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  1. Flight Simulator. Been a huge fan of the 2000s series and now looks better than ever. Sadly, I don't play anything that doesn't have trophies 😂 Forza Horizon would also be cool now that DriveClub is dead. So I'm very much looking forward for the Series X to fail miserably and Microsoft becoming third party 😂 They'll earn a very loyal client with me.
  2. Ah yeah, remember that one. The one and only platform mechanic in this game. Pretty pointless if you ask me 😄
  3. I've very good memories of the PS3 graphics. The day I jumped from PS2 on CRT monitor to PS3 in Full HD, it was a massive jump. Similar to the one from 2D to 3D graphics. In that regard, the PS4 jump was nowhere around that much impressive. I bought PS4 in a bundle with Bloodborne and I thought that with some minor tweaks, Bloodborne would be very possible on PS3. However, as the PS4 generation progressed, now everytime I go back to PS3 or see some PS3 game on YT, I can see the difference. I'm like: Shit, that was how PS3 looked like? Even the best looking games like Beyond Two Souls now look kind of crap to me.
  4. Just an update to this, I was enjoying PSVR Worlds so far (London Heist is one of my most satisfiying VR experiences yet) In order to know if I'll be able to get this platinum or not, I jumped to the most difficult world (Danger Ball) and trained a bit for few days. Damn is difficult 😄 With my best efforts I couldn't even get near around 3.000 points out of the 8.000 necessary for the trophy. I step back and enjoyed other games. I could consider coming back to this in the future but most proably not 😂 Wouldn't mind to 100% London Heist and Scavenger Odyssey though.
  5. If you're a PS3 player and you like hidden gems then Deadly Premonition is a no-brainer.
  6. Better to travel the distance around the world than beating Zico if you ask me...
  7. Call of Duty: Black Ops If I would have managed it better it would have been Duke Nukem Forever, which I earned only one month earlier. Perfect fit.
  8. Let's do et! I've luckily not much left on my PS3 backlog after I removed some games that I know I'll probably never play: Main backlog (Mandatory) Monkey Island Monkey Island 2 Split/Second Metal Gear Solid 2 South Park: The Stick of Truth Secondary backlog (Non mandatory) I might get some of these, or none of them at all, depending on my mood to start them Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce Tales of Monkey Island Nier Blur Heavy Rain Rayman Origins Rayman Legends Resistance 3 Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen Motorstorm RC One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Metal Gear Solid Rising Saw Saw II
  9. Jak 2 is better than Jak 1. ICO is boring The whole Bioshock saga is boring Duke Nukem Forever is a good game MGS V and Peace Walker are the best games in the Metal Gear saga (Fvck nostalgia) PS3 is the best PlayStation
  10. After completing the two online scrap challenges, checked if my scavenging locations match with my statistics, and opened the "glitched" container next to Pink Eye's I considered myself good to go for this plat and uploaded a savefile to the cloud just in case. As of now I'm in a state where I don't really know what to do next... I was just progressing through the main story till I got the four fortresses up and running giving me scrap offline. What should I do next? I know there are some challenges difficult to get in late stages of the game. Which ones should I prioritize first? Don't really want to finish the main story so soon because I know there're looots of secondary stuff to do for this plat so I don't want it to get so boring.
  11. Ugh... Can't seem to find that one neither. I'm a bit early on the game, on the way to Gutgash fortess, I already picked the scrap crew in Jeet's fortress. Just want to make sure I didn't screw up anything before proceeding. Edit: Didn't saw the comment after. Thanks! God this platinum is confusing XDDD
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the tips here. I'm trying to check the number of scavenging locations in Legend - Challenges - All but can't find the "Reaper of the Harvest" Challenge anywhere on the list, unless I'm blind. Does it unlock later? Did I screw up and it's glitched?
  13. Just got the first Scrap Crew on Jeet's base. I'm thinking not to make any more progress in this glitchy game to not f*ck up anything. Just login daily, check the scrap collected and trigger an autosave. How much time should it take to get the 500 + 2000 scraps with just one crew? PD: The fact that the online component is just a small part of a much bigger trophy + that precise trophy can get glitchy is making me to hate this platinum. It shouldn't have online requirements in the first place...
  14. Just to let you know, it will be always slightly blurry. PSVR is first generation VR so it's not that great. But very enjoyable if the setup is proper.
  15. Welcome to the jungle! No joke, Skyrim VR was the most satisfying experience for me. Just playing a full AAA game in VR is my piece of cake and I prefer that over experimental stuff. Astrobot and Blood & Truth are also cool. Even that London Heist world in PSVR Worlds. Also make sure to follow all of this for an optimal experience: