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  1. Another event to beat manny in? i'm game.
  2. Wait a couple of hours and it should update normally, i had the same happen to me when i earned the maneater platinum. Last trophy and platinum popped, showed up in the notifications, even got a video but didn't sync until a few hours later.
  3. @Obscure_Ale that was close didnt expect you'd pop a Plat at the end.
  4. I feel at this point the rarity leaderboard is a pointless debate, as it will not be implement. Much like any feature that's been suggested. To the point where the community took it upon themselves to do it. (Thanks @HusKy for PSNP+) If you want additional leaderboards, stats and more features in general, just use TT.
  5. Finished my first tier: 1. Trackmania turbo (0.61%) 2. Greedfall (4.42%) This recently got DLC, does it still count actually or do i need to complete the DLC as well now that its released? 3. Mortal blitz (2.93%) 4. No Man's sky (UR DLC trophy = 1.15%) 5. Fall Guys (2.35%) Also while going through my list of finished games this year i noticed i finished two games that would have counted as well but didn't list them here beforehand 😅 In any case i'm not sure i'll do a tier 2, we'll see.
  6. I beat big prin and big tear so it's been a pretty good season i'd say.
  7. This seems pretty interesting. I'm always up for friendly competition.
  8. Hmm i thought i had lost but i must've counted wrong then. In any case, i'll make sure to prepare for the inevitable rematch down the line. 😅
  9. Going to use two more swaps since i'll finish up these games soon hopefully. Dragon Quest heroes 2 --> No Man's Sky. The DLC has an UR trophy, i suppose this still counts? Skyrim 5 VR --> Fall Guys.
  10. It has been a while so i'm not sure if it's still applicable, but i remember that the games will still count as long as you don't cross-save it yourself. I'm pretty sure this was implement in the past to let Sound Shapes count if you played it 'legit'. @ShogunCroCop can probably shed some light on this.
  11. Well i did get a PS5 recently which certainly motivated me to get some more gaming in!
  12. You should give it a try, the method listed in the thread linked above has worked for me before on a number of games. So in theory it should work with Mass Effect as well. I've only used the proxy on PS4 though, so no clue if it works the same for PS5. Getting a disc copy would be easiest tho.
  13. I also contacted support and they unlocked the trophy for me, just had to log into the game and it popped. I do think they will check your account using the support ID you have to provide. The trophies being bugged is also listed on their public bug list: https://trello.com/b/mJEAmorl/fall-guys-public-issue-tracker under 'currently investigating'
  14. Yeah, i looked at my Excel list since @AlterArchuria mentioned black clover. I never posted that game in here because it is not an RPG even though it is listed as one on psnp. It should't count towards my score. Similarly with crossing souls which is also not an rpg despite being listed as such.