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  1. I did all steps in these videos and not getting trophy
  2. Hi, I tried this trophy more then 10 times hacking all consoles and without disabling the security mainframe , and trophy not unlocked, am I missing something?
  3. Is the game region lock?
  4. Yes didn’t start it before I collect them I will start new game , thanks
  5. Hi , I did all side missions But didn’t get trophy, i did feed the pig and no trophy . did i miss something or trophy glitched?
  6. Hi can I get the awards when I choose “No” for ranked game ?
  7. I didn’t do anything, all players know this problem is in the game, no cheating this problem in the game
  8. Same happened to me , is gonna be problem in leaderboard?
  9. Hi , I was boosting with my friend and 2 trophies from single player pop in my screen then my ps3 frozen, DOY and Dick would be proud trophies. Is this normal in the game?
  10. Hi how many players need to start online game for need for speed undercover ,shift 2 and hot pursuit
  11. Do I have to play all modes? or I can do all trophies with 4 players mode
  12. Hello could anyone tell me please how many players need it to start game in bioshock 2 ?
  13. Hello how I find economic missions in multiplayer?
  14. So it’s 4 I already have 2 ps3 but need 2 more players Thanks guys
  15. Hello I want to know how many players need it to start match in RAGE