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  1. Really looking forward to playing this.
  2. This is a dumb question. Ofcourse people will still play games. The only thing that might change is trophy hunters being less bound to a platform and less keen to "finish" games there not that fond off.
  3. Welcome to PSNP!
  4. Welcome to PSNP!
  5. A lot of the EDF games are like that. Mainly the vita/ps3 titles. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/4130-earth-defense-force-2-invaders-from-planet-space
  6. As i said in the first thread. Its not a bad Idea per se. But i much rather would see the rarity board fixed.
  7. 3 playthroughs seem like a lot lol. It's a pretty long game, i'm 25hrs in and am about halfway through (i think). I went with the black eagles. It's a really good game. It has a pretty good balance between the social life and battles. I really like that the support characters get so much screentime and are way more fleshed out than in the previous games. The overall story starts slow in this one though, at the point i'm at now (chapter 13) it's been picking up quite a bit. Excited to see where it goes. The only thing that really bothers me though is the silent protagonist in this one. It always bothers me when JRPGs do this, he has voice lines in battles but not in convesations.
  8. Definitely try the WipEout VR mode. It's quite the ride.
  9. It highly depends whether or not he can enjoy dated games. X is good, but there's no nostalgia for him so it's harder to get past the dated graphics and dated gameplay mechanics. This is even more true for anything before X. And XII is not a good one to start with imo. Choosing between XIII trilogy or XV i'd say XV. XV is just one game which is way easier to get into that XIII storywise. It looks gorgeous and plays quite fun.
  10. If anything you can do the co-op tropheis in share-play. You'll have to do it twice to get eachother the trophies but i'm sure it's easier than attempting it solo. Nightmare is no easy feat. Especially doom 2
  11. I'll definitely get it. I got into fire emblem quite recently. Played through awakening and conquest just a few months ago and absolutely loved t hem. Not sure yet which house i'm going to go with. Will probably make my decision when i fire it up.
  12. Welcome to PSNP. I have been playing Ass creed origins myself recently, and i must say it's quite good. Definitely a good change of pace for the franchise.
  13. You need to beat n tropy's ghost before you can access Oxide's ghost, so you always get n tropy's trophy first. Save Data corruption should have nothing to do with this. When your save data corrupts the game will automatically delete all your progress towards the time trials and other stuff and start you off fresh.
  14. Not sure what youre on about. If you have autoupload on, your saves get uploaded automatically once a day, usually you'll have it on that it uploads them at night. If the game crashes and your save gets corrupted you can just delete it as the game automatically does and download your other save in the cloud.
  15. Reddit mostly.