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  1. Voted for TLOU2 thanks.
  2. Definitely Dragon Quest XI. I'm kinda bummed i didn't play the 'S' edition as it seemed like all the changes + added content would make for an even better experience. Not sure if those are available on ps4 now, but last time i checked they weren't.
  3. I do this all the time. It's not against the rules, it's explicitly listed on the rules. Here you can find the rules that say what constitutes a flag: Honestly they should make the above rules more visible on the site.
  4. Any non-handheld EDF game. I'd recommend doing 4.1/5 both great games. Platinums is the fastest when doing it solo with two controllers. (or couch co-op) Both fallen legion games are quite easy to do as well.
  5. The doritos pope is always right
  6. Objectively you can measure how good a profile is with certain standards, URs, plat count, completion %. And i'm sure every one of us has a very different view of what they believe makes a good profile and what makes a bad one. So defining a general one is going to be impossible. Especially with absolute numbers. It really comes down to which specific games you have done. Personally i try to not choose which games i play from a trophy perspective, as usually it leads to games that i don't enjoy playing. Whether a games all has UR trophies or Common ones is not really a big deal as long as i enjoy the game. Sooner or later the UR count will increase, especially if you try out a variety of games.
  7. Persona 4 golden is an older game with more conventional difficulties, easy/normal/hard. Nowadays including a "just here for the story" difficulty is more common.
  8. You were playing on safety, the game mode designed for people who don't care about the gameplay/just want an easy time and just want to focus on the story. The trophy itself was pretty easy yes, the vanilla game does prove a bit more of a challenge.
  9. I hope they do a good job with it, i love the mass effect trilogy and would like to see it remastered. The first one especially has not aged well. For all the things andromeda did wrong, the combat however was superb and i hope they take that as basis for the remaster. Also i hope for this trilogy they include all the DLC unlike last time 😏 .
  10. The vita version crashed fairly often for me too. Best to just save after a couple of stages so you wont lose too much progress if it does crash.
  11. I don't think the PS4 allows you to view your trophies offline, but you can still earn them.
  12. Virtualization is not the same as emulation. Virtualization still uses the specific hardware designed for its operating system however with an hypervisor (overarching software based system) to easily manage the different hosts and allocate resources where necessary. It's a really interesting topic if you're somewhat remotely interested in data center technologies or cloud computing.
  13. As long as your device has connected to the internet in the past you can still earn trophies offline and it will register on your account with the right timestamps.
  14. While you probably wont find much information on how exactly they have their service setup or what kind of software they use. You can be fairly certain it's all virtual machines. If you really want to know the technical side of this i highly suggest playing around with vmware workstation. There are a ton of tutorials and it's really easy to learn on your own and can be used for a variety of different things. However on a datacenter level or you want to set up a small home server with virtualization it does work quite a bit differently. This video explains it pretty well There are a ton of free trials and tuturials to get you started if you really want to learn more about virtualization.
  15. That is interesting. I always wanted more star wars VR after playing the star fighter mission in battlefront. I hope its going to be an interactive experience with some gameplay as well and not just a walk and see type of thing.