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  1. Good luck. I hope you're doing it couch co-op since online co-op is twice as long and harder since the enemies' HP scales differently.
  2. I always find these posts kind of backwards. What would you rather have, absolutely nothing to play? Play your games however you wish however, if i've seen one recurring theme is that people tend to beat themselves up over games they don't really want to play and just push through for completion/platinum/finishing sake. Gaming is still a hobby, you don't have to 100%/platinum/finish/play every game. The backlog will not run away, it'll still be there (online trophies aside I guess). And honestly, if a game has been in your backlog for years, you probably didn't really want to play it that much in the first place.
  3. @HusKy I really appreciate the work you've put in this as I use your extension almost daily. I'm not sure if you're open to suggestions, however i'm curious if it would be doable to add a rarity leaderboard this way. This has long been suggested, but after the creation of the first iteration - the project has been in limbo for quite some time. Would something like this be possible? Using the users on the current leaderboard and calculating their score differently. Even cleaning up the current one to match it to only users on the actual leaderboard (Currently the rarity leaderboard also has cheaters or people who made their profile private listed) would be a step in the right direction.
  4. To add one game that not too many know about and i'm guessing the category is also pretty bare in terms of games is Earth Defense Force 2 for the PSVita. 3rd person shooter category. The reason i'd suggest this game is because the campaign is really difficult, i'd say barely impossible to complete without having either 1) a team of 4 people or 2) an insane amount of armour. To give a bit of context, you can permanently boost your HP by farming, so the more you farm the more HP you have the easier missions are to complete. However the amount needed to finish the campaign solo is ridiculous and could take you quite a while to farm. Furthermore the AFK farming method is only doable with two psvita's. Aside from that there are a couple other things that make it more annoying, weapon drop RNG, the fact you can't mix & match solo/online missions since you'll miss out of specific weapon drops etc. The fact that the game is pretty niche also doesn't help. EDIT: i also saw Wipeout 2048 on the vita list - much like HD the online has shut down so you cannot get that platinum anymore
  5. I contacted EA support and they basically told me that they could not provide me with a code or link the DLC to my account since the service was discontinued. They did however tell me that newer copies of the ultimate edition come with a code inside the box which will activate the DLC for you. I couldn't find any in mine though so idk.
  6. Thanks for your help guys @biokam Alright great, I will contact EA and see if I can still get the DLC.
  7. I've been following a walkthrough while playing this, and the next area i'm supposed to go to is starting the Return to Ostagar DLC. However i cannot find the starting location, Bann Loren's Lands on the world map. Furthermore looking at the DLC i have installed on the main menu it does not list the Return to Ostagar DLC. I did however install it, twice now. I have the complete edition on disc, so i'm not sure why it's not showing up. I know this is for an old game, but any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Jin from Ghost of Tushima. Really liked how his character developed over the course of the story.
  9. I also managed to snag my first platinum today. Trackmania Turbo. This game has been on my 'to finish' list for far too long. Glad i went back and finally got it. Also my 250th plat.
  10. I also thought 178 was pretty difficult. More than 180. Anyway thanks for making the platinum challenging but doable.
  11. Greatest of all time. Divinity 2 is seen as one of the best cRPGs that has come out in recent years.
  12. You might like Divinity original Sin 1 & 2. Critically acclaimed CRPGs. It's turn based and you can run around on the battlefield during your turn. While both are good game Divinity 2 is GOAT material. If you like these games you can also check out wasteland 3, Torment tides of nemura & if you don't mind going old-school Baldur's gate 1 & 2 (although those don't have pure turn based combat) Disgaea. AA SRPGs, they're fun but not for everyone. And to recommend an indie game Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark. Pretty good SRPG, story was kind so-so from what i've played but it's got everything gameplay wise. Turn based, grid system, you can freely choose jobs/classes for your characters etc. If you have a switch, i'd also recommend Fire emblem three houses. Probably the best classic SRPG in the last few years.
  13. Since i'm making good progress on my first game, and it's almost 2021, i'll join up with my definitive list. Trackmania Turbo Catherine Full Body The last Guardian Dragon Quest heroes 2 Skyrim VR All games that are pretty high on my to-play/finish list so hopefully i'll complete at least one tier this year As for Trackmania i'm currently at track 176, just finished getting the gold on 175. I started this game back last weekend after a hiatus of ~4 years, left it right after i unlocked the black tracks. Hopefully i'll see it through to the end now.
  14. Since i'm casually getting back into Trackmania, i guess i'll try to join one of these backlog events. Trackmania Turbo (69%) TBD TBD TBD TBD Not sure yet about the rest. When do you need to finalize your list as i'm not seeing it mentioned in the OP.
  15. You can change your DNS servers on ps4, you'll just send your requests towards their servers. Like i said, it used to work perfectly on my phone, not sure how well it works now but it's worth a try. I see you mentioned Pihole but Adguard is basically the same thing, the only difference being that you're running pihole locally, i suppose, instead of using the cloud. EDIT: Besides there are a ton of alternatives to Pihole that would require a bit of set-up as well. Like setting up your own ad-filtering proxy to route your traffic through or if you want to drop some money get a proper L7 firewall.