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  1. Been listening to these all day, totally hooked 🤘
  2. Was about to post it myself. Such a banger, can't wait for the new album in october!
  3. Matt freaking Tuck is in this band, one of my biggest idols! Thanks for reminding me of AxeWound, gonna go and listen to their stuff.
  4. Not something I would do myself, looks way to stressful. Watching it on the other hand, is quite entertaining. My favorite speedrunner is a Canadian Twitch streamer called Bawkbasoup. He runs lots of games, several Resident Evil titles among them.
  5. My fave RE games are the classics + 4, but Code Veronica didn't fit with me. It's a underrated game as a whole, but in the RE fanbase (where I've been a member for a couple of years) I feel like it's overrated.
  6. I'm do not watch anime often (my best friend do tho and he recommended me a great site), but I found one: Psycho-Pass I'm so in love with it, would recommend if you're into crime and cyberpunk shows. There's explicit violence too, so expect blood and gore. Season 1 was amazing, season 2 on the other hand, was mediocre.
  7. Resident Evil 2 Welcome to the City of the Dead Make it to the police station. Fits nicely in my opinion
  8. Have to join the rest of the gang here. Even though I'm a hardcore Resident Evil fan, Silent Hill 1 was spooky as heck. Eerie music, sound effects and scenery, the damn fog
  9. Raccoon City, ain't got that spooky fog and probably I'd run and hide in the RPD station. Hopefully I'd bump into bae Leon and he'd protect me against the zombies. I would most likely shit myself if I either bumped into Nemesis or Mr X (or maybe both )
  10. Hope the deluxe edition of the game comes as a physical version in Europe. I'm not the digital type of gal.