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  1. Wow, following this thread right now! You did a pretty nice job on your reviews so far, so congrats and keep it up!! I am a huge fan of the series and I love reading reviews about it BTW, I have just finished RE3 Remake, hope to hear your thoughts on it soon!
  2. Nice to hear that, pal!
  3. I don't have enough games to join, but this is a really nice idea and I thought you should know that. Congrats to you and good luck to all participants!!
  4. I think I understand the reasoning behind complaining about this, but I don't really think that reason is good enough. What is the difference between "buying some thing that will make your plat easier" and "reading a guide or watching a video that will make your plat easier"? What I mean is, you are just "cheating" your way to the plat either way, and SOME people in this thread seem really concerned about the dlc, but they have no problems with reading guides. I feel both are advantages you can profit from. For me, the "I took ages to plat this without cheats and now it's a walk in the park" isn't a good enough reason either. If you liked the game, it probably was time well spent. If you didn't enjoy the road, then you should have stopped playing. Personally, I don't like paying for that kind of content, so I don't. But that is just me, and I cannot say I wouldn't use it if it were free.
  5. I still haven't finished with questions 1-9 yet, but I'll drop my bonus one right now: Jingle All the Way (1996) Man! A great Arnold movie for Christmas Eve Thanks for the giveaway, as always!!
  6. Damn! You got something really nice going on there, pal. Congrats to you!
  7. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered I'm going for an _almost_ perfect save file... 120 hours at 3x speed, so more than 300 hour already Damn you, Angelo Search!
  8. I'm glad you found it useful! I suppose this game is just not popular enough. Probably the fact that it doesn't have a platinum trophy doesn't help either. I particularly loved it! (Well, you can probably tell)
  9. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
  10. Congrats on you plat, pal! This one really deserves a milestone, so kudos for that. I may have bought a ps4 just to make it my 1337 trophy... But I'll never confess!! I haven't played Remake yet, but it is on my list
  11. Ratchet and Clank: Full Frontal Assault The Collector Collect all trophies A step closer to my #50 plat milestone!
  12. I think this doesn't prevent trophies from syncing. I'll try to check and bring the results asap.
  13. They want to make sure you don't die if an enemy casts Lv.4 Death As for me, this is going to mess with my recently acquired taste for paying attention to which trophies I wanted for my level history (sort of weird milestones probably no one cares about) oh well
  14. This is some nice piece of advise. If you don't want to use the skip exploit / infinite magic glitch, then I would say you should start fresh. You aren't that far, and you will avoid having to replay EVERYTHING if you continue and end up messing your time. EoXers, Nice English, my friend
  15. Congrats to the 4 winners (damn! It's raining codes!), and thank you to all the ones who were involved in this super fun event! @Beyondthegrave07 I am so angry at you right now, how did someone you chose didn't draw my name??!! Haha just kidding! I loved the event and how enthusiastic and nice everybody was here. A great, competition-free event which meant to unite us all as a community. Keep up the good ideas!