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  1. I'm going to quote this man here DiscoGitaroo from playstation trophies.
  2. yeah, but now there are tons of noobs that leave the game and not letting their controller sit idle for 30 seconds for the mediation trophy
  3. hmmm, I just checked and it said its now Available? I guess it takes time for it to have a download link since the game just opened up at noon EDIT: (okay now I will wait soon)
  4. How do you guys download this if you already have the PS3 version? I can't find a download list on the ps4, its not on the library, etc. I even logged in to the online ps store but no dice. Anyone having this trouble?
  5. sadly this is true, you just gotta give it to the dumb gamer audience to pay for such things; they set the precedence. They (gaming industry) already shifted their practice to this.
  6. there just genuinely excited for FFVII
  7. its funny how sony already came out saying they backed this project from the start, bunch of greedy fat corporate cats these days.....
  8. My suspicion was correct after all; Last year I remember someone on NeoGaf claiming he (square enix employee) saw what it looks like a FF7 remake project. Then the Moderator went to ask the validity of his claims and he then claimed that this was true. Then I read this interview with Nomura today EDIT: (ENG Version): He said: “We haven’t put out any screenshots yet, but we’re making considerable progress, so please look forward to it." This only means that this project was started long before the announcement was made. They were keeping this in the dark for quite sometime. It further insinuates the 2017-20th anniversary date more likely.
  9. Hah, I knew this was happening; I saw a glimpse of their FY annual report; FFXIV: ARR exceeded their profit goals since its debut in 2013 and still climbs. Also, the overall feedback and alpha stage FFXV demo garnered 'favorable' audience. The result from these two games spearheaded this production and also they knew that the PS4 hardware was perfect to field their vision and overall production expectations. No wonder, the reason why Yoshinori Kitase released the FFVII PS3 technical demo intro was to test out if it was the console to remake or not. But, I knew even at that time, the graphics wasn't that good
  10. That's not the same as having a game built on two different platforms. They are coded differently to work for the PS4 source architecture alone and Vita version is coded to work for the Vita's source code. The game made for the PS4 takes a while to translate into other platforms like Vita and has to reedit some of their source files. The save feature and trophy list is the only thing that is officially "Cross-Platform". The game levels might look similar but they were tested and developed separately under different QA environments. Hence, the glitch that happens in the Vita and PS4 are two separate entities; and apparently most who got this platinum obtained through Vita.
  11. when do you kill the left mothership? you mean right near the area of the egg? right outside of the purple grounds where the Egg is? Because once you do that, the right mothership just walks at a normal pace, and spits only 1 baby, and then the right motherships comes way to close to the egg, before it spits another one and you fail What did you do specifically from the start? Did you: 1. gather nearly all the animals on the top and near the power up area and blew up the barriers of both sides, get first batch of babies 2. sent two lackies to kill the first or the second set of babies that came out 3. Send the two elephants or hippos and wiped out the two aliens on the outer rim 4. then have the babies you have in the grass, and repeated? 5. after all babies are borned, repeat till there is no more grass for birth 6. then retreated to the bottom near the egg (including getting all the animals that are sleeping there) 7. just camped till one of the left mothership got close to the outer rim of the purple area? or very nearby to the egg? 8. then it magically spawned out 2-3 babies despite its set movement/birthing rate and you let it eat the egg? (or kill the mothership in that tiny fraction of time?) is this what you did? I just don't get this sh**, tried at least 240 times already (Back-to-back); blaming the dev's for mistaking internal QA results would translate well into public release; even knowing that their testing environment is whole 'nother sh** compare to the actual external environment. Sigh.
  12. I literally just played this a week ago as free ps plus game, game is great tho; but if its $20 or more, I'm not buying it. I'll cringe if its even $14.99
  13. Skyrim would be too, but the most immersive has to be FFXIV: ARR hands down of course, this is just limsa lominsa, there are so many worlds populated and doing their own stuff might be a old trailer ^ but the game got better when you can own your own house; probably now even more worlds and features are added as we speak; especially the upcoming Heavensward
  14. I doubt it, since the game's development took within French and English staffs. You should send a email to their support, Dontmod; they can give you a definite answer
  15. Hey are you going post video trophy guide for this game? I think it may help some people and you could submit your videos on ps3 trophies forum. Btw, I got a 100% on Hohokum thanks to your guide