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  1. Remember guys, this has existed for a few years now https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard/rarity Still broken.... 😔
  2. Update Dauntless - I had finished this a while ago on PS4 but went back since they released a PS5 version. They changed a good bit of stuff since i last played it so it was fun going back. 100 - 15 (completion negation) - 7,45 (Plat %) + 26 = 103.55pts
  3. A lot of court proceedings are public record. Which is a good thing.
  4. I see we're still doing the same scoring. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin: 100 - 25 (completion) - 32.35 (plat rarity) + 6 (trophy points) + 50 (new game) = 98.65pts Tales of berseria: 100 - 20 (completion) - 6.65 (plat rarity) + 18 (trophy points) = 91.35pts Really happy to beat berseria, i thought i had missed the mystic arte trophy but i had missed a side boss. Found it out pretty randomly while i was cleaning up other trophies before going into a new game again. I guess that's what you get when you take long breaks with certain games.
  5. I don't mind it, the first game was fun enough to warrant a replay and the no death trophy added some more challenge to it.
  6. I'd like to join up again 2x - Dragon Quest XI S - Nier replicant 3x - Ruined King: A league of legends story
  7. I feel like you're being too hung up on whether or not missables trophies make a game more or less difficult. Personally, and i think many would agree, got into trophies because we wanted to complete a game, and trophies were a solid indicator. So it makes sense that devs create trophy lists in such a way that when you get a platinum you saw everything a game has to offer, or what the devs wanted you to see. RPGs have always had missable content, it's basically ingrained in the genre i'd say. Branching paths, optional quests, different classes or just in general exploring stuff off the beaten path. And when it's done good, it's fun to replay to visit area's you haven't explored in your first run. It's exactly why people are still playing skyrim. If you really believe what you just said you should stick with linear games. No shame it that, we all like different things.
  8. I get doing multiple playthroughs is not fun for some, maybe moreso if you're only doing it for a specific trophy. But you're not entitled to a platinum; they shouldn't be designed in a way to make sure trophy hunters have the easiest time getting all the achievements. Either suck it up and play like a trophy hunter and spoil yourself with guides (shoutout to those who make their guides spoiler free). Or play blind as you'd like to and go for trophies after you finished the game. This is applicable to every game pretty much.
  9. No, once you finish the chase in the Mako on Ilos you'll be transported back to the citadel where you need to fight a bunch of geth while making your way to the tower. Once at the tower you'll face off with Saren, he'll be on his hoverboard. Once you defeat him then you'll want to make a save. Before you access the console and jump down to where Saren's body is. He'll get revived by the reapers and that's the final boss fight. Also there was another thread which detailed on how to get all 3 insanity achievements using this glitch, so you might want to check that one out too.
  10. "Quite upsetting"? Let people play how they want to play the game. A lot of people are just getting this for the plat having already played the game when it first became popular. I wouldn't play it with randoms, totally defeats the purpose. Get some friends/family (full lobby of 10 is the best) and play it while in voice chat with eachother. Best way to play is to only voice chat during meetings and not while walking around the ship/doing tasks/killing people. The fun of the game is to deceive your friends over voice chat if you're the imposter or trying to figure out who is lying if you're a crewmate. The game itself is so easy to get into, anyone can play it. In its essence it's basically werewolves (boardgame) with only 2 jobs/classes
  11. Guiding lands is a good bet since you have infinite lives. Although you don't really control the monsters unless you have spawns in stock. I'd stick with resetting your investigations as well as SOSing into random quests. Also optional quests in MR have a crown chance unlike the HR ones. They are 2% for a mini and 1% for a large. This isn't really that viable, but it helps for certain rare monsters such as golden rathian and silver rathalos where you don't find investigations for often.
  12. Let's go, looked really good. Surprised it got a stealth release especially seeing how much marketing they did for Arcane the last few weeks. The other indies they showed were neat too.
  13. Update: Tales of Arise: 100 + 34 + 22 + 12 - 32.41 = 135.59pts
  14. Pushed through the grind finally and finished FFXIII. One of a few PS3 games i've wanted to complete since i started trophy hunting many years ago so i'm glad to finally finish it. While definitely not my fav final fantasy i still really enjoy 13 and for an older ps3 game it still holds up really well. Hope still sucks though. I think what ultimately put me off finishing it all these years was the fact that i always thought treasure hunter was highly missable while it's not really that bad as long as you keep all your stuff. While grinding i did kind of fuck up since i bought 2 traps for 2 mil each while they are easy to farm once you unlock the blue tortoises and gil is really the thing you need so i had to farm a few hours more to finish up. As for points: 100 + 18 + 16 + 9 - 7.92 - 10 * 3 = 375.24
  15. Very helpful tool, thanks for sharing