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  1. I was personally never really fan of the average ratio on our profiles here. Mostly because if you play games with a lot of common trophies regardless or not the plat/100% was hard, your average rarity would go up. I feel that a rarity leaderboard is the way to go. It doesn't affect how things are now, and it give difficult trophies more value.
  2. PSNP has had this for a while too, https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard/rarity . It calculates your trophy points based on the rariy they have on PSNP. However it's not a feature yet and has been in limbo for ~2 years. You can read up about it here:
  3. Is this ever going to be revived?
  4. Just fix the rarity board here on PSNP. I dont think Sony should revise their systeem to appease a small section of trophy Hunters. We have PSNP and a bunch of other sites dedicated to show us trophy data based on various metrics. The tools are there, you just need to use them.
  5. Finally finishes my first game for the event tales of xillia. Pretty good game. Really liked the story and characters. The ending was kinda vague tho. I hope the sequel Will shed some Light on a few things. The post cleanup was a slog tho. 100 - 13.42 - 0 + 31 + 20 + 18 = 155.59
  6. Starting games is easy. Finishing them is another story and let's not speak about platinuming/100%ing them 😅
  7. Kind of difficult because i haven't played all the ps4 games i've wanted to yet, but for now i'd say it's something like this, God of War Danganronpa V3 Dragon Quest XI Nier Automata DOOM Honourable mentions: Persona 5, Monster Hunter World, Until Dawn, Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank, Horizon Zero Dawn. It's been a pretty good gen.
  8. Sometimes. There have been a couple of games (usually ps+ stuff) i played mostly because it has a lot of UR trophies like drawn to death or EDF 2025 stack. But generally i dont go out of my way too much to get them.
  9. You really want me to explain that the connection the PS4 has to Sony is the same as World War 2 movies to Nazis? OK. Besides saying you like the PS4 but don't like Sony shouldn't really need a an analogy to further explain your point. Your post was just so out of place it made me chuckle quite a bit and i just had to make a comment about it.
  10. Honestly i have No Idea what Op is talking about. Ps4 has been a great gen with one of the most diverse library to date. Games like ratchet and clank (2016) en God of war (2018) dont feel similar in the slightest. Terrible analogy lmao
  11. I watched it last weekend. Most of the episodes were pretty good and left me a bit sad that they were a one off. Three Robots, Sonnie's Edge, Good Hunting & Beyond the Aquila Rift were my favourite.
  12. Inbetween starting a new job and playing xenoblade 2 on the switch the trophy gains have been low. I have a couple RPG games waiting to be finished, but most of them have quite a bit of cleanup left that's pretty boring. Leveling all the weapons in curry is a chore and in world of final fantasy i have a bunch of misc stuff i just cba with. So i've just been bouncing between games a bit untill something sticks long enough for me to get the plat 😅
  13. Looks like another "3DS pokémon". I'd have thought with them not being held back anymore with 3DS hardware they could've gone a different route with pokémon and expanded heavily on their formula. But from what i can see in the trailer it's just going to be a standard pokémon game. Which in itself isn't that bad, because they're fun games. It's just disappointing because you know they can do so much more with the switch. Personally i'm kind of sad random encounters are back. That was one of the things i really liked in let's go and i hoped they'd keep it. Seeing the pokémons roam free on the map and choosing which one you'd battle was awesome imo. Now it's back to repel spam, if you don't want to fight every 5 seconds you run into grass 😅
  14. I like the idea. Honestly, one of the main reasons people use this site is to look at various data regarding their trophies. I think anything that expands on that should be worth looking into. If it's something the community wants it justifies the time spent needed to develop it. Also when is the rarity board going to be fixed? It's been like this for quite a while now.
  15. 7/10. Mostly quality plats and a good completion ratio. Could use some more ultra rare stuff though.