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  1. 1 year 11 months 1 week for CoD:BO2. My nephews brought the game home and loaded the trophy list on my account (before I started trophy hunting) and we earned 2 zombies trophies. Almost two years later someone lent me the game and I platted it in about 1 week. As for 100%, it took me 3 years and 8 months overall, since I only bought the DLCs when a relative of mine gave me his copy of the game when he sold his PS3. Quite a journey. 😅
  2. MGS3:SE 😎
  3. "Oooooh, crap!" Raiden, MGS2
  4. Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 0,20% Not that high, not that low
  5. Hi there! And thanks for doing this My favourite game is Final Fantasy VIII (still waiting for a ps4 port with trophies)
  6. I'm still waiting to see the announcement of November's winner
  7. Hello! How have you been? I have been trying bro force in iron bro mode but i am stuck in country 5, do you have any tips or know of any walkthrough videos? I couldn't find anything decent in utube 😣

    1. Gray-Fox-44


      Hi there! I don't know about any walkthroughs, but my best piece of advice would be TAKE THINKS SLOW. If you try to rush trhough the level you'll end up dying. Are you aware of the glitch that lets you keep your lives even if you die on ironbro?

    2. BG_painter


      You mean hitting ps button and closing the application? that is what i am doing. I did manage to get to the boss a few times but i end up dying. It's going to be tought to finish it with only one life >_<

  8. False ?
  9. Right, I just couldn't remember accurately whether the ornaments were only the faces or the whole heads The name is Mask, is I am not wrong
  10. Same here, 32... Question n°5 is too specific for me to remember...
  11. MAN! I LOVED THIS TRIVIA! So many good memories... Are you in your 30's? Curious fact: I have a dragon ball tattoo which I'm going to expand really soon. The draft includes lion-o and mummra, shiryu, some pokemons, and cloud and sephiroth form ffvii PS: You should have included something about the STREET SHARKS
  12. Is this based on the movies?? If so, I guess I got most answers right I'm not aware of the differences between the movies and the comics. This has been out there too much time... It's time to browse the internet This is what I said about this. Maybe it is not accurate, I based this on my own country's branches.
  13. 9. Name the three branches of U.S government. judiciary legislative and executive 10. What does each branch consist of and how do they operate? executive: the president Judiciary: national judges legislative: senators each branch operates independently from each other, and they regulate and control the behaviour of the rest
  14. Hi there! It's been a while since I last posted on the forums... Life is a bitch and right now I'm finishing my course of studies so I haven't had time to play (or even think about playing) Lol All the same, I'll be back in about a month. In the meantime... Topic: PS Plus 1. What year was PS Plus introduced? 2010 2. How much does it currently cost for a year membership? 59,99 3. What was one for first PS Plus games? Wipeout hd 4. How many games have been a freebie courtesy of PS Plus? Do you mean the total amoynt of free games? 525+6 for this month = 531 5. Name 3 games (1 per console) that are free for Plus this month? Mgs:tpp ps4 Hustle Kings ps3 Hue psvita 6. Which of these games have never been featured as a PS plus game A) Twisted Metal B ) Transformers: Devastation c) Shadow of Mordor d) Infamous First Light C. shadow of mordor (The question majes it look like more than one game should be selected due to the "have" you placed there I think) 7. Which of these games have been featured on PS Plus A) Hardware Rivals B ) Ratchet and Clank (PS4) c) The Little Acre D) Resistance: Burning Skies only a. Hardware rivals (The question majes it look like more than one game should be selected due to the "have" you placed there I think) 8. True or false. Sam and Max; The Devil's Playhouse was a PS Plus game back in December of 2010. true 9. How much does a 3 month membership currently cost? 24,99 10. How much does a 1 month membership currently cost? 9,99 Bonus question: What is the sum of the price of the current 1 year, 3 month, and 1 month membership price? 94,97
  15. thanks! Thanks! But keep in mind that although I met the requirements for the trophies in 5 minutes, the actual amount of time spent on preparations was a lot! Around 20~25 hours maybe.