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  1. Welcome to psnp! Don't worry about incomplete games. Finish the games you love, and leave the bad or mediocre ones behind. Also don't be shy, we're a friendly bunch (at least most of us )
  2. Spoiler



    9 years ago this masterpiece released. I should definitely get the ps4 version soon, it's been quite a while since i last played it.

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    2. xZoneHunter


      Definitely do so. The games are really good, 999 and VLR especially. I remember nearing the end of 999 and i just couldn't put it down, ended up finishing it at 5 in the morning before school :D 

    3. NetEntity


      I ended up hating Akane and her shenanigans so much, I don't think I'll ever feel like replaying any of the games after I'm done with the last one. -shrug-

    4. JaM


      Last month was also when the First Nonary game happened xD

  3. This game was a really fun experience. Excited to see all the new stuff they added.
  4. I mean there is a trophy for 100% completion... I think it's quite obvious you'll need to play every difficulty again. 4 Classes, 5 difficulties (probably) so at least 10 playthroughs if the splitscreen method works again. At least they didn't include a weapon trophy this time, no more collecting useless weapons.Not sure how many missions there are exactly or how difficult they are, i'd guess it'll take about the same time 4.1 took to plat.
  5. Sure sign me up. Thanks for the giveaway
  6. It's perfectly possible for them to change though. We had a similar investigation on it, some time ago that caused for some changes in a couple of games. For example, i can't buy overwatch lootboxes with real money atm. The irony in it though is that i can still buy hearthstone packs (which are basically 'as bad' as overwatch lootboxes (Hearthstone is a CCG, meaning no trading or selling your cards)). Some mobile games were pulled too recently, simply because their publisher (square enix) didn't want to change their policy to our regulation. Honestly, the concept of lootboxes can work, however because of monetization the concept is just too easy to abuse. Recent history has shown both sides. All we can do when the concept does get abused is to rant on reddit about it lol. Personally, i'd still rather buy the skin than gamble for it.
  7. #220 Marvel's Spider-Man Pretty solid game. The collectibles/crimes did kind of dragged towards the end.
  8. Well it's been quite a while since i posted here, but the platinum dry streak has been broken! Dragon Quest XI Great game, one of the best JRPGs on the PS4.
  9. Rarity is skewed because you can glitch the hardest difficulty. All that comes to mind really is World at War to be honest. That one was quite difficult. Still surprised monster hunter world and danganronpa 3 aren't UR, as those games were quite the grind too.
  10. If you're not up to reading dialogue boxes for a significant amount of time in between fighting this game is probably not for you. However, i am pretty sure you can skip dialogue and/or cutscenes. And you can simply go to bed early to skip free time stuff, to go directly to dungeons. But that will probably not be an enjoyable way to play the game.
  11. You're welcome to try, but the PP "hype" has died out quite a bit. My last sheet works pretty simple so if you would want to use that all you have to do is ask. Sharing it so only pp creators can fill stuff in is quite easy. Getting them to fill it in is a different story Aside from a few threads, most of the PP threads have died/been closed. Seeing how a few people still want to revive this event is quite nice. Personally, i've spend a lot of time on PP in general and even though it definitely wasn't the lasting success i had hoped back in 2015, i'm still quite happy so many people participated. It was quite the ride.
  12. No heroes allowed! VR Pretty charming VR game. Picked this up on a whim from the last sale, and i enjoyed it a lot. The trophy descriptions are quite the wall of text as well
  13. N++
  14. No that's fine, you don't have to spoil it. i've been told that the arcs covered in season 3 were quite the slog to read through, and so they're even going to change the events a little bit with the anime adaptation. I'll probably wait until this season is over before i decide if it's worth to read further. Anyway, i did finish the 2nd game on my list (EDF 2) a couple of days ago. Also if you haven't started it yet, definitely check out Cells at Work. it keeps getting better each week.
  15. Weeblympic #8 EDF 2 My 3rd platinum in the EDF series since this event started. Probably my favourite EDF game as well.