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  1. No new trophies for baptiste?
  2. The servers are back up! Ubisoft thought the servers were up when I contacted them a few days ago. Looks like the looked more into it and fixed it
  3. Yeah, November is when the servers seemed to stop working from what I read here but I wasn't sure if it was just the servers being bad or if they had been shut down completely
  4. Were the servers shut down for this game?
  5. The latest patched seemed to fix this as when I logged in I got the trophy
  6. I am interested to know this too
  7. How do you obtain this trophy? Using Discordia to swap hands into a golden card didn't work.
  8. I know you can do dont fire until you can see and you have no power over me trophies. Tower of babble I would assume you can but are you using two controllers yourself or do you have another person helping you? Because if you don’t have another person helping then you there is no way you’re going to be able to emp all the light posts within time
  9. Same thing happened to me. I even replayed the tutorial a few more times and still no trophy
  10. The trophy popped for me doing it the regular way and just staying out of trouble. I was mainly in the showers most of the time trying to go for that trophy. Played on K.A.P.O.W if that helps at all