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  1. No heroes allowed! VR Pretty charming VR game. Picked this up on a whim from the last sale, and i enjoyed it a lot. The trophy descriptions are quite the wall of text as well
  2. N++
  3. No that's fine, you don't have to spoil it. i've been told that the arcs covered in season 3 were quite the slog to read through, and so they're even going to change the events a little bit with the anime adaptation. I'll probably wait until this season is over before i decide if it's worth to read further. Anyway, i did finish the 2nd game on my list (EDF 2) a couple of days ago. Also if you haven't started it yet, definitely check out Cells at Work. it keeps getting better each week.
  4. Weeblympic #8 EDF 2 My 3rd platinum in the EDF series since this event started. Probably my favourite EDF game as well.
  5. EDF 2 Glad to finally have completed this. Took quite a while to say the least.
  6. 3rd EDF plat: EDF 2 - Invaders of planet space. Took quite a while to finish this and couldn't have done it without the partyboys' help!

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

    3. Leon Castle

      Leon Castle

      Good Job


  7. No, i'm watching it subbed. S3 just started airing now. I'm not sure which season 3 you're talking about But yes, with this season being 24 episodes - i really hope they'll get to the point where they'll finally explain some stuff. If not then it might cave in and start reading the manga.
  8. I went ahead and already finished one of my games. Bloodborne. I did most of the game last month in co-op and had been putting off doing the chalice dungeons, but glad i have a souls plat now As for anime, Attack on titan s3 started today. OP isn't really in the same style as the others which is a shame, but aside from that the season started off quite good.
  9. Bloodborne First souls plat. Played it mostly in co-op which made it easier, but at the same time more fun too!
  10. Sounds like a fun event. I'll include some games i'm pretty sure i'll finish over the season. EDF 2: Invaders of planet space. (Comedy/War) Final Fantasy XII (Fantasy) Bloodborne (Horror/Action) Megadimension VIIR (Isekai/Comedy) Anime i'm watching this season: Attack on Titan S3: Releases tomorrow, pretty excited for this season. While i didn't really enjoy s2 that much, there's still a lot of things we don't know. So i do want to know what next. Black Clover: I'm actually really liking this one now. It started a bit generic, but it has had some pretty good moments to far. Cells at Work!: Definitely my fav new anime this season. Funny, laid back anime that has some pretty good action scenes too. How to NOT summon a demon lord: I like my isekai's. This one shows promise but at the same time it's also generic and a bit 'trashy' due to being harem & ecchi. My Hero Academia 3: One of the best upcoming shounens atm, great show. Overlord III: One of my favourite anime these days. Been reading the light novel too. Eagerly await every tuesday this season Planet With: Seems quite interesting, has a lot of wacky character/mecha designs. The Master of Ragnarok: Another isekai, doesn't show much promise - will probably drop.
  11. Yeah our team has been quite slow last few weeks (i think?) I'm jumping around on games quite often lately, haven't really made much progress on any particular game. I'm hoping EDF 2 will be done in the next few weeks depending on how often i get to play with my EDF crew. Other than that i'm currently playing Final Fantasy XII but am nowhere near the plat. I suppose i'm quite close to finishing bloodborne, however i still need to do the last two chalice dungeons and they're such a drag tbh.
  12. Pretty good trailer. I'm excited.
  13. Liara/miranda as shepard Liara/garrus as femshep
  14. 5717 0007 3132 Recently started playing again too. I play it pretty casually so might not send a gift every day but fzel free to add me.
  15. Did you play the other games? Because this is the 3rd game in the series. And yeah, the animation/art style took a hit in comparison to the other two games, but at least the game actually came out. As for a long time it seemed like ZTD would never release.