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  1. Well, we can give that a try. Are you willing to join with the updating?
  2. @Hemiak first wanted to give it up until some folks voiced their opinion that they wanted it to stay. The sheet works but i obviously can't make it public, so i'd have to go through the trouble of adding everyone emails again. So only those who manage PPs can access it.
  3. Yeah you're probably better off waiting a bit longer to get it cheaper. Unless you really want to play it.
  4. Piece of cake I've played a lot of easy stuff this year, from tapping mayo jars to giving massages, Walking simulators and novels which shall not be skipped. However 4 Goddesses online was probably the one that stood out the most for me. The game's mechanics are really simple. You do the same couple of moves every single boss fight and none of them proves any challenge. The platinum merely requires you to finish the game and do the little end content. While i still thought it was a decent game (if we're talking neptunia quality here) it wouldn't hurt to make it a bit more challenging. It's like Dark Souls Now, if you know me - you might've heard me say that WipEout actually isn't really that difficult. It just has a steep learning curve and the races require some luck. However with this remaster, they've added both 2048 and HD/fury and made the list even more difficult than the old games. They upped the zone requirements in 2048 and made getting gold on elite in fury an extra requirement. It was a pretty great moment to be able to do Beat Zico again though. Bad ass award This game.... was something alright. I started it with @MStalker58 and while doing the campaign was enjoyable for the most part, the real challenge was doing the Endless mode. Being the trophy hunters that we are, we tried to do a "cheese method". We tried it for quite a while, but each time it failed. In the end we tried to do it sort of legitimately and we finally got it for @MStalker58 first. Afterwards we did a run again so i could get my trophy, but around wave 40 or something @MStalker58 DC'ed and left me alone to do the last 10 waves on my own. It was an intense 20? minutes but i finished it that run. In hindsight, we should've just done it legit from the get-go. Would've saved us both a lot of time. Grind of the year To be honest, i didn't think i would've completed this game in 2017. But in the end the hours racked up more quickly than i anticipated and before i knew it, i was actually pretty close to finishing it. Even after having grinded for so long, i still look forward to my next EDF platinum and hope to post another one next year. FYI, it took me 332hrs to platinum EDF 4.1 King of the internet I would've picked Destiny 2 for this one, since even though the game kind of was a disappointment - the raid was still a blast to play with friends. That aside, my other best online experience was Magicka 2. Killing @Wdjat Prinny Doods over and over again was just something special. Shoutout to @Mesopithecus and @HcG Clawz for being part of the crew. Sleeper hit of the year I know Persona 5 isn't really what someone would call a "sleeper hit". However, i didn't really enjoy Persona 4 Golden all that much. The story moves slow and the gameplay couldn't really hook me long enough to finish it. So, even though knowing that i did pick up Persona 5 and to my surprise i really got into it. I'm pretty sure it was the only game i touched for the most part in April. Biggest bomb of the year I picked this up in a flash sale, mostly for the easy platinum. Bad mistake. Boring gameplay, uninteresting story, and even though it's still pretty easy. The platinum ended up being pretty annoying. Wouldn't recommend. Best platinum of the year While the PS3 port for this game is absolutely horrible. I'm still choosing it as my best platinum. Simply because i finally got back to playing it and finishing my insanity run. Having not played the game in a while, it was great to return to it again and finally get that platinum. Worst platinum of the year You know those games that everybody says are super easy, but end up being frustratingly annoying? That's Spy Chameleon. Most Anticipated platinum of the year There's a lot of good stuff coming out, but for now i'm the most excited for this game. Not sure if i'll be able to platinum it, depending on hard it might get. But i'll definitely have fun playing it.
  5. How much money do you spend on average a month on games? And how much of that is going towards games purely for trophy gainz? With you given away, yet again, money for the "best question", and having funded prizes for a bunch of other competitions. Do you like throwing away money? Because i can give you my paypal account if you want to throw some of that my way. 😉
  6. I hope none of the medals are missable this time around.
  7. I went out of my way to make this my first trophy on this account. It goes well with my name and it's also from one of my favourite games. Zone Zeus Reach zone 75 on any track
  8. Always great to see a spin off nobody asked for, while fans are waiting for a full fledged sequel/3rd installment.
  9. December 15th
  10. There are checkpoints. Its actually a pretty fun dungeon, although you can get easily annoyed by the cheap deaths you will probably experience. If its too cumbersome, i'd suggest using a video guide.
  11. March seem plausible. Looking forward to this.
  12. Congrats, you've put more thought into the trophy list than the guy over at TT who made it. Yeah i totally agree, i have no idea what they were smoking over there when they made this list. Since this is the 5th release of TWD S1, some people will have ran out of choices by now
  13. What were they thinking when they made this? The list is set up really weird. The trophy distribution for the games is all over the place.
  14. Yeah you're better off getting it on PS4. It includes 2048 as well as HD/Fury in the PS4 release.
  15. Yep it's been released on disc as well. Bundled with Fury.