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  1. Update: Tales of Arise: 100 + 34 + 22 + 12 - 32.41 = 135.59pts
  2. Pushed through the grind finally and finished FFXIII. One of a few PS3 games i've wanted to complete since i started trophy hunting many years ago so i'm glad to finally finish it. While definitely not my fav final fantasy i still really enjoy 13 and for an older ps3 game it still holds up really well. Hope still sucks though. I think what ultimately put me off finishing it all these years was the fact that i always thought treasure hunter was highly missable while it's not really that bad as long as you keep all your stuff. While grinding i did kind of fuck up since i bought 2 traps for 2 mil each while they are easy to farm once you unlock the blue tortoises and gil is really the thing you need so i had to farm a few hours more to finish up. As for points: 100 + 18 + 16 + 9 - 7.92 - 10 * 3 = 375.24
  3. Very helpful tool, thanks for sharing
  4. Cris tales - Recently released FF inspired turn based RPG with a gorgeous artstyle Fell Seal: Arbiter's mark - SRPG absolute underrated game. And i feel like CRPGs get overlooked often on consoles. Divinity original sin 2 being one of the best RPGs available today. Pathfinder kingmaker and pillars of eternity are also on consoles.
  5. This is an issue on the PS5. Wait a few hours and they will show up, with the correct timestamps.
  6. https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/46506-rarity-leaderboard/?do=findComment&comment=1286879 is probably the formula used, but who knows. I wouldn't pay much mind to this leaderboard. As it's not maintained as the main one and generally considered broken or unofficial.
  7. Congrats, i've tried to complete that game quite a few times by now, but it's just such a drag on PS3 tbh. Esp in 2021. I'd love to see that trilogy being brought back as well on modern systems, would be perfect since it looks like dragon age 4 will be Bioware's next game. Also i didn't get a reply before but i'm going to swap one of my bonus games. Skyrim VR with Final Fantasy 13. If it's not allowed then lmk @Psy-Tychist
  8. Quick question, can I still swap out my double points games?
  9. Update: Absolver: 100 + 7 (42) + 9 (18) + 6 (6) = 166 - 0.68 = 165.32 + 50 (speedrun #56 out of 801 completions) = 215,32 In case anybody is wondering, absolver is in essence a fighting/brawler game but it's listed as an RPG and action RPG here and on TT. It has a lot of RPG elements such as a leveling system, attribute points, equipment, skills (moves), character customization, etc.
  10. Finished tier 2. Will post Tier 3 once i figure out which games i want to put in it.
  11. I would like to cash in on some swaps as well since we got 5 extra. Swapping out two of my games EDF 3 --> Absolver Bulletstorm -->That's You
  12. Don't worry, take all the time you need. Congratulations!
  13. It is pretty sad when a moderator tells you to "tag and hope for the best". What's the point of even having a feedback forum section at this point? Like I said before communication is basically 0. The community has no idea what's going on with the website, no idea what features are being looked at, worked on or not in the pipeline. Nobody is expecting every suggestion to be implemented but a basic level of communication between the owner of the site and the community would be nice. Or even between the community moderators and the owner 😂 I get that @Sly Ripper might be super busy whether with other projects or with behind the scene stuff, but he at least can give the community some info about the plans he has with PSNProfiles.
  14. That is correct. Btw EDF is a pretty good series for URs, they do take a while but you get a lot of URs in return. 😁
  15. I finished 3 games. EVE Valkyrie Tides of Numenera Override Mech City Brawl All quite easy. EVE takes a while to complete though. Would recommend if youre looking for some cheese URs.