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  1. Liberated all of them, didn't die, trophy not popping, only trophy I have left. I'm absolutely gutted.
  2. I have two glitched trophies - helping hand, I've completed the quest ages ago but no trophy popped. And the cryptographer one because the one on the container doesn't appear. I'm really gutted because I only have 4 trophies left including these for the platinum! These screw up for anyone else? I can't seem to find a work around online
  3. I knocked down all the training dummies and the trophy didn't pop. I'm so gutted Forget it. Managed to find the last two. D'oh 😂
  4. Borderlands ep 2 is out now, so GoT ep 3 is imminent!!!
  5. Trim your moustache in Octodad