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  1. Sorry I couldn't score last round but I didn't had time to game as I'm out of country. Thanks @jem12345, @Kent10201 and @Psy-Tychist for the work you guys put during this event. I've had a lot of fun during this event and im looking forward to the next season.
  2. Well that sucks since almost my entire family uses iPhones 😂 Guess i will have to pass this one 😞
  3. You guys better not forget about me 😛
  4. Thanks got it under 15 minutes.
  5. #54 Starwhal Unlocked all game trophies. Difficulty: 3/10 Fun: 1/10 Thank God I'm done with this. Its by far one the worst games I have ever played. Hated it so much that if it wasn't for the RTHL I wouldn't bother with the Platinum. If you thinking about playing this piece of crap I warn you not to do it. That is if you plan on getting the Platinum because the Trophies are buggy in a way you have to do almost everything in one sitting. Its not a hard Platinum but very Grindy one the challenges are quite doable once you get used to the controls. Anyways I'm glad I can delete this off my console and never play it again.
  6. I had to do everything in one session Stabs, Ice Blocks, Deaths and Versus Matches. Screw this game, worst thing I have ever played.
  7. Starwhal and God i hate myself for it.
  8. Firewatch (6,99) and The Inner World (8,99) both are easy from what i know, haven't played them but I'm planing to pick Firewatch at least.
  9. Dark Souls 🙂
  10. Horizon: Zero Dawn this one is still on my to do list.
  11. Im also interested. Btw Gratz on the Plat @DoucetDudes ✌️️
  12. Same thing for me. I got lucky few times where my team got to the boss wave but then it's game over the team gets wiped one by one but I've noticed the lover level players go out first so maybe if you have a full team of say level 15+ Could possibly win the round.
  13. Little over two hours left and i think I need to speedrun Super Time Force Ultra on Ultra Hardcore so I can at least end in the top 10 this round it's crazy how many points you guys rack up its hard to keep up 😐
  14. Yeah here's me too hoping it's a US or EU release been waiting to play this.
  15. Here I am. May I join the waiting list?