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  1. Hey! I'm haven't read the whole thread but this sounds like a fantastic idea and I'm definitely going to try this! I'm on a 12 day streak right now
  2. That's fair enough. I think we're quite similar in that respect. Although tbf I have about 6 games that I've purchased and not added to my account yet because I'm working my way through my backlog so while I'll definitely add them eventually, I'm having a "second bite of the apple" right now, so to speak
  3. Fair enough, I was more trying to gauge what "good" would mean for each individual person.
  4. So? Can I not ask two questions at once?
  5. Haha honestly I thought most people would say around 60-80 but it seems many people care... a lot!
  6. That's really interesting. You probably don't hear that too often amongst trophy hunters. My teeth hurt at the thought of it!
  7. I had loooaaads of these, a lot of which I've sold along the way too. I recently picked up Fifa 12 just to get a couple of trophies as it was only like £1 or something. I've thought about rebuying old games like far cry 4 ps3 or TLOU ps3 to finish them off but I don't think I'm going to do that yet.
  8. Interestingly, I've played games that I loved like TLOU and Dishonoured and just could never be bothered to play again (for higher difficulty/collectables etc). I'm slogging my way through Uncharted 1 crushing difficulty now, but I'm not really one for replaying games over and over for trophies.
  9. I've never bought DLC in my life, I just cant justify the price. If I've already bought the game, give me the game dammit! Don't sell half of it to me later!
  10. What an interesting range of opinions! I never expected this I think personally I fall into the "I'll hunt whenever I feel like it but stop when I get bored" camp, but that 50% will make me quite happy when I finally get there!
  11. Why don't you have a second account to put games on that you know you cant 100%? That way you can still get away with playing them without taking a hit This is what I'm doing now! I've had my account since 2010 and only started going for trophies in the past couple of years. I think for this reason my trophies per day will always be low - i spent so many years earning 0 trophies.
  12. Recently I've been trying to get my completion rate to at least 50%. In the past couple of weeks I've gone from %38.07 to %40.48, which I'm quite proud of How much do you guys care about your completion rate? Do you refuse to add games that will drag your completion down? Go for all the DLC? Not care at all?
  13. I need the battles of Kyrat. I created a gaming session
  14. I played for hours and eventually it paired me up with a co-op partner who was in the middle of a dedsec operation. Then we finished it and the trophy popped