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    I enjoy games, and have been playing them since the Nintendo, animes of all types ( ok most types). Manga. Youtube for background noise. Ect ect

    I also enjoy watching suspenseful horror movies, comedy's and hauntings along with si-fi films

    RPG and Story driven games are by far my fave, A good story goes along way. I how ever Tend to try to avoide mutiplayer games like a plauge, I still play them time to time. the comunity on said game is what tends to make me stay or leave.

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  1. What I've been doing most the day, Some have talked about "turdleing up" and generating alot of gold, some have talked about military strat. im sure most the videos help, they are ~1+year old, but assume this would reflect the current PS5 Build. unlike stellaris, or Europa (thou i was crap at this one) this game seems alot harder, lol
  2. so, I like to think I'm good at strategy games, next to RPG's Its the main type i play. With that said, this game is absolutely brutal, the tutorial doesn't help much, other than give a lot more starting gold (600 vs like 32). within 1 - 6 years, i have maybe got an army of 700, a income of 2.8-3.5 gold. and have shipped of as many of my offspring as possible for small hooks / alliances, in hopes of "claim" titles/land later down the road. however, by the time my 1st king dies, the a.i has army's in the 1000's, and has or is taking my 3 Pices of land away from me, and my new king is strongly disliked, and that just seems to push the nearby a.i to push harder against me. and i seem to have super high levels of "dread / terrified" what are some tips to start off with? Is it easier to start in like 833 and build up wealth, or do the scenario / start points end at X year junctions? A little on the discouraging side. and kind of makes me want to shelf the game, when i'm more or less getting wrecked 2 generations in. i get that it's a "in the long run" style of game, and this is to be expected. but on a Campaign, that's a recommended start. and labled as easy.... i hate to see how hard starts off.
  3. Figure i'll just add this here. Wondering what's the quickest way to get a yata mirror... I got lucky an got one off blacksmith on my 1st try hunting for it, I have ran a few missions on wotd/wotw hoping for it to drop -- as at some point i had 4? course, Thinking i didnt need them, i got rid of them as i had the trophy, not knowing it wouldn't 100% pop. so far right now, im running one of the 1st missions, where you need to find a gift in one of five chests, and hoping that resets Blacksmiths invintory.
  4. Ok, Thats good to know, A shame i don't have some of the items needed for the rest of the trophys, Lol Like I have a buncha 300+22-36 gear, but no longer have all the +15s ect or the Trinity set items - It does feel like Not all my key items Transferred over.. As I'm unable to craft the Kusanagi Tsurugi, even though that's what i had to do to get "holy Trinity" on the PS4 version, As if not all the smithing texts poped over. Oh well maybe ill have my 100% again by tomorrow night,
  5. So, i finally got my 100% on Nioh 1 and transferred my save to PS5. only to find out, it popped about 60/86 of the trophy's, is this normal?... all my other auto-pop titles have just given the entire list - well I'm glad i don't got to worry about XYZ demon Missons, (phew) just a bunch of Misc. things like Kill XYZ Mob / with X weapon / ect I thought maybe it didn't give me the Whole list because game was @98% when i pulled the save, but i just re-pulled the save off cloud, and it didn't change anything, Possibly deleting it all, and reinstall / download save? If not, it's not the End of the world, lol was just low key wanting Double nioh plats sittn next to eachother.
  6. Ya I saw the update notes on a website affiliated with paradox saying that they all but fixed the Xbox issues but PlayStation got shafted
  7. I read it was August 7 22, not 24th ok that gives Alittle more wiggle room, I misread delisting/shutdown my bad! But IMHO best to act like there's only a month left.
  8. Good to know, cutting down the 3 matches and rematch counters this might be much faster, I was just doing it between alt accounts lol, Thanks! Might do this once I fin. Nioh (Deffo b4 shutdown)
  9. With this games shutdown just shy of being a month away, I've a quick question, for the multiplayer trophy's, 100 matches/50 titles. If your opponent quits a match, does it auto resolve as a win? After farming 30 matches a few months ago (talk about boring), was wondering if this might be a quicker option
  10. Just wondering, instead of making a new topic Have they patched hook line sinker? Appears to be the only trophy that is at 0% Just got the game, watched the spiffing Brit play this a while ago. Looks fun, Just wondering if it' isn't, if there's a patch in coming
  11. This just showed up in my news feed (Google chrome, mobile). Looks like there is one in the works haha awesome.
  12. so i've been on a Nioh Kick the last few months, and have been finishing up Nioh to 100%, with that being said. I haven't touched Nioh 2 since launch, almost finished everything on Way of the Strong, And hit lv 213 with roomie we played for about a month after the game came out. even tho we got the season pass we kind of forgot bout it. As i think ill be starting this again in about a week, depending on how long wotd takes on Nioh 1.. What's a good build to run on Nioh 2? Played a little last night, and well... I forgot how vastly different the game "feels" I had a Gimmic build going, put alot of resources into it - all but weapons have +unlimited ninjutsu +4.5-6% , throwing/bomb damage 8-13% Flying ninja set, with alot of +Throwing items / unlimited ninjutsu - it seemed to take me thru the game just fine, but on WotD it doesn't seem to be holding up thou being able to throw nearly an unlimited number of kunai for 2.4-3k dmg from a distance, is out damaging my Kurasagami damage (600-1500 a hit) Any suggestions would be awesome.
  13. got this on switch day one, Sadly i don't play my switch lol! Im excited for this, got it pre-ordered, Sadly... I don't think i have finished a single Disgaea game... to plat. Lol! D2 a brighter darkness is likely the closest to 100% the auto-battle system in this game will make it intresting.
  14. This was a fun game, and I'm baffled at that I stoped playing on the final mission... That being said Man why they make these maps so hard to read, I know there's a massive breakdown in the guide section (external link) But my oh my trying to find that last xyz or hah navigating zoffo or kyssheek. What a pain Hope the sequel let's you fast travel to ship at the Minimum, at most meditation points
  15. We have some thrift shops and book stores that sell PS3/Xbox/old pc titles as well as some maw n paw shops. I shop them frequently. They have the Xbox copy for days,. The PS3 ver. Just didn't have as many physical copy a made, Or so I was told by another game enthusiast