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  1. This was one of the games of my childhood. I got so excited when I got to know they're remastering it for PS4 and even more when I saw it has a shiny platinum trophy! (Racer Revenge was only 100%) I always fantasized about the idea of being ported to PlayStation but never thought it could become a reality. It's a pretty old game and no one really cares about it anymore. Buuut... even though this announcement was a blessing for me, this has to be the laziest port ever. It even look slightly worse than the original on PC... and no artwork for the trophies. It looks like it has been made by a one person or something. Anyways, I'll enjoy the hell out of it and go for that platinum. It's amazing that this is a thing in the first place. Who knows if sales are decent we can get a full remake on the future or even a third game (unlikely)
  2. PS2 emulation on PS4 it's just not great. It claims it can handle 60fps but it barely reach 30fps in my PS4 fat in most areas (Specially in Bully or Jak X) Star Wars Racer was not that bad but I also remember experiencing some drops.
  3. What Sony is doing (and will do) is finding the "hotspot" when it's profitable to launch your game on PC while not hurting the PlayStation brand. That means they'll launch their games on PlayStation first and when it reach its peak of sales and can't make much more money out of it, they explore other markets. That means more money in Sony's pocket and maybe produce more AAA titles and exclusives. I can't see Sony releasing its titles on PS5 and PC the same day, like Xbox is doing, and neither launching absolutely all their games on PC, and personally, if I like Sony Interactive games I won't be choosing PC to wait 4-5 years for a game to release (if it ever does)
  4. I never liked to buy a console day 1 so I'm doubting if buying in 2-3 years after release (Better prices, more games, improve of drawbacks...) Or just wait for a Slim/Pro release. I've a huge backlog to keep me busy till then anyways.
  5. Furi. Heard it's a really good game but I was not PS+ Suscriber when they gave it away.
  6. Trackmania Turbo. I've it in my backlog but from what I've heard I'm still scared of even trying 😂
  7. Metal Gear Solid 2. I think is the last platinum I'm missing from the MGS series.
  8. The end of PS3 trophy sync upport people are so talking about is probably never gonna happen. We're in a scenario where console companies are transitioning to games into services, Sony will most likely want to offer the whole library of PS3 games in PSNow or whatever with trophies and everything. In that case I think we're gonna be able to sync PS3 trophies to PSN forever or at least until Sony becomes bankrupt or something.
  9. I just recently got the platinum and never going to touch the DLC trophies, like I did with many other games. I guess being a platinum whore instead of a completionist is a less stresful life 😅
  10. Well most of them are 10€ already on the store aren't they? Have to get that Split/Second platinum done before they even think about closing the PS3 Store... Too bad that because of the quarantine I can't go to my home country (Spain) and take my PS3.
  11. 1. London Heist, the absolute best. That's why it's the only one they released a sequel. The chasing scene is amazing... it's the best VR experience I got so far along with Astro Bot. I also loved how even with the DualShock you can play as you're holding a gun, not all games do that and require you to buy a Move controller. 2. Scavenger's Odyssey. Nice and fairly simple mechanics for this fun Sci-Fi game. Loved the immersion. Probably the game with the best graphics of the bunch too. Yes, I occasionally got motion sickness but for the most part it was enjoyable. 3. Danger Ball. Nice and fun concept but it gets repetitive soon. 4. Ocean Descent. My first ever contact with VR. Loved the environment and the shark cracked some nice scarejumps. Shame it doesn't offer anything more. 5. Luge. Kind of hating it. It controls pretty terrible and it's somewhat boring too. In short, this game offers one masterpiece, three games that are just fine and one pretty awful game.
  12. Am I the only one who noticed this? Specially in the latest cars of the game.... I race with a car I like, I decide to invest some spheres in order to get better results. Then the damn thing starts to be uncontrollable. I feel like they're too fast and not heavy enough so you end up flying in the air in every little drift you do, crashing with all the walls and races getting so chaotic. I end up getting better results with low profile cars.
  13. Just got myself a VR headset and started playing this game. I checked the list here to know more about the trophies and it surprised me the ultra low 0.66% of rarity. But on the other hand, the guide here says that it's a 7/10 difficulty platinum, affordable in 25 hours with 1 playthrough which all around doesn't seem TOO crazy. I mean, I've 10/10 difficulty platinums with higher percent rarity. This game would be my most rare platinum if I ever manage to get it. Am I missing something? Are some of the trophies unobtainable? Is it really way harder than the guide says?
  14. That's a sick advice for when I've some trouble with any specific trophy in PSVR! Even though I really like the feeling of immersion of VR I can understand if I'm going for some difficult trophy might be too much of a hurdle. That Thumper game looks great too. I really feel like I purchased a new console instead of an add-on, as I'm discovering lots of interesting games to go for. PS5 can wait for now 😄
  15. Thanks for clarifying. What I also noticed is that VR games usually have waay more rarity than PS4 games. Skyrim VR for an example is 1.5% while the PS4 version is at 14% rarity, being the exact same list 😅 Firewall Zero Hour has an incredible 0.5% rarity while the guide says it's a 4/10 difficulty platinum. Until Dawn has 1.5% being achievable in 10 hours according to the guide. And it goes on and on... Maybe VR games doesn't appeal much to trophy hunters?
  16. Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2. I've missed this Star Wars saga the last gen. Still have my PS3 working with so many pending plats so maybe one day...
  17. Alice Madness Returns. I must have missed that game in previous gen.
  18. Uncharted 4. Just started it.
  19. The only one for me would be Twisted Metal. I really loved that game, it comes in my Top 10 of PS3 games easily. I managed to get all offline trophies and really wanted that plat but I procastrinated too much and servers closed before I could even realize.
  20. Nice completion rate. I'll take Red Dead Redemption 2. Got the first one so I'm obligated to get this one too.
  21. DriveClub 100%. I only managed to platinum it at 32% 😂
  22. GTAV. It's the one I'm working on right now.
  23. Grand Theft Auto V. Such an amazing game and proud platinum to add to your collection.
  24. Grand Theft Auto 5 at the moment. it's gonna be a long journey.
  25. Onrush. Looks like a pretty damn fun plat to get.