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  1. 7/10. Mostly quality plats and a good completion ratio. Could use some more ultra rare stuff though.
  2. @ladynadiad So i started grinding the 256 floor tower, but i've been wondering, do you remember if there was any way of knowing what tier your weapon is? I haven't really been paying that much attention while playing so i haven't really kept track of how many times my weapon upgraded. All the checklists seem to just list the name of the first tier of the weapon. And since you can't access the library while in a dungeon, i'm not sure if there is a way to check what tier your weapon is. It'd suck to keep playing with an already fully upgraded weapon.
  3. Getting trophies is fun. Seeing them pop in rapid succession is fun, so i understand why people play these ezpz games. I have played my name is mayo, mr massagy and some visual novels i just skipped through for the trophies but some people, a minority, really overdo it. When the last 20 or so games are all ezpz trash games, i just start to wonder if the player still enjoys gaming or just enjoys seeing his leaderboard rank rise. Trophy hunters often mock steam achievements for having games where thousands of achievements pop instantly. But playing slyde or 4 stacks of whatever trash game that honestly nobody enjoys playing, especially not 4 times, is just the same with extra steps.
  4. Some of the mechanics in this game are seriously retarded. An enemy knocked off my shield on the floor, and because kuu had the "SO HUNGRY" ability - he ate my shield before i could pick it up again. So dumb. Anyway i finished the game the other yesterday so i'm starting to farm equipment now. Looking at the method of how to do it, i agree it seems very tedious lol I finished upgrading two weapons and one shield so far. Long way to go.
  5. Usually you can edit these settings in your router web interface which is provided by your ISP or where you bought your router. Just look somewhere in the 'advanced settings' section and you should be able to set port forwarding settings. I hope that fixes your problem.
  6. The troubleshoot guide for your error states, I'd suggest looking into these solutions before you go through the hassle that is sony support
  7. Thanks. I have read about that trick but i haven't been able to utilize it yet. At the moment i still have enough money by just selling materials to upgrade equipment. I have also read that the plat grind is quite tedious, so we'll see how that goes when i get there. 😅
  8. I've been playing some Sorcery saga for the most part. It's a pretty cute game, and i haven't really played that many games in its genre. It heavily reminds me of Pokemon Mystery dungeon which is a great series. Anyway, i got kind of annoyed last night since sometimes in dungeon you'll encounter a shop keeper with various items for sale. These items are laid out in front of the shopkeeper and pickup/bought by pressing the attack button. Now i have a weapon which damages anything up to 3 squares in front of me so when i tried to buy an item i accidentally attacked the shopkeeper. And in most of these games the shopkeers are pretty OP, so i got annihilated. Kind of a bummer since i was almost at the end of the dungeon i was in... Other than that it's an enjoyable game for now. I've also been playing Divinity 2 in co-op, but that's going pretty slow. We've spent about 20ish hours and are only in act II. There's just so much to do and so much room to adjust your chracter with various skills and builds. It's not perfect (long loading screens) but it's a pretty amazing tactical RPG. I've also been playing World of final fantasy, which i am almost at the end of the story at. But it's been a bit on the back burner the last weeks.
  9. To be honest i wouldn't really compare it to something like persona or your standard turn based RPG. Exploring the world and interacting with your environment is a big part of the game. A lot of your time will be spent looking at the different classes and build to determine how to best set up your party. It's kind of hard to get into at first, but very rewarding once you do. I think since, you mentioned you liked table top games like gloomhaven you'll probably enjoy this game. It takes a lot of elements from dnd.
  10. I think the OP has already closed sign ups since the event has started. But you can always drop in to talk about the RPGs everyone is playing. Also i, personally wouldnt class gravity rush an RPG. It has some RPG elements, but it's more of an adventure/action game inbmy opinion. That being said, the RPG genre is very broad and I'm sure everyone has a different take on what's an RPG to them.
  11. Pretty weird they chose patreon to crowd fund something like this. Kickstarter or something like that would be much more suited.
  12. A while ago a couple Square enix pulled a couple mobile games too from the market here. So yeah it's definitely doing its work. But tbf, belgium is a small country, i doubt they'll lose that much revenue 😅
  13. I also prefer looking at guides when determining a games length. And in the case there are no guides available, you can just be honest about the time you spent on said game. Even if someone would try to cheat on this, we're on a forum full with gamers. The chance of someone being the only one that has played the game is pretty low. I'd like to not see the scoring become overly complicated. A few tweaks such as bonus games and score modifiers based on various aspects are good, but let's not try to add too much. Otherwise most people wont really feel bothered to count their scores and we'll end up spending more time calculating our scores than actually playing RPGs 😅 As for my bonus games; 2x Dragon Age: Origins Digimonstory: Hacker's memory (let's try this again lol) 3x Megadimension Neptunia VII-R EDIT: I gave my vote to Warpedsavior, GL!
  14. Briefly skimmed through the scoring rules, seems kind of complicated. Will there be some kind soul(s) who will keep track of the counting or are we supposed to do it ourselves?