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  1. The patch today allows for you to autopop now. I was playing on my main save file and the 1 mil trophy popped after beating a boss randomly. I was trying to figure out why that had popped but nothing else. Well if you go to your main save and go to your secrets all the trophies should autopop as they did for me. No idea why my 1mil popped out of no where though. Still need to do all the new challenges to get the plat
  2. Same thing happened for me today.
  3. I did a isaac chest run today on my ps5 but didnt unlock any trophies. I did use my transferred save file from ps4. Im wondering if I have to start a new save file to get the trophies to pop or if anyone else got these to pop for them using their old save file?
  4. Weirdly enough it didnt autopop completely for me. Just 3 trophies autopopd. Beat Boss rush, Dark room and chest trophies.
  5. Been waiting a while for another Zeni gift. Gltich worked perfectly although I was only getting 1 mil at a time so took a bit of resetting but was able to do it each time
  6. Do you have the option to get the starting ring gift on new game+?
  7. Castle Crashers on ps3 seems to lose all your data after a name change. After changing my name I went back to finish up the game and had no data or stats thus forcibly making me start over a new knight. Matchmaking still worked.
  8. No I scrolled through the knights and only red, blue and green were there with no level progress. Yeah I didnt realize I couldnt change my name back to the original one until I tried it a few min ago. Well at least I dont really need my progress since I did most of the trophies already and only have a few that dont need anything specific left Actually looks like you can revert your name change back to an old id if you contact support but for me at least thats not really worth the hassle
  9. Can I play zombies online doing that or only offline? I might just revert my name change if its gonna cause too many problems for a bit since another game I was going back to finish seems to have erased all my stuff too because of it
  10. Went back to this game to finish some trophies but when I got onto it all my stuff got reset? I assume this is because I changed my name since I last played this. Anyone know if there is a way to get my stuff back other than I guess reverting my name change just to play this game?
  11. Thanks for posting this! 😁
  12. No new trophies for baptiste?
  13. The servers are back up! Ubisoft thought the servers were up when I contacted them a few days ago. Looks like the looked more into it and fixed it
  14. Yeah, November is when the servers seemed to stop working from what I read here but I wasn't sure if it was just the servers being bad or if they had been shut down completely
  15. Were the servers shut down for this game?