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  1. @EternalChaos72, January 11, 2019
  2. So I was enough lucky that got it in first try
  3. I could only find juggernog bottle from mystery box in gym boxing, cemetery, asylum and even diner.
  4. I saw Scarlet's item which dropped from zombie in gym box
  5. Can't find Shaw's item from mystery box in the past few days. Anyone has any info ?
  6. I found it in last supply drops 2 times few days ago
  7. Great thread, awesome work.
  8. I got it just after another win
  9. @NCSFan001, I was ready to give you a hand to extract 100 items, even I sent messages to you but you didn't reply.
  10. add me for boosting please
  11. COCO
  12. I can give you a hand to extract 100 items. I did extraction within less 20 minuets.
  13. it glitched for me too