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  1. You have to complete the tutorials and the story season in order to start playing PVE and PVP. Surprisingly the game was'nt that pay to win because all the weapons were very balance and you can get it by using STAMPS(for free user) or just complete the challenges requirement. But keep in mind that the game is EXTREMLY GRINDING, unless if you want to spend some money on GOLD(but of course,its a typical Gacha concept where you get the items by random). I really enjoy the concept and the gameplay though and i have spend around 400+ hours now and didnt spend a cent on it. But if you want to play the game just for the trophies,the hardest trophies that you will need to get are 'get high scorer and win the game by destroying enemy's core 5 times' and 'destroy enemy core only 5 times(you need to get the last shot)' . Sounds easy but actually its not,it based on your skills and you really need to fully teamwork with your team in order to assault the enemy's core.So goodluck
  2. There's some people still playing this game but very hard to find....it depends on the timezone
  3. Whats the name of the game?
  4. AVP,COD,Resident evil 5,Singularity,Brink,Unreal tournament3 and other games lots of other games i usually play them on my ps3 although i already complete it for my xbox360 achievement....some of my multiplayer and coop games on are dead because there's no players playing it on xbox360...but i will still stick to my ps3 though
  5. Im just a newbie :)

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