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  1. Damn Titanfall 2 has been on sale so much lately, hmmm
  2. Kuromukuro, a Netflix original that's actually pretty cool with good animation and voice acting
  3. I still use my Vita, and PS3 sometimes for Yakuza 5
  4. I wish they would add some DLC trophies through. Patch it in Tabata!
  5. Looking forward to seeing what the trophies are for this. It's cool of them to respect their PS origins and making it a timed exclusy
  6. I usually stick to arcade driving games and stay away from the sim stuff, but I really enjoyed Project Cars, so I'll definitely be playing this
  7. I want them to do more with video game lore. Like a Telltale story that follows side characters or a prequel type deal. Bioshock, Final Fantasy, etc
  8. Bromic_Lamonte
  9. Beat it on Normal and now I'm going through again on Easy to collect everything I missed and to choose the Zoe ending. I think I get a new item for beating the game twice. Unless that's just REmake HD
  10. In terms of structure, some people have been comparing this game to Far Cry 3/4
  11. Last year it was Overwatch and FFXIV, the years before that I consistently played The Last of Us Online and Mario Kart 8 for hundreds of hours each . I've done a complete mastered playthrough of FFX several times with over 100 hours for each play. Picross 3D and Super Mario Galaxy i put over a hundred as well. When I was a kid, it was probably, FFIV, Sonic 2, Gunstar Heroes and Super Mario World i put the most time in, I would beat those games over and over.
  12. War for the Planet of the Apes Alien Covenant Blade Runner 2049 Dunkirk To a lesser extent, maybe or maybe not: The Monster Silence The Mummy The Belko Experiment And lastly, Split, but only because his last movie The Visit was good, but he still has a lot to prove.
  13. Brave Fencer Musashi Star Gladiator Monster Rancher Battle Card Episode II Wipeout
  14. Collector Earn any diorama figurine in the game Star Wars Battlefront
  15. Damn, that Yiazmat trophy HAD to be there, huh. That's the only thing i didn't do in the original release