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  1. dude just use the guide on playstationtrophies.org
  2. does this apply on the vita version too ?
  3. i know for sure they will never give Resistance unless its 6 years old and iam avoiding it too seems there is nothing for me this month
  4. HEY WE ARE TALKING about sony they dont correct they dump
  5. it should be as an extra not a part of the line up i need something with trophies for GODS SAKE NOT A 6 YEARS OLD LOW GRAPHIC PSP ORIGINAL GAME WITH MANY SEQUELS ITS LIKE A FUCK PSVITA USERS GIVE THEM PSP AND MINI GAMES THEY LIKE IT !!!!!!
  6. no its not its the original game on psp check the link in blog it sends u to the store with game being psp game
  7. DUDE invizimals is the psp game and its without trophies sooo no point of picking it up unless u r a die hard fan
  8. dude don't expect anything new that's not Japanese or promising
  9. just consider ur self the weakest player and putt every single detail on medium to hard levels with vids of course which is unfortunate the hardest part of all because some of ur guides were abit like missing hard trophy help despite those that are purely skill based
  10. says who mr guide maker him self i check ur guides man they are abit poor on details
  11. can u please just shut up his guids are much better than urs mr perfect u dont put much effort in ur guides while his guide are detailed soo much that even weak gamers would get all trophies
  12. exacly something i would respect as its a fact for me
  13. Hey what do u think people psnow is made to suck peoples money and not to bring quality backward gaming