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  1. A bit late into the thread, been busy with assignments but I've been tipping away very slowly with Ni No Kuni 2. I quite enjoy the new system although I do understand why many people wouldn't. It's clear that Level-5 are trying to catch up to the modern "JRPG" fighting style Square-Enix and other JRPG giants seem to be vouching for these days (at least for Ni No Kuni). I'm not really into hack n' slash games, they can be satisfying for a while but they ultimately feel cheap and unrewarding if not done right. I'm on the fence at the moment with this one in terms of difficulty. The controls are super fluid and feels good to play, however at the same time nothing has posed any challenge unless I've went out of my way to fight a very high level monster roaming in the open world map. I mean sure, it's nothing like Oliver's story but I have enjoyed the several references they have made about the first game in this one. Kinda sad knowing that Oliver is long dead at this point in the timeline though but at the same time I found Ni No Kuni's story to be extremely lack luster, despite being told by everybody it was amazing.Enjoyable game, the battle system has changed a lot and the absence of a difficulty setting seems odd, however I doubt it would do much considering most people who are looking for the platinum would end up grinding to level 99 anyways. I think when Level-5 try to create a new battle system they do a fantastic job at it, however there always seems to be ways to break it. Some familiars in the first game were ridiculously OP which broke the game, though I used the 3 starter familiars for 80% of my plat. playthrough, and in this game I am already beginning to notice cheap exploits that can be used repeatedly to deal high amounts of damage as well as hearing about post-game ones. When they do make a classic JRPG they tend to do a good job with a balanced and challenging battle system. Dragon Quest IX on the NDS is a prime example of this. The difficulty is well-balanced and the battle system is your standard turn based RPG. On the unrelated topic of broken battle systems, the PS Vita game "Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God" is the best example I can think of. You can one shot every single enemy, with the weakest of armour and weapons equipped (including super bosses). TL;DR version: -Not easy, not difficult but enjoyable. -Pointless to compare the two game's differing battle systems, it is a matter of preference of gameplay style. -Level-5 games tend to have easily exploited battle systems (at least on Next Gen Consoles).
  2. My one is in the post. The vinyl looks pretty slick, I like collecting vinyls so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this one just hope I enjoy it a bit more than the First Ni No Kuni, found the character development to be extremely mediocre for a JRPG. The ending was even more dissatisfying. For those who've played it, Japanese or English dubs? wasn't too keen on Oliver, his mom and Este's english dub voices. Really liked Shadar, Mr.Drippy, Swaine and the White Witch's english dubs though.
  3. Planning to get back into the main game once I'm back from a visit (don't have PS3 on me). But the DLC is definitely worth playing first. While I've only just completed chapter 1 of Madness Returns, there are a lot of references to the previous game which will sort of us float past you if you haven't completed the DLC (American McGee's Alice). As people have mentioned, the controls are pretty dated but highly exaggerated. They're honestly not that bad. There are 2-3 sections of the game where they caused me trouble but it was easy to overcome. Saving any time anywhere was a nice and handy feature. Oh, and if the trophies don't pop straight away after you complete what is required in the trophy description, don't panic like I did. Just continue playing, they tend to pop when you leave the first area of the next level. Not entirely sure why but just don't panic. Out of the Woods level is a piece of crap, hated it and it lasts forever but the game picks up nicely after it imo. Wouldn't recommend playing the game on any difficulty other than easy, no difficulty related trophies *phew* so unless you're a bit of a sadist, don't do it. Not to mention upon completion you really appreciate the smooth controls and nice combat style Madness Returns has to offer. The DLC isn't a bad game, no directions as to where to go next a lot of the time like most older gen. games but its not mind boggling difficult to figure it out either. TL;DR: DLC first...
  4. I was giving triangle and circle a good try yesterday because I noticed that the switch's controls were a + x. (which are positioned where triangle + circle are). Didn't seem to bring much luck but I'll try it again when I play it later. Also I'll check if the manual thing works too! Cirno is a shitty character if you cannot activate her special. Most of her moves are clearly designed to increase her gauge metre. Driving me crazy not knowing what to press! Thanks again! I'll get back to this thread if it works/if I figure out how it works for the PS4.
  5. Anybody have a decent explanation with regards to the controls for this game? No in-game tutorial/manual or anything. Confusing as hell. Not a clue how to use the special move where you fill up the gauge. Heard you need to press simultaneously while all the bars are full to activate it. I've tried this and many other multiple combinations to try and get the move to activate. Nothing... anybody figure it out?
  6. The European Collector's Edition is arguably 10x better than the US one. Just preordered the King's Edition excitement!!!
  7. Been working on this for 3 months putting and I'm still a little bit off the plat, not too far but yeah... trust me 200hrs is near impossible. 300 i could believe but 200 is really pushing it. Writing a guide for this game. Hoping to have it published for when I do platinum it.
  8. I usually have my own system going on which I do try and follow as best as I can. My rule sort of goes in 10s. Every 10th platinum is large and/or challenging game. Every 5th Platinum is a decent one too Games in between tend to be shorter That being said if anybody was to look at my trophy log you would notice this rule isn't always followed as much as I would like it to be. I've platinumed a fair few difficult games but I also enjoy playing shorter games. I am a sucker for indie ones too and it doesn't really matter to me whether a game has a platinum or not. I'm quite happy with 100% unless I feel the game deserves one. I don't think trophy hunters are getting lazier, I just think everybody likes a combination. While I have come across cheap people who rack up their scores with Jp. VNs I don't really mind what people play although I'd see this as crossing the line (unless they actually are fluent in Japanese).
  9. Looks similar (and easier) vs. Operation Abyss. Can't say I was a big fan of the game, it was alright I suppose but it definitely wasn't the game for me. Seems pretty fair, guessing it'd be a 60 hour platinum
  10. I just saw! Came to about €55 (due to 12 euro import duty). Decided to pass on it as next comment reminded me of a beautiful store we have called Argos. While I'd disagree with Smyths due to the fact their selection tends to be pretty poor Argos man! how did I forget about those guys? Just bought a Golden controller to match my Gold PS4! It'll look lovely! it was only €53 too! Managed to snag a ps4 Hard copy of The World of Final Fantasy for €20 too, have to say I owe you! Appreciate the suggestion. Said I had to be from the USA to use the code sadly :/ which sucks! decided going for a cheaper place which is right beside my work place *brain fart*. Totally forgot they did games and game accessories Seems like a fairly priced site and considering its in the UK there wouldn't be any import duty although shipping may catch me some times. Thanks for the suggestion!!
  11. I've considered Amazon but even then its about €5 cheaper than what I could get locally once shipping and P&P is included. Not to mention i'm debating whether or not waiting 2 weeks for a controller is worth a 5er. CEX used to be excellent when it first came around but in recent months or so they've upped their prices big time and it really reflects their business practices. Nobody goes into CEX anymore, before the shelves would be wiped out within a few hours with plenty of people trading in and buying out etc. but nowadays they're just not worth going into anymore. It's a shame really because they used to be able to give Gamestop a run for their money.. literally! I think the general rule is anything above 40 euro = 60 euro import duty/fee/tax. Meaning if I were to buy a controller, I could easily be paying 100 euro for it just to get it from America. Its a bit of a joke. Thing is... I was over in Bristol (UK) about 3 weeks back and they were selling controllers in GAME for 40 pounds... brand new... regrets </3 but I only had 35 pounds cash on me as the fellow who came with me "forgot" to bring money with him so I had to pay for all his food. Funnily enough, he's the kinda guy who always manages to leech for freebees so it really got on my nerves that I couldn't even enjoy my holiday without paying for expensives of two people. Never again with him... shoulda known so it is my own tough shit. I'll give that code a try! 10 dollars off would be a huge help I have to say, I'll definitely give it a shot! I'll check it out there man! never heard of them but I'll see how it goes! cheers!
  12. Only time I've ever played a duplicate game is if I enjoyed it a lot bar Sound Shapes, that was cheap on my part! But other than that, I really enjoy the Sly Cooper series, I'd gladly play it again. Fantastic games. Not to mention I'd probably replay Dragon Age Inquisition again. I think what is important is that you enjoy what you play, be it hard, easy, 100%, platinum or no trophies at all. Just enjoy
  13. Hey! I've been looking into buying a secondary controller for my PS4 but the main issue is the price for me. I should note that I live in Ireland where Gamestop is the ONLY store to buy new games, consoles and controllers. Due to their lack of competition their prices have sky rocketed ever since "GAME" went bust in Ireland. Games that would cost €50 elsewhere in the world, or digitally sell for 60-70 euro in Gamestop Ireland at times. Due to this I've been forced to go hard copy free for the most part but I'm waffling now. We also have a 2nd Hand gaming store called "CEX" which exclusively sells second hand stuff only. I went in the other day to buy a controller where I was told a preowned one would cost me €65. I instantly declined and fucked off out of there. Is that some sort of joke? I can buy some online which are 30-40 euro inc. shipping but tends to catch me is the import tax. Anything I get from America ends up being +50/60 euro on top of the original price which leads me to my original question. 1: Any good online EU based stores where I can get a cheap controller? 2: If not, any good sites where I can avoid the import tax/duty? 3: Any general tricks which help you guys avoid the tax? Its really frustrating dealing with customs or Gamestop's shitty prices.
  14. I suppose I could just be consumed by nostalgia! Sly Cooper is the best though! I haven't heard of Snake Pass but Yooka-Laylee I have, seems interesting, a little childish but not that I care, I am currently downloading Locoroco so I can't really say much... love that fucking game!!! Hmmm nice one! I'll have to snag the Season pass during the next sale so Anything is my thing I'm open to all genres my fellow Irishman! It didn't really start off that way. Well, it always had fan service but it was more of a sub-genre and as part of the comedy, now it seems to be the main selling point of the games. But I think I'll give them a shot again, I am probably being a tad bit too critical! Ah yes! the Atelier series, the art looks wonderful in those! so many games to play x___x where to start?! Probably just go back to the PS3 for now and finish off the games I have yet to 100%, be pretty smart to platinum Ni No Kuni before the sequel comes out. And my friends coming over on Saturday so he can help me slash a few of the grind trophies of EDF 2025. I'll be on the PS4 in no time
  15. And Rachet and Clank! although I really grew out of that since the "future series" nonsense. Haven't enjoyed a R+C game since Gladiator/Deadlocked or whatever its called. Its a fair price especially considering it was remade, I respect that. I probably will buy it at the end of this month when I get my next pay cheque! I will definitely get Arkham Knight! Super hyped for it as it is! Although all those DLCs are going to bankrupt me :') is there any season pass that gives all the DLC for Knight for a decent price? Guess I'll have to gain your eternal respect ASAP so! Really? I'll have to give it a try. What genre is it? EDIT: Oh shit! you're from Ireland! cool man! whereabouts?!?