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  1. No problem. I haven't played CT since I think 2010, but I kinda remember some of the stuff in that game so that advice should work as long as you keep game mechanics in mind. 1. You can't block on jump start-up. 2. You can't block during the "stopping" animation of a run unless you cancel it with Barrier Block. 3. Use Barrier Block while airborne to catch air-unblockable (important against Unlimited Ragna). 4. Certain moves had area based or full body invincibility (see: Carnage Scissors) so try not to mash the opponent to death during a reversal and so on. There's tons of other nuances to the game, but the AI in CT is bad to the point that I don't see it necessary to explain things the AI likely won't do. Most don't even use Distortions as reversals in that game a besides Unlimited Ragna so I'm sure you'll be fine.
  2. Leonidas is piss easy if you know how to abuse the AI. 1. Pick Jin Kisaragi. 2. Spam this "combo" 2A-5B-5C-5D (don't remember if he could dash cancel 5D in CT, but if yes, then dash cancel) 3. The AI in CT, assuming it wasn't patched which shouldn't be the case given my trophy dates alone, will ALWAYS try to retaliate after breaking from frozen state. Repeat the "combo" immediately after this to get them on counter hit. 4. Repeat this until the AI drops like flies. I got perfects on even the Unlimited characters using this AI loop. Sidenotes: Tager will sometimes try to backdash out of this and punish with his grabs. He shows up pretty early on so it isn't too bad. Just give him a little extra attention. Likewsie, Unlimited Ragna with occasionally retaliate with a Carnage Scissors in this loop if he has the meter for it. Simply watch his meter and bait out the Carnage Scissors and repeat the trick again after getting the hit confirm. Everyone else should be fairly easy and if you have 2 controllers, you can use the "new challenger" exploit for multiple chances if you screw up. Other than that, this should be disgustingly easy if you do this cause the AI in CT is trash unlike later games, specifically CF where the AI often feels smarter than the average human player so be glad that game doesn't have a trophy like this.
  3. This game was a mistake. I've yet to encounter this specific issue, but I still get incredible amounts of "teleport" lag spikes, screen tearing whenever I use Ray's dash in certain parts of a stage, of course the legendary fine play glitch, and I even had glitches with the Amazing technical bonuses the first time I played this. I finally got my platinum thanks to GarciaFever, but now I think I really I'm done with this game unless they patch this shit out. 4 million went into this!?!?
  4. All this time after I started this topic and THIS is how they expected you to unlock the damn trophy on THIS SPECIFIC VERSION of the fucking game!?!? Seriously!?!? Dude, you gotta admit, that's not a very practical solution. I can't even be mad at myself for not being the first person to figure THAT out. Jesus XD. Anyway, congrats on solving the mystery of Comcept's horrible game design. We are all in your debt.
  5. That's messed up. So my entire console, ya know the thing I used to play the damn game, is possibly the reason I couldn't get the trophy. I have PS3 Super Slim model so I have no clue how you get around that without taking out my old fat 60gb and fixing its YLOD for the fifth time to see if the trophy pops on it. That said, for anyone still spotting this thread, ONE person has actually managed to get the platinum trophy and it actually looks legit by the stats on their profile. This person is based in Russia. Make of that what you will.
  6. Mado-kami and I attempted the co-op theory, it does NOT work. Fine Plays aren't even registered online so it looks like the 6 people with this trophy must have gotten purely by chance as both Mado and I have done the Prison stage under multiple conditions to get the trophy to pop and none of them work. If someone else finds a solution, please post it here.
  7. Oh boy, as much as I wanna be the first person to get this platinum trophy, my theory will only work if someone helps me, plus I do wanna help other trophy hunters. I haven't tested anything yet, but here's my theory. I was trying to set records on the leaderboards (currently got 1st place for Pyrogen, Cyrosphere, and Dynatron stages and I think Battle Colosseum, but I have to double check) and I notice that my record for the Prison Stage NEVER registers. Likewise, only ONE person had a record on the leaderboards for that one stage despite multiple people having the trophy for clearing all challenges. My theory is that the problem has something to do with Call herself. The other Fine Play trophies were glitchy too, but they eventually worked ( usually after the second attempt). I'm thinking that if two players attempt this trophy in Co-op, it MIGHT pop for the player controlling Beck because the one constant variable with this stage and trophy is that the Call level itself is buggy and having the game register the trophy for Beck MIGHT fix that. Again, haven't tried it yet and I'd welcome anyone to add me to try and attempt it and if it works for other people, please say so in the comments. If that doesn't work, then I can only assume the trophy pop is based on pure luck until a patch and that the majority of hunters are just screwed on this one. Also, for Mado-kami, I'll try downloading the file on my external hard drive and see if I can get anything working from it. I heard people theorize the glitch may have to do with problems registering the bullet dodge Fine Play for the K-9 boss so I think it's best to try for the bomb first and then dodge the bullets, but I think we can all agree that 3 years and 4 million dollars for a game with buggy trophies is just embarrassing to say the least.
  8. I just got all the Amazing bonuses according to the in-game achievements, but NO TROPHY. What happened to this game? Delay after delay....for glitched trophies? I guess it isn't too bad to some people, but I like trying to get platinum trophies for games. It's like an extra "metagame", so to speak, to the games I play and this game doesn't even give you credit for the trophies you've rightly earned. Just wow....
  9. For like 2 days I've been trying to get this trophy. I deleted my game TWICE plus my Ray DLC, backed up my save files and deleted those, and even started the game over TWO TIMES to try to get this damn trophy on the next go around, but it just won't pop and, from what I've seen, it's only popped for two people. This happened to me before with the Round Digger opening boss, but that fixed itself on my second run through the game, but it feels like the Prison stage boss is completely glitched on the trophy end. I get the in-game achievement, but never the trophy. Any tips on how to work around that or is this game gonna be impossible to get a platinum on except for those two lucky souls that the game didn't glitch out on?