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  1. I do from time to time. It's fun to see what other people are playing and see what they put in their trophy cabinet.
  2. I have gotten a few over the years. Most recently one who asked to do the gauntled challenge in titanfall 2 for them. Funnily enough it's not even that difficult.
  3. Started this last night with 2 friends. Had to run the first dungeon 3 times... Yeah this sucks. Seemed like this is one of those things that never got playtested or something. Another thing they could've done is update the control scheme. It was great when played on a GBA but it feels soo rough with a ps4 controller.
  4. Coincidentally, i did the online just last weekend. You can do everything in a private session with 2 people.
  5. :shakefist:


    1. xZoneHunter


      Definitely a guilty pleasure gameĀ :giggle:

  6. Fall guys looks really fun tbh. Glad they put something like that on plus. One of those games where it's probably alot of fun to play with friends, but a hard sell to get them to spend money on.
  7. tbf, it's pretty shitty. I know a lot of people who bought it on release and played through it because they are fans of the series. Most of them were really sad they didn't wait for the switch release, or i guess this release. They could at least made it available as DLC for a reduced price. For me personally, i'm glad they released this on PS4. If it gets another trophy list i'll probably play it again. Even though i love the game and wanted to see all the extra stuff in the S version i was hesitant to buy it on switch since it is a long game and i've only recently played through it.
  8. More often than not these days, i don't even bother with turning off the game. I'll just put the ps4 into rest mode.
  9. FFXV was a huge disappointment to me. They made so many false promises and just didn't deliver on day 1. FF13 itself is a good game, it looks gorgeous too, but goddamn was the story all over the place. I also wasn't a huge fan of the cast although they did grow on me more in 13-2 & returns.
  10. You won't get banned for gamesharing, it's probably related to CFW you had installed on your device. Try googling the errorcode that comes up when connecting to PSN. Usually with suspensions they will also send an email that outlines the reasons of your suspension/ban so try looking at the mail box of the master account sign in mail. If that fails i'd just contact sony support and they should be able to tell you the reason of the ban.
  11. Doing this manually doesn't seem that practical. Usually these things get announced on some sort of social media (twitter for example), maybe a link to the official channels on the game page would be a good addition. You could go even further by writing a script to scan twitter posts on certain words like "2x exp" or "double experience" and in case there are any embed them on the game page. Ofcourse it'm just brainstorming here but that's how i would approach this.
  12. The same way you upload it, there is another option to download them from the cloud. It's on the same screen as uploading. Might be best to lookup a youtube tutorial if you still can't find it.
  13. what are you trying to do? Once the files are backed up you can redownload them at a later stage and resume your playthrough from the point you backed-up.
  14. Voted for TLOU2 thanks.
  15. Definitely Dragon Quest XI. I'm kinda bummed i didn't play the 'S' edition as it seemed like all the changes + added content would make for an even better experience. Not sure if those are available on ps4 now, but last time i checked they weren't.