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  1. #212 TERA Finally i could finish this off after they fixed the trophies. Overall it was quite fun and a pretty easy platinum. Waiting for the world bosses to spawn was kinda annoying though.
  2. #211 Mass Effect 3 Playthroughs later i finally have this plat, which is also the last one i needed to finish off the trilogy. Great series, this game was one of the reasons i got an x360 back in the day. While Mass Effect certainly hasn't aged well, the series, story, characters definitely deserve a place in my best gaming experience list. I can't fathom why EA hasn't remastered the trilogy yet, it's in dire need of one. Playing Mass Effect again made me hungry for more, so i will probably go back and make another attempt at Andromeda. Need to get my copy back since i let a friend borrow it though.
  3. Is it too late to sign up? Just looked through this now, and i have a couple of games i'll be playing soon that are on the list.
  4. Yeah my glitched trophies popped. Guess i'll start playing the game again then
  5. Weeblympic #7 Attack on Titan Wasn't planning on stacking this but playing as a giant naked dude with the party boys was too tempting.
  6. #210 Attack on Titan (NA stack) I definitely wasn't planning on stacking this game as it took me quite a while to finish the first time around. But since a few friends of mine were going to play it, i decided i might as well join. The game is based on the attack on titan anime, obviously and it plays pretty satisfying. Although since it's a musou game it can get repetitive. Doing the plat with a group was certainly more fun and made the end game grind a lot faster and easier.
  7. No need to play devil's advocate either. I'm pretty sure the games are on PSNow. So you can play them on PS4.
  8. it's a shame they focused the story around two boring two-dimensional protagonists. The anime is really good and is definitely worth checking. Honestly, i'd have liked it if the game was just a retelling of the show, because it's actually been a while since i watched it
  9. I mean the monsters all feel pretty different. And by the time you've already killed all the monsters a couple of times you'll be able to make different weapons to keep it interesting. The repetitiveness doesn't set in until you start going for the crowns tbf. Sounds like you just don't like the gameplay loop. Also, are you playing with friends? The game is a ton more fun if you do.
  10. I'm at 6 weeblympics games finished atm. I'm hoping to get 20 done, but it'll definitely be a challenge. Right now i'm mostly focusing on finishing Mass Effect so i finally have the trilogy platinumed. On my 2nd playthrough right now. I did already get insanity & hardcore with a handy glitch, so it's just grinding out the playthroughs for the ally trophies and doing clean up afterwards. Getting rather close to finishing Attack on Titan (again) so that'll be worth quite some points too.
  11. Seems like people already forgot the hell that were online passes.
  12. Yeah okay, i'll stay in then.
  13. Well i'm looking forward to a bunch of trophies auto-popping then in a few weeks
  14. When i first signed up here, i thought it was more of a passive competition. I personally dont really care for the custom challenges each month. So you can give my place to someone else.
  15. #209 Psycho Pass: Mandatory Hapiness Got this with plus. Wasn't a big fan of the story to be honest, found it quite boring. I ended up skipping most of the routes to finish off the game. It's a shame because i loved the show and the characters. Especially season 1, season 2 was kinda meh.