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    I enjoy games, and have been playing them since the Nintendo, animes of all types ( ok most types). Manga. Youtube for background noise. Ect ect

    I also enjoy watching suspenseful horror movies, comedy's and hauntings along with si-fi films

    RPG and Story driven games are by far my fave, A good story goes along way. I how ever Tend to try to avoide mutiplayer games like a plauge, I still play them time to time. the comunity on said game is what tends to make me stay or leave.

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  1. It seems the trophys that require you to kill xyz number of type like 40 ghouls. 20 dogs 20 machines. What have you. Seem exploitable. Sure ya can most likely get from natural progression. But after reloading the same encounter after unfavorable results... ( squad whipe or all med kits used) i ended up getting the. Kill 40 ghouls. Even thou i had only re-re killed the same lot 3~4 times. I beleave if someone wanted to save scum and kill/load/kill batches of x mob. This would be plausible. How ever most likely can get thru natural progression. I my self only afew hours in have only seen 4-6 dogs and 3 robots
  2. I managed to get. Eager beaver. 150k player score well going thru the Norwegian campaign/war story Unsure if theres an invisible score counter or something as i haven't done much mp. So i duno if this was a spoof or what. Guide shows it as a mutiplayer orientated trophy
  3. Don't got Magnus yet but ill try that out. I was thinking of making selma a high ground sniper as she has abilitys ta get her to high ground easyer. And iirc afew trucks that augment her crit rate well on high ground. But ill try that. Thanks!
  4. So i enjoy tatical gridbased games. La percel tactics FF tactics Orger tatics. Xcom So on and so forth. Now ive been ambushing and setting up kill traps for roaming targets on this game and i was Basicly killin everything that i came up aganst. Would wait to see if they wondered off and take them out with a silenced shot or two. But now im at the lv 20 zone. First one the story takes you to. Everything is lv 20. With 16-26 hp. My issue is. Even with armor/mutations some lv2 upgraded weapons. ( even have the rail cannon sniper rifle from fear tunnel) My average damage per round is maybe 13-20. ( ~6 ~7 w.o crits) Once the zones alerted to my presence they just zero in and whipe me out. I have.. Maybe.. 10hp for hog. 7hp for duk and the chick is at base hp. I do have the mutations to disable movement and augmented distance 25~% for 2 of my silenced weapons. But i just cant seem to handle targets beyond 2 maybe 3 at a time The sec hunters alone wreck me. Any tips Do things Respawn? I sneaked thru most areas. Such as the over pass and bridge zone. Killing targets with 8-12 hp. Avoiding anything that had over 16. Think im lv 12.
  5. Friend of mine says he has gotten kenny 3x this week w just a.i I.sadly have been too bussy to play with work. And is looking like i wont get it. How ever. From what i understand. So long as your "offline" and dont update your client. In theory you can still farm kenny past the pull date As ive seen a few posts saying they played 100% offline. Disconnected from net. And still got trophys to ding. As playing with a.i is an option. Outside of daily spam Now if only load times didn't take longer then missions..
  6. So long as they have access to the mission an you can pummble the baddys into the ground with out them dying. And not having food to revive. Then yes. They can for all purpose can sit at mission spawn point. Well you do clean up
  7. I didnt even see that in the comment section nor did i get a notification to when i had asked God im losing it
  8. How do you change campaigns? Only one i see is the french campaign.. And breakthrough. Google searches have yelded me no results.. Abit at aloss. I was told it should be next to the french campaign. ..but i dont see anything eles.
  9. *is on mobile doesnt hyper link* I use basic Phillips to unscrew the hdd out of the ps4 ( gen 1) super easy For the rest i use t9 security bit. Bought from harbor freight tools. Pack of 33 for a few $ If your like me an paranoid bout disconnecting cables from power/mb / ect. With bare hands ( i feel like my fingers are toooo big) Recomend getting some needle nose pliers. And micro fiber cloths to wipe down the plastic. 3-4 cans of air recomended. I went thru one can just on the power brick Boy that thing was narly ** my ps4 is housed in a open space. Away from fluffy "children" 78.856% of the time. And still has more dust acclamation then my 09 ps3... Thats never been opened.
  10. I dont recall if i seen that or not.. Been ages Haven't finnished V on ps4. But did on ps3
  11. I might go for that. Doing game share right now But having own copy would be nice.
  12. Im in pst. I work graves so typically off work around then xD. Buuut days off mean i can play alll night. Xp Good to know peeps.
  13. More or less i wana enjoy every faset of the game Plat/100% Is a bonus along the way
  14. Sure! I only just got the whole 'privite camp' system to work as a few friends an i tryed a year ago an could never find each other. Kenny is all ive left. Ill have to check schdule Im at like 38 hrs made 8 weapond. Farmed 300k gil and idled a good 8 hrs lol
  15. Well good to know. Ïve spent 3 days downloading on grandmas potato wifi well House sitting lol! Maybe I'll make a boost group for it when I've some time off. Thanks for the replys. Sidenote. Lol I've not played a doom game since. 95. Pc floopy disks