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  1. Weird, I checked over my settings and they were all fine, and then all of a sudden all my trophies were back without me changing a thing, but it is fixed now so who knows. Thanks anyway.
  2. Has any one else got an issue with PS3, Vita and PS4 games not showing on their PSNPROFILES account?
  3. My PSN profile account is displaying wrong as well, no ps4, ps3 or vita games are being shown.
  4. Ye mine has just kicked me out of a party and now says that log in has failed.
  5. Quick question, does anyone know where Deepstorm Depths is on the stormblind complex map? Doesn't matter, you have to start a brand new character and not just start a new playthrough. I found them all in TVHM and it didn't pop so guess I'll be starting a new character. I'll leave this here to warn other people.
  6. That sucks, but thanks for the information.
  7. So is complex made simple still bugged? I have all locations and it didn't pop
  8. I found out that holding square and deflecting does not work at least for me, what I did was have the lightsaber out and then as the shot I would start to run towards them and the game would auto block. It is pretty finnicky as if you get to close the first order troopers will move away so you have to time it. Another good tip is to hurt them first so it doesn't take as many bolts to kill them, also have the perfect deflect red brick on, even though in my experience the deflect still missed a lot. Last tip is an obvious one, make sure not to have the red brick on that makes the first order troopers miss.
  9. So the trophy for deflecting shots is not popping and no where online really says the way you do it, or if they do they don't explain in well enough. Can anyone help? And with the challenge the AI just kills or beats up the storm troopers that I am trying to deflect. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. At this point this is ridiculous, 3 trophies are glitched for me. For the first time for a game I put in the hours to get onto the leader board, and the one time I try the trophies are glitched and still have not been fixed 3 months later.
  11. You getting RE8 m8? :) 

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    2. DividedByMankind


      Yeah me to 👍 cant wait, i am also looking forward to Re-Verse and its also a rumour about Revelations 3 next year😎

    3. MrHavok195


      I hope Re_Verse is good, and revelations 3 would be great

    4. DividedByMankind
  12. Very nice guide! Keep up the good work.
  13. I thought I was the only one. I had zero fun playing this game and was bored the entire time. When I saw gameplay of it, to me at least it looked awful, but as everyone hyped it so much I thought I would give it a go and boy was a write as the game to me at least was boring.
  14. I have all 20 location discovered and no trophy pop. Any solutions? Or anyone else experiencing this bug?
  15. So not even the grotesque version has a different list? I saw on true achievements that grotesque had a different list?