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  1. No it's not possible to log with a anonymous account and you have to play a online match to unlock the lv50 trophy.
  2. Holy Jesus, i already had a lot of difficult beating the master mode SMB1 on the Gamecube. Can't even imagine what is going to be like beating every mode on every game. 10/10 platinum for sure.
  3. You got the trophy via ad hoc? I have seem people talking about that in the other thread so the trophy will still be achiavable even after the messages system shutdown?
  4. Playing the original as a child i could never get past the race mission. I replayed and beated the game back in 2014 and didn't have much of an issue, sure it took a couple of tries but nothing close to impossible as some people say.
  5. That won't be possible, the game is a rail shotter which means the player is always moving and if you don't kill the enemies they will quicky kill you. Unless there is some type of cheat this will be a very boring platinum.
  6. Same boat, they havent showed up even once.
  7. While they said it's going to be easier doesn't mean it will be a cakewalk, people who are serious about getting the platinum better take the chance to use this exploit now since its probably gone forever in the next patch.
  8. I got the squad goals trophy in a party of three, my two friends made to the final and the game was fall mountain, i won obviously.
  9. I got the same error friday and still haven't got any rewards or crown, so unfortunately i have to say it's gone.
  10. You can laugh at me but im terrible at perfect match lost two streaks to it. Its funny considering i pretty much mastered slime climb and can come in first every round.
  11. I got it too!!! It took me around 4 hours of playing very safe, quitting every jinxed, perfect match and tail tag soon at the start.My wins were 2 on royal fumble and 3 on hex-a-gone, just existed every jump showdown after the first beam pole cuz i thought it was too risky and in fall montain i quitted the match if another player was leading after the last obstacle. Also i wanna thanks every user who posted some tips to get this thophy. It was really helpful, especially the ones that said that the player character still stay in the match 2 seconds after quitting.
  12. Yeah its simply too difficult to win right now. Last week i could win at royal fumble quite easily but now most people seems to be on crack, catching up to me really fast, jumping across the map and grabing my tail in the air.
  13. You should be fine with a 19 power golf, you just need the right conditions. As a matter of fact today the hole on Alpina 12 is perfect to get the 3 condors.
  14. Devs already said that they considering adding local coop, if that's the case the trophy infallible could become much much easier.
  15. It depends how you aproach it and how you value your time.