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  1. If i were to make a more simple sheet relying on excel functions. Who would be willing to help maintain it?
  2. It's a practise which is frowned upon here. For good reason too since those services require your login details and sharing them is against sonys TOS.
  3. 274B: 274pts 178S: 356pts 73G: 365pts 11P 5xC(50) 6xUC(90) 1xR(25) 1xVR(50) 3xUR(300): 515pts New total: 1510pts
  4. welcome to psnp!
  5. To be fair the only reason why the shonen jump was never broken up, was because it was created before mixed bag PPs were even a thing. You can't pass off the shonen jump PP as a mixed bag PP as it doesn't even fit the original rules for mixed bag PPs. As it wasn't meant to group up big franchises. The reason why i think mixed bag PPs are a bad thing is because a lot of the games grouped together could've been better used for other threads. Like i've said before the choice and consequence PP should be broken up into a Telltale one & David Cage one since i think we can all agree those games have a certain style that are unique to their series. Going with the TT/David Cage example, even if you take the main reason as to why they were grouped in the first place, a lot of other games come to mind which also have the same "choice & consequence" - feature (interactive drama as it's called in the thread) but aren't included. Late shift, murdered soul suspect,... Or even more unconventional ones like, stories path of destinies and stuff like Dragon age & Mass Effect could fit into an interactive drama/choice & consequence PP. (I'm not saying they should, just want to prove a point) It's hard to justify which games fit together just by going with a theme without adding a bunch of arbitrary rules. Every game is unique and if we want to revive this thing with a more streamlined approach we should really stick to series mainly (and in case applicable developer or genre) Some of the mixed bag PP threads created in the past have gone way past the original idea behind it. Even with the current rules for the mixed bag PP threads a lot can go wrong. Having a Marvel PP without spiderman in it. A zombies PP that's missing out a lot of games with zombies in it. etc I think we can all agree that most of the complaints people had with how games were handled were from Mixed bag PP threads. But it's good we're discussing this since i know the people who're active now in the thread are those who actually want to continue project platinum.
  6. While i don't want to break down anyone's hard work with their thread. If we're going forward with a more streamlined approach to PPs, most of the mixed bag ones will eventually have to be revised.
  7. Thank you for reminding us that you belong in the group of people that criticizes the fact that people care for trophies, while posting on a website catered for trophy hunters. My advice? Make a neogaf account.
  8. No need to play devils advocate here. This is some shady shit no matter how you look at it.
  9. We're not at that stage yet, and even then i'll always ask the owner first whether or not they want to continue. Tbf, we should put the minimum at 4. Seeing the PPs for 3 just reflects on how many series will be eligible for it. I think 4 would be a nice number. We can close threads, it has been done before. But yeah, if people aren't interested anymore in PP, we'll just find a new admin or close the thread. Can't say for sure now, but i don't think the changes will be that drastically. Unless you happen to have a mixed bag PP. Nothing is set in stone yet, though.
  10. Yeah looks like there actually is. I was looking on the ps web store and for some reason it didn't list the rebirth 2 DLC only the rebirth 3 ones. But i just checked the store on the vita and it did list them there. Weird 🤔 The DLC in question is the emergency help pack and costs 0.99$/€
  11. I don't think so for re;birth 2. I know re;birth 3 has DLC that makes Stella easier though.
  12. Updated. Enjoy the Stella torture in re;birth 2...
  13. Yeah, they actually chose the classes pretty well. As all of them seem to fit the characters' personality. I'll probably swap around my party members and get a feel for which ones i like the most with nepgear being my main
  14. Everybody updated. Looks like 4 godesses online will hit the west soon as well! I personally can't wait to play as witch nepgear 😏