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  1. Just in case Danganronpa 3 stays eligible, i did plat it the other day.
  2. Welcome to psnp!
  3. #191 Danganronpa V3 Time: 73hrs Overall a great entry in the dangan series. The plat was quite the grind though.
  4. Well i finished DRv3. Now i just need reload and nonary games stack for the plat rank.
  5. No idea, yet. i'll probably wing it and make it whatever i'm playing at that time.
  6. DRv3 is basically done, just need to wait until i'm level 99 (rubberbands are so nice :awesome: ) 


    Took me 73 hours, definitely the most grindy VN i've done. While i still have mixed feelings about some things that happened in the game, overall it was a great experience and a very good entry in the Dangan series. Also, Kokichi Ouma is hands down the best character in the entire series.

  7. Fun to watch, good montage. And ofcourse congrats on your milestone!
  8. #190 Destiny 2 Time: 80hrs Could've gotten it faster, but leveling my other two characters was just too boring. Overall it's an improvement over the first one, aside from a couple of annoying things. (mostly tied to how the leveling system works)
  9. Don't see why not, sure.
  10. The key to the salmon minigame is definitely the monokumas at the last 10 seconds. They give 1k score each. If you get two of them you're almost guaranteed to get 4700+ score if you had a somewhat decent run.
  11. You can add DangaronpaV3 to my list. Doubt i'll be able to get it done before it drops into VR territory though. We'll see.
  12. I think it's safe to say you'll need at least 100hrs to platinum the game. It personally took me 146hrs, but i did go about it a bit slow.
  13. What does the rating have to do with your excitement for the game? It'll probably have a mature ESRB rating due to the nature of the game.
  14. Try to find people with the same interests as you. If you're still in school/college it should be relatively easy, just join a club or something along those lines. If you don't come into contact with a lot of like-minded people in your daily life, try picking up a hobby that lets you meet new people. As for online friends, online communities usually do the trick. And you're on one right now. A lot of the times the problem with finding friends is that you're not actively seeking enough. Don't wait around for people to find you, but find them yourself. If anything you could always join our PSNP anime club discord, https://discord.gg/3W9wEcM We're a friendly bunch (most of the time lol)
  15. Black desert is supposed to be getting a console release soon, they showed a trailer last E3.