  4. No problem man glad to help! Yeah it would be beneficial to turn off auto updates just to make sure. The platinum doing this method saves quite a few hours so it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle quickly powering through the entire game and trophies doing this. I haven’t tested it if the update does reinstall but all I know is this method relies on installing the mods, taking what you can from them and then reverting the game back to the original state BEFORE mod support was supported. So you’re just playing the game from the base physical edition with no patches. I’d say it would wreck the save file if you were to allow the update to reinstall but as long as you quickly delete the game again and re do the steps without actually going into the save file it should be fine. I can test this sometime tomorrow and get back to you about it.
  5. This should work yes with Fallout 4 providing you follow the same steps basically. Get back to me if it does indeed work.
  6. I don’t think Skyrim VR has mod support on the PS4 unfortunately.
  7. Updated the thread extensively and rewritten everything into a more guide type thread for better reading and understanding. I was going to create a video guide on this but I don’t have a capture card so hopefully this will do it justice.
  8. Sorry for the delayed replies, I'll answer what I can. The skill books can be found easily when using elianora's cheat room in Whiterun behind the blacksmith shop. Inside head down the corridor and search one of the many chests which has every item in the game in them. One will be labelled "Skill Books Chest". Yes, you can. Quite a lot actually. Almost all the grindy trophies like level 50 trophy, Reader trophy and so on can be easily popped with this. You can even go as far as unlocking all the shouts and getting dragon souls by going to the training room in Aladon's Armory mod. Just remember to plan out the desired trophy and get what you need from the mods and pop them when you reinstall. In theory trophies like obtaining the daedric artifacts could easily be popped by simply getting all from the mod chest but 1 and carrying them over to your unmodded play and getting the last artifact legit thus instantly popping that grindy trophy. But I have not tested that so I can't confirm. I honestly can't help there, as I own the physical copy, but i do strongly it may be possible, although it would require time redownloading the entire game. It takes me not even 10-15 minutes setting up this method since I only have to install the game data from the disc. If you fancy losing a hefty amound of bandwidth trying this please let me know if it works, only 1 way to find out if it does. How? You literally install 2 mods, grab/do what you need for the trophies then reinstall? You don't even need to prep hours for the restoration loop no more doing this method? Thanks, appreciate it.
  9. I'd say platinum goal would be 15-20. But most of my time will be invested in grinding through Friday the 13th's trophy list as well as Dead by Daylight. I prefer going for harder platinums as opposed to doing easy plats over and over.
  10. You mean does using CB mods disable trophies? If so, your answer is no they don't. CB mods will not disable trophies, the custom mods will though.
  11. Cheers, appreciate the help and support.
  12. Yeah I think it is possible. I have the physical copy and have always done it like the way I mentioned so I have no experience on doing it on the digital version but it should work, just didn’t want to solidify something I don’t have the exact answer for. If someone can test it and confirm that’d be great. I truly believe this this method should be implemented into the main trophy guide for the game since it’s completely optional but it’s valid method for people who want to skip the grind of the game in exchange for a quicker platinum etc. That’s providing it’s not already in the guide. I haven’t fully read it myself. Seems a a lot of people don’t know about this method, but I’m also pretty sure this works for games like Fallout 4 which also has mod support like this.
  13. This is an extensive written guide on how to bypass locked trophies after utilising custom mods on your save file. Normally the moment you try playing the game with mods installed the game will lock out the ability to gain trophies on that specific save file. This is in place to stop people from utilising “cheat” mods to cheese easy trophies that otherwise would be harder to gain and require time and effort done legitimately. WARNING: As far as my testing has done this works perfectly with the physical copy of Skyrim Special Edition. I do not know if this can be done via the digital copy, I cannot confirm on this. If someone can test it and let me know that’d be great, but as far as I’m personally aware, this can only be done using the physical game. DISCLOSURE: This method will not allow you to play with physical mods attached, this is purely a cheat method which purely relies on grabbing things from a mod, taking them and then reverting the game save to the “unmodded” state, thus allowing trophies to be earned. In doing so, you could call this method an up to date quicker Restoration Loop Glitch 2.0/better and easier god mode exploit. In doing this, allows for accessibility to cheese out the grindy level trophies, gold trophy, and god mode out your character so you can speed through the entire game mopping off the story trophies, quest trophies etc which in turn means a quicker platinum am I right? And we all love quicker platinums. Using this method, the aim isn’t to keep the mods, but to keep what the mods give in the first place. Step by step guide to pulling this off. Step 1 - Prepping: I recommend doing this on a brand new save file although you don’t have to if you already have an exisiting save that hasn’t used mods before. Start off by loading up the mods section and installing the mod “Alidon’s Armory”. This mod creates a custom new area just outside Riverwood which has everything we need to pull this off. After you have installed this mod, go ahead and install the mod “PS4 cheat mod” by Elianora. You can quickly find these by simply using the search feature. This is going to create a bunch of chests next to the blacksmith in Whiterun, inside contains goodies which we need! Thirdly install the mod “Skill Up Cheat Items” by Manerseu. This will create a chest in front of the blacksmith in Riverwood which we want. Once you have done those three things, back out and create a new game using these mods, create your character and progress through the starting tutorial area until you’re outside and able to free roam. Fast travel to the icon that’s just outside Riverwood called “Void Armory”. Once you’re there, don’t enter yet, instead turn around and head into Riverwood straight to blacksmiths house. Look for the “odd chest” and grab 1 Oghma Infinium book (50). Read it and choose the first option. Drop it, and then grab another and choose the second option. Do this again a third time and choose the third option. Now choose the Oghma Infinium book (20) and rinse and repeat the previous step. Once this is done you should have almost max skills. Don’t do anymore because if you reach 100 in a skill, you won’t pop the trophy required to reach max level in a skill. DON’T OPEN YOUR SKILLS MENU AT ANY POINT, OR ELSE YOU WILL BE FORCED TO SPEND YOUR POINTS THUS FORCING YOU TO LEVEL UP, DOING SO WILL LOCK YOU OUT OF THE LEVEL TROPHIES! Return to the Void Armory and once inside turn to your left and open the strongbox on the table, and grab the key out of it. In the left most region of the area look for the door that says “Cheat Room” and enter it, if you don’t have the key, you can’t enter, so make sure you grab it. Go inside and open up all the barrels, inside each of them is 60K gold, all up just over 1.3M gold if you take it all. Take as much as you like, just make sure it’s over 100K gold for the trophy. (Optional step if you desire easy God Mode without needing to do the restoration loop glitch) In front of the barrels there are chests, open the one that has the “Cheat Ring” and take it. Now equip it. Doing this means that you will have permanent increased Magicka, Health, Stamina and Carry Weight forever once this entire method is finished. Leave this on for the remainder of this guide. Once all this is done head over to Whiterun and look for the chests next to blacksmith shop by the water stream. Inside the satchels will be 1000 of every ingredient, and more than enough crafting supplies to achieve the Hearthfire house trophy without needing to farm supplies and more than enough general crafting stuff for your play through. Next up, look for the hatch behind the shop and enter it. It’s called “Editor Smoke Test Cell”. Inside here is every single item in the game. Go down the corridor and look for the chest labeled “Skill Book Chest”, take every book inside it. DON’T READ ANY! By doing this, means you can easily pop the Reader trophy without needing to explore all the locations dotted around the map with the books and reading them. It’s an annoying little bronze trophy that we can now easily get within minutes once we’ve done the guide! (Optional step for easy God Mode without needing to manually prep for the restoration loop glitch) If you really want to break your game and become a true god, head back to the Void Armory and find the door called “Custom Armory”. Enter it and in the left most area of this room find the chest near the enchanting table called “Disenchantments Chest” and take everything. This essentially means you don’t need to find/buy all the enchantment items to disenchant to gain the enchantment. Once you disenchant everything you will have every enchantment in the game! Next head over to the right most area and find the chest in the middle called “Spell Book Chest” and take everything. This will give you every single base game spell book, meaning you don’t have to buy them and you will have every spell right from the get go! TIP: DON’T KEEP THE SPELL BOOKS WORTH OVER 1,000 GOLD, THESE ARE MASTER SPELL BOOKS AND ARE QUEST OBTAINED ITEMS! GET THESE LATER ON LEGITIMATELY TO POTENTIALLY PREVENT BREAKING AND BUGGING THEIR QUESTS! YOU CAN KEEP AND LEARN EVERY SPELL UP TO EXPERT ONLY. Step 2 - Save and Reinstall: Once you have done all of this you should have almost level 90 or above in all skills, your cheat ring equipped, all skill books, all spells, 1.3M gold, every enchantment item, every single ingredient and crafting resource. Make sure you save your game somewhere in Skyrim that isn’t a custom modded area. Basically anywhere in the base vanilla game to prevent breaking your save file. DON’T SAVE IN THE EDITOR SMOKE TEST CELL OR THE VOID ARMORY! Once you have saved your game, close the game and delete it completely from your library. Eject the disc, and re insert it, and let the game reinstall the game data. It should take about 5-10 minutes. It’s roughly 12000 mb. By this time the game has probably already tried to auto download the latest update, simply delete it/cancel it and wait until the game data has finished installing. Once this is done simply click “continue” from your last saved game. A message should pop up stating “this game relies on content that is no longer present, certain items may be removed/gone do you wish to continue? - something along those lines, simply click yes and load in. Step 3 - Easy Trophy Popping! Now comes the good part. Hit your skills menu and place your points in whatever you like, you will start to level well past level 50 and auto popping ALL the level trophies. You’ll see by now that you have a ridiculous amount of Magicka, Health, and Stamina and if you check your inventory your cheat ring will no longer be equipped, you can now wear whatever you like in the ring slot! Open your books menu and start reading every skill book, once this process is done you should automatically pop the Reader trophy and the skill level 100 trophy depending on your original character base stats. (I chose Nord and Two Handed was level 100 when I was done reading every book) If you read every book and still didn’t reach level 100 in a skill simply head to a blacksmith furnace and spam create a bunch of items using your 1000 of every crafting resource or head to a alchemy table and create a bunch of potions with your 1000 ingredients and get level 100! Now head to any shop and sell an item and Golden Touch trophy should pop automatically! Once all this is done you should be god mode enabled with a crap ton of items and spells and 90+ every skill with over 1.3M gold and the best part is your save is completely fine with popping trophies. You can now do the restoration loop glitch and max out your weapons and armour with crazy stats and 1 hit every enemy even on the highest difficulty. You can now speed through all the quest lines popping those trophies and enjoy being a immortal rich god! Just make sure to not allow Skyrim to update to the latest patch whenever you load up the game! FAQ: Does this method work with the digital version of the game? As far as I’m aware I don’t completely know. All I know is that this method utilises playing your modded save file on the base physical game data. Skyrim Special Edition launched physically before mod support was implemented, so you’re essentially reverting your modded save file back to the original game state. The physical copy of the game will automatically download and install with the latest patches so this wouldn’t work. Although I haven’t tested this so I cannot confirm but only speculate. Can you easily unlock the Oblivion Walker trophy by doing this method? No you cannot. I have personally tested this by taking 14 of the required 15 items and legitimately completely a daedric questline upon reverting back and it didn’t pop the trophy, so unfortunately this somewhat grindy trophy has to be done legitimately.
  14. RDR 2’s single player ain’t no joke but the online counterpart is atrocious. The game was by far one of the best single player experiences that I’ve ever had and I had high hopes the online portion was going to be at least half decent given how much Rockstar devoted so much to GTA Online’s lifespan. Sure the online part of GTA V wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it was fun and the updates were rolled up frequently and kept the game fun over the years. RDR 2 seems the complete opposite. It’s like they spent all their money and time focusing purely on the single player which was phenomenal for sure, but then hyped up online and it turned out to be a complete flop. Slapped on the beta title for damage control because the entire fan base was shitting on it and how lackluster it was, and that was that. Beautiful open world which was complemented by a deep single player story only to load up online and have it be the most content dry experience. I personally haven’t played the online section of it since it first released so I can’t give my full opinion on it now because I don’t know what it’s like but from reading stuff from others seems like it really hasn’t gotten better. Also sucks to know GTA Online is STILL making them more money than what RDR 2 is. They had 1 job with the multiplayer portion of their already masterpiece of a single player sequel, and they done goofed on it. MTX filled content dry bit of doo doo is all it is.
  15. If it turns out to be true then great, especially the time log feature, although as it has already been said previously, this “potential” update is far too late considering the PS5 will only around the corner. But my guess would be this stuff is already implemented the upcoming console so they’re pushing it over to the PS4.