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  1. im Not Talking about the ps4 trophies of giana sisters, i completed the game on uber hardcore which means all Level in a row with only 1 life.If You die once You start at Level 1. The devs took that Trophy out,only on pc it exist. This game abd chariot are way harder than smb.
  2. Chariot and Giana Sisters Uberhardcore are way harder than this.
  3. Trophy Collector #2: Ultra Street Fighter 4 [Ps4] Took a long break inbetween, but could've been faster tho. Difficult: 8/10
  4. 1# Persona 4 Arena:Ultimax - 1 Day 7 Hours My first Platinum i've earned on Psn and fastest achiever aswell.
  5. Fight Night Champion: Squat Thrusting! 0.08% I have obtained this trophy tho.
  6. Hey Guys, I've setted a World Record aswell. I've completed Persona 4 Arena Ultimax as the fastest achiever in 1 day 7 hours. - I think i should be added to the hall of fame aswell.... PS:
  7. Nice, as always a good guide
  8. I think i couldn't do it with the D-Pad at all.I only play with the analog and it works fine. Anyway if you just want to get the Don't think trophy, just clear labrys as she has in my opinion the easiest and simplest challenges, but if you have the DLC's use adachi or Margaret, as they are pretty decent in difficulty.