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  1. Rise of the Tomb Raider. It's on the list of stuff i need to finish.
  2. On my quest to overtake scrubby @Ratchet ! 7.93%
  3. #150 Onechanbara Z2 Chaos Congratulations!! Time: 17.5hrs Decided to stack this since i really like the game. Figured it would serve well as a #150 milestone too
  4. Weren't you raging at beat zico a few posts back? I thought that was a lot easier than any of the phantom races in HD. Especially sebenco climb is pretty brutal on phantom.
  5. They upped the requirements for 2048. You basically have to get to wave 60/65/70 on every track. Time trials are also more difficult than on the vita.
  6. 2014 were dark days...
  7. Seems like the tracks don't really reflect well how the contestants will do looking at @Lucas then
  8. I'm not even 2nd pick? And here i was thinking we were good friends. That hurts man...
  9. #3 Killing Floor 2 Very Rare: 6.53% #4 Wheels of Aurelia Common: 63.99% (which gives me a solid 9 points! Be afraid, be very afraid!) @Lucas You ready to stop playing your shitty 100% games and get a plat yet?
  10. #148 Killing floor 2 Time: 30hrs Pretty fun game to play in co-op. Was a bit of a grind towards the end though. Special thanks to @Yami for playing co-op with me for most of it 👍 #149 Wheels of Aurelia Time: 9hrs Didn't really like this game. Was kind of a bore.
  11. A trophy list can either be stacked if it has a different list based on region or based on platform. You can either import the games retail, or buy them with an alternate account from that region. Since vita can only have one account, you cannot play digital titles from other regions on it. Different regions (the asian regions can get mixed up from time to time, so it's always best to do research on it first): EU US JP (Japanese) HK (Hong Kong or Asian release) KR (Korean) Different platforms: PS4 PSVita PS3
  12. To be fair the zone battles in fury and zone mode elite pass requirements are a lot harder than the zico trophies imo. I think it'll stay UR but more likely un the 4% range.
  13. I wonder how long we'll need to wait for ubi to actually make a sequel then, something people were actually waiting all those years for.
  14. :tomoko: misses you....
  15. Everybody updated. No clue how that happened, fixed now though.