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  1. Not something I would do myself, looks way to stressful. Watching it on the other hand, is quite entertaining. My favorite speedrunner is a Canadian Twitch streamer called Bawkbasoup. He runs lots of games, several Resident Evil titles among them.
  2. My fave RE games are the classics + 4, but Code Veronica didn't fit with me. It's a underrated game as a whole, but in the RE fanbase (where I've been a member for a couple of years) I feel like it's overrated.
  3. I'm do not watch anime often (my best friend do tho and he recommended me a great site), but I found one: Psycho-Pass I'm so in love with it, would recommend if you're into crime and cyberpunk shows. There's explicit violence too, so expect blood and gore. Season 1 was amazing, season 2 on the other hand, was mediocre.
  4. Resident Evil 2 Welcome to the City of the Dead Make it to the police station. Fits nicely in my opinion
  5. Have to join the rest of the gang here. Even though I'm a hardcore Resident Evil fan, Silent Hill 1 was spooky as heck. Eerie music, sound effects and scenery, the damn fog
  6. Raccoon City, ain't got that spooky fog and probably I'd run and hide in the RPD station. Hopefully I'd bump into bae Leon and he'd protect me against the zombies. I would most likely shit myself if I either bumped into Nemesis or Mr X (or maybe both )
  7. Hope the deluxe edition of the game comes as a physical version in Europe. I'm not the digital type of gal.
  8. Me? Thank you! That's cool, may add the Umbrella logo to my future sleeve as well
  9. I can't describe how excited I am for this. I legally cried and almost screamed at the trailer (was 4:30 am where I live, didn't want to wake up the entire neighborhood). Will pre-order as soon as Gamestop in my country reveal the deluxe version on their site, cause I'm not sure which version they've put up yet. And Leon is so cute and adorable in this version
  10. Reviving this. I have three. 1 is my favorite band's(most of you don't know who they are so no point in posting a pic) logo. 2. 3.("suprize") This goes almost all the way around my arm. I took some pics from all angles, but they were kinda crappy dunno if they're good enough for posting. Also may add this is gonna develop into a Resident Evil sleeve.
  11. Hey I have a question. When is a topic too old to be revived?

    1. Kittet3


      Never- it's much better to revive an old topic then make a new one since it keeps the conversation in one place. Mods sometimes will close duplicate topics (It used to be stricter, but it's a bit more laxed now)

    2. PermaFox


      Agree with @Kittet3  Never too old.  I have revived old topics because of the free games we get with PS Plus and the sales.  I appreciate people on the site not flaming me because of it 👍

    3. Sir_Bee


      When I first read this, I thought we were talking something more along the lines of "how long does something need to be dead in order for it to be archaeology and not grave robbing".  


      I agree with what has been said though.  No harm in reviving something, regardless of how old.

  12. Since a lot of the Resident Evil games has been remastered to PS4 (thank heavens ), I think the Silent Hill games should get that treatment too.
  13. I did it now, and it worked. This problem has soured my entire weekend and now it's solved. Thank you so much!