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  1. Interesting stuff. Would be pretty nice if allowed.
  2. List looks about the same as the first one. Hopefully it's not too much longer than the first one in terms of grind, as that one dragged in the end.
  3. The difference are trophies, they are part of what makes playing the game fun. Whether it is to increase you total amount of trophies quickly, seeing your favourite game show up multiple times on your list, speedrun the trophy list, etc. And it's not that surprising that getting trophies makes a game more fun to most people here, as they are kind of the reason why most of us are on this site.
  4. #205 - Bears can't drift One less in the backlog
  5. I hope you guys are enjoying FFXV with all the additions they've made over the year. Wish i had those when i played the "demo" on launch 😏 Reminds me i still need to finsh that awful MP DLC... Anyway i've started up EDF 2025 again this weekend, so i'll probably pour a lot of my time into that one. Besides that i'll be juggling between games from the backlog hoping something sticks long enough so i can finish it.
  6. It was really doable imo. Some races did give me some trouble as there was some annoying rubber band AI at times. But once you know the layout of the tracks, which shortcuts to take and where to drift you can get 1st place pretty consistently. It's still a Kart racers so a little bit of luck is still involved, since the AI likes to bombard you with power ups right before you can finish
  7. Weeblympic #5 Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed Pretty fun kart racer. Overall it was really doable, once you knew all the tracks. The grind in the end was pretty annoying though. Since i only used two characters for most of the game, i had to grind leveling the other characters.
  8. Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Didn't think i would finish this one off as i started it out of sheer boredom a while back and wasn't a fan initiially. But the game grew on me, pretty fun kart racer.
  9. Did the debug mode on vita to unlock all power cells. I figure you still need to collect the precursor orbs and scoutflies on your own?
  10. Juuni Taisen Started off interesting but it became kind of predictable. Ending was sort of a letdown too.
  11. Weeblympics #4 Monster Hunter World Been a month since release so might as well and post this. As i've said before, great game! Can't wait for the DLC.
  12. #203 Senran Kagura: PBS Okay game. Pretty straightforward platinum.