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  1. A bit late into the thread, been busy with assignments but I've been tipping away very slowly with Ni No Kuni 2. I quite enjoy the new system although I do understand why many people wouldn't. It's clear that Level-5 are trying to catch up to the modern "JRPG" fighting style Square-Enix and other JRPG giants seem to be vouching for these days (at least for Ni No Kuni). I'm not really into hack n' slash games, they can be satisfying for a while but they ultimately feel cheap and unrewarding if not done right. I'm on the fence at the moment with this one in terms of difficulty. The controls are super fluid and feels good to play, however at the same time nothing has posed any challenge unless I've went out of my way to fight a very high level monster roaming in the open world map. I mean sure, it's nothing like Oliver's story but I have enjoyed the several references they have made about the first game in this one. Kinda sad knowing that Oliver is long dead at this point in the timeline though but at the same time I found Ni No Kuni's story to be extremely lack luster, despite being told by everybody it was amazing.Enjoyable game, the battle system has changed a lot and the absence of a difficulty setting seems odd, however I doubt it would do much considering most people who are looking for the platinum would end up grinding to level 99 anyways. I think when Level-5 try to create a new battle system they do a fantastic job at it, however there always seems to be ways to break it. Some familiars in the first game were ridiculously OP which broke the game, though I used the 3 starter familiars for 80% of my plat. playthrough, and in this game I am already beginning to notice cheap exploits that can be used repeatedly to deal high amounts of damage as well as hearing about post-game ones. When they do make a classic JRPG they tend to do a good job with a balanced and challenging battle system. Dragon Quest IX on the NDS is a prime example of this. The difficulty is well-balanced and the battle system is your standard turn based RPG. On the unrelated topic of broken battle systems, the PS Vita game "Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God" is the best example I can think of. You can one shot every single enemy, with the weakest of armour and weapons equipped (including super bosses). TL;DR version: -Not easy, not difficult but enjoyable. -Pointless to compare the two game's differing battle systems, it is a matter of preference of gameplay style. -Level-5 games tend to have easily exploited battle systems (at least on Next Gen Consoles).
  2. Other than video and photographic evidence there isn't proof I'm telling the truth. But truth or not, it doesn't create an explanation for the case-stated. So in order words, this has all essentially been for nothing. Would have been much quicker to have just said "sorry, regardless of proof once the timestamps differ you cannot get back onto the leaderboard". Would have saved a lot of time and stress for the most part and considering admin alluded to the fact that even video-evidence wouldn't really change anything, there isn't much of a reason to pursue this dispute. I've been nothing but cooperative, answered every question, did everything that was asked *blah blah blah*. If there is no explanation at hand for this and the timestamps = permanent flagging then let us be done with this. Everyone is wasting their time on a wild goose chase otherwise.
  3. if you have played the games you can have multiple save files at multiple times throughout the game, Correct me if I am wrong but the games that allow you to choose a difficulty setting can all be done moments apart from each other. I hardly speed ran the entire game in less than 15 minutes. You're right, the difficulty cannot be changed mid-playthrough, but you can progress with multiple save files. It's not against any sort of rules as far as I am concerned. Not sure why it was brought up. Prince of Persia games are like a second nature to me, played them a lot as a kid and considering the trilogy is just a "HD port" it didn't take very long to pick up again. No, I'm not, as somebody sarcastically said "a talented speed runner". Also note: I clearly mentioned that I am away this week way earlier in the thread, really frustrating that the people who are supposed to help in this situation clearly aren't even bothering to properly engage in the dispute (i,e. making it out that I'm going to spend my Easter break somehow doctoring the video taken from a mobile phone or some shit all to prove that my digital achievements are legitimate when not). Irrespective of that, the screenshots authenticity can be checked via. websites like: Where you can see that the images have not been altered with via. photo editing software (I can barely rotate a picture lmfao). I'm beginning to see that even recording a video when I return will just be a waste of time as what is recorded will also be questioned, ultimately leading it to be a wild goose chase that doesn't exactly amount to much. I respect that what has occurred makes it extremely unfair for fellow trophy hunters. But if evidence to the contrary is dismissed indefinitely and doubted heavily before I even get a moment to return and present it is beyond irritating. Considering just taking the blow and moving on with it at this stage but I'll see how things progress before I decide. Apologies I can't always have my PS3 at the ready, having a life sort of gets in the way you know?
  4. What do you mean by "I'm curious if you changed the local display time back an hour and a half to make these screenshots?" The time I had taken that picture is on the top right corner (at 10:15 3 days ago). Why would changing my local display change the earn-date of my trophies? Again, I'll be sure to show that the PS3 time has not been altered with in any way also.
  5. I won't have access to my PS3 until towards the end of this week but sure. What would you like in the video? I assume proof its my psn account tied to the trophy lists in question? I haven't gone through many games and cross examined timestamps sorry. I'm certain my PS4 timestamps are correct and thankfully with that new feature that screenshots the moment you earned the trophy, should any issues arise with a PS4 game I can easily prove otherwise the PS3 is another story. I plan on going through my PS3 games when I return. I had noticed that the pro skater trophy for KH2 was assigned a different timestamp than what has been recorded. I'll get back to you on this soon hopefully @MMDE Reading through your responses now, I'll be sure to include proof of time and psn account in the video as requested.
  6. Apologies @MMDE, my more recent responses were in response to user's comments rather than the problem at hand. Updated the OP with regards to what games are in question anyways.. As stated in previous responses I haven't gotten the chance to view Arkham City or Okami yet but I am assuming for the time being it is the same issue. Will update this if needed ASAP. It's very strange and annoying, I was always under the impression that if you play offline, mess with the PS3 clock etc. it didn't matter, once you sync it would sort itself out. I'm almost inclined to stop using the console in question in case anything happens to the current PS3 game I'm playing, or at least wait until I have a stable internet connection. Anyways, the flags have been updated.
  7. Agreed, and I respect that. The trophies do look hacked and that is why I have uploaded an album of the trophies in question in hopes of showing the order the trophies were popped in. ( ) "belated" would be a litle exaggerated considering I said almost immediately that said-account was mine. But as far as the intention for creating said-account was, I stand by what I said originally, I don't know. I'm not going to make half-baked guesses as to what I was searching for almost 3 years ago. I don't have any posts or activity on the site so whatever I was looking for I didn't find. I've left no comments, made no threads, didn't "Like/thumbs up" orwhatever on any comments made in the forum. Again, agreed. And I understand that. But with regards to "was in fact late 2017" doesn't seem to convincing to myself personally. The reason for this is that I have not played any PS3 games during the final few months of 2017, I only recently gotten back into it to finish off Ni No Kuni before the sequel came out. None of my PS4 games should have any issue with timestamps because I read a ps community forum thread speaking about how they fixed any timestamp issues surrounding the PS4. So why I would be on that website any time recently doesn't add up because I haven't been active on the site. Not entirely sure what you mean by "that site is profilic" vs. CFW, I've never tried to use another person's save file but I have heard you can use it for same games but not earn trophies while some games prevent you from using it in its entirety. But what is being suggested is you can use computer software to make this otherwise, and that is what the main point of accusation comes down to(?) (correct me if I am wrong about this) I'm glad you looked at the screenshots, but I did include the gummi trophies in that little shared album. But I'll expand on that in a moment! 1: Do you use more than one PS3? A: No, I only have one PS3 in my possession and only one PS3 has my PSN saved (checked this just there to be certain). Only two other people have ever known my PSN log in details, my ex (as mentioned earlier) and my best friend, both of which no longer have any access to my account. I've also only ever signed into my PSN on my friend's PS3 as we used to play the Modern Warfare 2 special ops missions together 2: Does anyone have access to/our play my PS3 A: Nope! I live in the Irish countryside, I don't want to give out my exact address for obvious reasons but I live in a farmer village in West Ireland. The closest bus stop is a 12 minute drive from my isolated house. So none of my friends live nearby. I also have 2 sisters who despise video games. So other than me and friends who come over maybe 1-2 a year if that, nobody has touched my PS3 but me. 3: Why do I play almost entirely offline PSN? This is going to sound like the most unbelievable thing I've said in this thread so far: I do not have high-speed internet. Now let me explain, In the place I live, we moved out here in 2006, we were also told that broadband would be brought to our area by May 2007. It is now 2018 and we still have no internet. In order to access the internet at home, I use my mobile phone data. I get approximately 60GB a month for 20-25 euro est. This is used sparingly for obvious reasons. I only ever sign in to sync and download a game when I feel it is worth the GB usage. I am under a mobile plan from the phone company "Three mobile". Proof of my house not having internet is linked here: enter: P72 TR29 into the checker to see what I mean. That is the reason I do not play online and play exclusively offline when I can. I'm sure only one game I have trophies in even has online trophies, this should further back up this point I hope. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask them. I haven't checked the offline timestamps on my PS3 for Okami and wont be able to for another few days but if those screenshots are needed also I can provide them! Thanks for the contribution EDIT: The site does say that I will have internet by the end of 2018. I should note this has been said for over a decade now. "by the end of "20XX" is something we've been promised for almost 12 years now.
  8. My one is in the post. The vinyl looks pretty slick, I like collecting vinyls so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this one just hope I enjoy it a bit more than the First Ni No Kuni, found the character development to be extremely mediocre for a JRPG. The ending was even more dissatisfying. For those who've played it, Japanese or English dubs? wasn't too keen on Oliver, his mom and Este's english dub voices. Really liked Shadar, Mr.Drippy, Swaine and the White Witch's english dubs though.
  9. Planning to get back into the main game once I'm back from a visit (don't have PS3 on me). But the DLC is definitely worth playing first. While I've only just completed chapter 1 of Madness Returns, there are a lot of references to the previous game which will sort of us float past you if you haven't completed the DLC (American McGee's Alice). As people have mentioned, the controls are pretty dated but highly exaggerated. They're honestly not that bad. There are 2-3 sections of the game where they caused me trouble but it was easy to overcome. Saving any time anywhere was a nice and handy feature. Oh, and if the trophies don't pop straight away after you complete what is required in the trophy description, don't panic like I did. Just continue playing, they tend to pop when you leave the first area of the next level. Not entirely sure why but just don't panic. Out of the Woods level is a piece of crap, hated it and it lasts forever but the game picks up nicely after it imo. Wouldn't recommend playing the game on any difficulty other than easy, no difficulty related trophies *phew* so unless you're a bit of a sadist, don't do it. Not to mention upon completion you really appreciate the smooth controls and nice combat style Madness Returns has to offer. The DLC isn't a bad game, no directions as to where to go next a lot of the time like most older gen. games but its not mind boggling difficult to figure it out either. TL;DR: DLC first...
  10. My main issue with this point being raised is the failure to acknowledge what I have said or what has been provided in the OP. From what I've gathered the main reason I am guilty is for possessing an account on this website. I also never said I didn't know what CFW was, sure, I don't know the inner workings of it but I certainly never said I didn't know what it was. I am aware of what it is. However, if I did possess a CFW PS3 (which I do not), that is a violation of Sony's PSN terms of use and my PSN account could be deleted ENTIRELY on that basis alone. So the chances of that are very slim. (And getting back on a leaderboard would be the least of my concerns) 2: No activity whatsoever on the account. The profile is dead. No posts, no activity, old account and prior to this thread recent activity was most likely 2+ years ago. Not that this proves much, but it surely cannot be considered "damming" evidence when it is more than clear that the page hasn't been used since its creation. 3: CFW = No access to online content. Unless this has changed, I don't see how I could have accessed PSN (which I can do on the PS3) if it was jailbroken. 4: Have an account = Guilty. The most interaction I've had on any other gaming forum (prior to psnprofiles) was searching for ways to make my PS3 controller work on my Laptop. And trying to find hair mods for my DA:I PC version save file. Not saying that was what I used the site for (because I honestly don't recall using it). Not to mention, if having an account on said-website = guilty. Then I am not the only guilty person considering the page views jumped from about 4-5 to 160+ since this thread, and some of these views are from registered members. (see link) 5: The name. The fact I used Shakilrahman96 and not my other secret username I use on forums or websites I don't want to be associated with, to me, says to myself my intent on signing up was non-hacking related. Typing down "Shakilrahman96" into google search just about shows everything I'm registered on. I'm no genius but if I was actively hacking I wouldn't do it under a name affliated with my name irl and with my psn account. That's a new level of stupidity. But anyways, As I mentioned in the post (above this one) I'm more concerned on finding out HOW this happens. and more so, guilty or innocent, does this change anything to begin with? Or do the difference in offline/online timestamps condemn me regardless? Check out the photos linked in the OP if you haven't already, I don't think anybody has bothered to.
  11. Hey again! I’ve been thinking about everything that has happened and I thought I’d do my best to try and explain any sort of misconceptions that may have arose during the course of the thread. Yes, the pictures are indeed mine. As per forum-request, I took pictures of my trophies. However there was a minor problem. When offfline my profile name did not appear directly on the screen side by side of the time stamps in-question. In order to prove that these are indeed taken by me. I have linked a public album containing these photographs. This includes a picture of the PSN account and 2 of the most recent PS3 games I have played. (Ni No Kuni & Alice: Madness Returns). This can be compared to my trophy listing on: as these are the last games on my PS3 I have played. The album contains images from 2-3 games brought to question. (See Original post for link to photo album ) Images in album explained. a) As mentioned above, I have included 2 images to prove the photos are taken by me and tied to my account. I do hope the consistent Birth by Sleep background in all photographs proves that I am indeed the account owner. If there is still some sort of doubt I will take a picture with a sign on the tv (like a sticky note) saying a customised message of your choice It is not just the “hacked/cheated” trophies that have messed up timestamps. I have included one sample of this via. Pro Skater trophy. The time and date earned differs from the one saved onto my actual account and my PSNprofiles account. c) Images show trophies in question (some but not all) to present the problem at hand. I do hope this is proof enough the images belong to me and my account. No I did not jailbreak my PS3. I did some research as into what CFW involves seeing as some people are under the impression that I MAY have jailbroken my PS3 that has caused trophies to either pop at random, pop deliberately and foolishly via. poor planning and/or messing up the internal PS3 clock thus leading to the difference in timestamps (offline vs online). I also would not have been able to sync my trophies to begin with via. CFW/jailbroken PS3. It is impossible according to this article so I don’t understand the fuss being made due to this. Explanation for all of this To be quite honest I do not have one. I purchased the PS3 brand new off several years ago. It came with 2 free games. Batman: Arkham Origins and the Last of Us (which was given away a gift). I tried to find the receipt to prove it is new but to no avail. So it’s essentially my word which isn’t very viable given the position I am in. I’ve googled explanations to the situation at hand but haven’t found anything quite as similar. I was sort of hoping somebody else would have an explanation for this. None of the trophies popped at random times in-game so I just find it a little worrying that these time stamps exist. With regards to other games mentioned (not Kingdom Hearts II) I’ve added just a few other trophies in question to the public album but not all of them as they all share the same issue. Other than the pictures provided I don’t really have any sort of explanation or proof otherwise. “What do you think should happen to you?” If I am honest I’m uncertain. I’ve read a few disputes previously (Most related to CoD games) and joining hacked lobbies which caused trophies to pop. Despite claiming it wasn’t their fault (which it might not have been I don’t know I don’t like playing online) the verdict was nothing could be done about it as it appeared as an illegitimate trophy timestamp. I don’t understand much of how the PS3 itself actually operates. I turn it on, play a game and enjoy/hate it but finish it regardless. When a trophy popped I left it at that. I wasn’t ever too keen on getting particular timing/orders for my trophies. (Other than going for a fairly decent game for every 5th/10th platinum. But yea, I rest my case I guess. I’m more concerned about clearing my name more so than being featured back on the leaderboard. Some of those games I’d consider myself the best at (of the people I know/know of). So I wouldn’t like it to be writ off as a hack. So yea, if any games remain unconvincing don’t hesitate to point it out and I’ll take pictures of what appears on my console. Other than that have a good evening. I may not be around for the upcoming 2-3 days as I am visiting relatives. But regardless, please check out the pics linked!!!
  12. " You are currently flagged for 1 game. You will not be included in the leaderboards or any lists of achievers. You can hide up to 2 flagged games total to be reinstated on the leaderboard. You are currently flagged in: Kingdom Hearts II These games can be disputed: Kingdom Hearts II • Reason: All gummi ship trophies unlocked seconds apart" only one game is showing anyways. Can't think what other game would have an issue. I suppose its my word against another persons at the end of the day. The onus of proof is on me. If I do not provide the evidence then it won't be overturned. Which is a reasonable enough approach. I'll provide screenshots with my username in them tomorrow anyways and proof that my PS3 has not been tampered with if anybody can explain how I can prove that it'd be a huge help
  13. It is my account (checked the about me) and the DoB is the same as mine. It was also saved my credentials. Can you recall the date it said it was last active prior to me clicking the link? I cannot recall why I made an account but it was a long time ago (2015). CFW = Custom Firmware is used to break into consoles no? how it is done I genuinely don't know. As far as i'm aware save files are directly attached to your PSN account which only I have access to! i've made aure im the only person who has my details now so i'm the only one on it. Anyways, I'll provide full sized screenshots of the trophies mentioned tomorrow and any other pictures on-request that will show my PS3 has NOT been tampered with. It's old but that's about it. What sort of photographic evidence would prove that my PS3 is not CFW? Any assistance is appreciated
  14. Not my account. but I am Shakilrahman96 (on most social platforms but I know its not the first time the username has been in use) Not entirely sure what nextgenupdate is as well. Can you explain? Seems like a CFW play station modding site? what has it got to do with trophies? they cannot be unlocked using other player's saves
  15. I'll take pictures of the trophies mentioned full-screen tomorrow if that's ok I'm heading off for the night but I'll take pics in the morning and include my PSN tag in the corner just to make sure there is no question that the photos in question are mine. Thanks for the response!