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  1. You need to buy all 3 upgrades that are in the main menu shop. It a new Weapon (Mace) , More Health , More Subweapon. You won't find the shop in any stages , you need to exit to main menu.
  2. Well, that will be fun to say, Here the most recent list: http://www.backloggery.com/dlecool017 It missing 1113 steam game on it Short version not played/beaten: 181 PS3 physical, 235 Digital with PS+ , 94 PS4 for all , 142 Vita for all Anyway , that will never be beaten...
  3. Umm, that not a good question for me ... 32 physical (6 beaten) 28 Digital (5 beaten) 50 PS+ (4 beaten) two more today, if it ship too (One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 , Until Dawn) Maybe one day when there probably nothing anymore. I don't think that will happen (don't ask for my total backlog that is much bigger)
  4. No , the entrance is the same so if you know how to get to it should be simple enough. If not good luck trying to find it , it doesn't make sense really specially the last step. Anyway if you need help for anything else just ask.
  5. The Mantra puzzle as been change on Ex version compare to Steam, if you want to know where there are check the spoiler.