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  1. I had a hard time pairing up with alts who weren't on the same region as my main account. Also network connectivity does a lot for the throwdowns. I couldn't accept the invite fast enough, it always timed out. Once i got two acounts in the same region + both my PS3s hooked up to ethernet it works everytime.
  2. As someone who did the plat fairly recently after having it on hiatus since a few months after its release, i can say that once you reach the black tracks the difficulty curve goes up alot. However it's more so the difficulty of the track and not so much of the gold ghosts. In the end you definitely don't need to perfect every track and depending on your run you can even crash/retry and still finish ahead of gold. Also from the black tracks canyon & Valley are definitely the hardest regions so your final 20 tracks should be fairly easy in comparison. Some random things that helped me were to have a few different ghost data from friends. You can check their racing line and mimic it. Another thing is to definitely split the track into segments for yourself. A lot of the tracks are more technical rather than full speed. There will be parts that you can do flawlessly and you can use the excess time here to take a more difficult part of the track more slowly, to be sure you don't mess it up. Getting consistent 'okay' runs is better than one perfect run. Also don't bother to look up world records. Most of the strategies used are just not viable for the average player.
  3. It shouldn't be under maintenance. Furthermore you are able to put your vita in any language you choose regardless of where you bought it. If i were you i would restore/format the vita. When you boot it up it'll ask you which language you'd like to put the vita in. Also you can login on your vita using http://idp.sn/device-password.
  4. Finished game #2 Persona 5 strikers: 100 + 67 - 21.15 = 145.85pts
  5. I did not know the points were tallied automatically and added to the website. That's a pretty good setup you have @Stedde
  6. They're both good entry points. However world is a finished game you can get pretty cheap along with its expansion iceborne and gives your more content. It's also pretty noob friendly nowadays because they patched in defender armour which is equipped automatically and boosts your stats significantly which makes the base game a lot easier than it was when the game came out. It'll get you prepped for the expansion pretty much. While still pretty light, World does have more of a story than Rise. Rise however is a newer game which has more QoL improvements and will have more (free?) updates in the future. If you're just dipping your toes i'd get world for cheap to try it out. If you want the newest experience and plan to keep playing it i'd get Rise.
  7. Good luck with the charge blade, it's probably the weapon with the most intricate combos. Also don't forget to talk to the arena dude in the hub as he'll give you extra movesets to use every once in a while. The music in the game is also pretty good, the old monsters got their usual themes but the flagship monster got a badass theme. So far my fav from the game.
  8. Guess this means no more ally trophies like the ones in ME1 which is good.
  9. Welcome to PSNP! I actually remember you from playfire, from your username & avatar. I was active there as well although I mostly used the buzzfeed iirc. It's a shame it went down, i always liked the timeline you got on your profile there. In any case, i hope you enjoy it here!
  10. Do you have two step verification enabled? If so you need to login with one of the codes you can find here: http://idp.sn/device-password
  11. Don't go into monster hunter thinking you're going to get a rich story experience as you'd expect from an RPG. The story is very much an afterthought. The enjoyable part of the game is the gameplay loop. Start with shitty amour/weapons and defeat a monster. Craft its gear to become stronger so you can take on stronger monsters etc. It's very much a grindy game and definitely not for everyone. Although Rise is very beginner friendly. When it comes to quests you have village (SP) & hub (MP) quests. Village can only be done solo while hub can be done in MP or SP, these quests are harder than the singleplayer ones. Although they both feature the same monsters as far as i have played. As far as AIs, you have your two pets in this game that will help you on SP quests. Personally, while i would recommend trying out a monster hunter game since they are a lot of fun. You probably wont get that much out of it if you're just in it for a SP game. The game is a lot more fun if you play it with friends. It's also very much a live service game where more monsters/quests gets added over the course of the game's lifespan.
  12. There's so much meta data available you can pretty much make leaderboards out of anything. TT kind of scratches this itch, but as many would agree the overall design of PSNP is much nicer. I hope with your help @MMDEthis will eventually become a real thing and maybe open the door for more, much requested features on PSNP?
  13. Nier automata, FFXV, Monster Hunter World
  14. Virtualbox is your best bet when it comes to free hypervisors . VMWare Workstation Pro is better imo as it has more features and it overall more stable in my experience, however it is not free. Both are pretty easy and intuitive to work with. Also, when working with testmachines always work with snapshots. Will save you a lot of work when you inadvertedly brick your VM.