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    I enjoy games, and have been playing them since the Nintendo, animes of all types ( ok most types). Manga. Youtube for background noise. Ect ect

    I also enjoy watching suspenseful horror movies, comedy's and hauntings along with si-fi films

    RPG and Story driven games are by far my fave, A good story goes along way. I how ever Tend to try to avoide mutiplayer games like a plauge, I still play them time to time. the comunity on said game is what tends to make me stay or leave.

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  1. People want that $$ from sony lol more plats = more $ Tbh.. Wouldn't shock me if people made accounts just to use saves to pop plats for that free 10 $ per x trophys
  2. Cant :/ lol story mode toons are locked in Other wise id use y'shotal or shantoto
  3. For summon battles im vs levi. Useing whats his face from ff 2. As Titus an ject ? Are eeeehhh. Iffy for me
  4. Old co worker went nuts bout this game on mobile a few years back. Was his go to addiction Im Deffenitly going ta pick this up when it drops. Cant do mobile version Hand helds these days hurt my head something fearce.
  5. I still have yet to beat leviathan. All other summons were easy But levi Omg Omg! Constant 1shot Even w story buff lv 3 or w/e Lol hes a jerk
  6. I've read 250 is lv for 300 treasures Grinding trials nets like 10k a hour ( 3 \4 a lv) so like ya lol a few days At 2 match an hour for ranked wins. Going to take like 5 days non stop grind for ranked 300 wins think I'm going to do treasures last
  7. You can still get bots in ranked matches; w lowest mtu setting no patch to this lol Might see other player names. And hitting options buttion shows actuall players Once starting match bots take over Also youll still encounter maniquins ( shadow of x ) ( unknown y)
  8. Just picked up the game, seen the other thread about the Rng issue. Has this been fixed? Ive been collecting warhammer games as i quite enjoy the universe. Also is on sale 10$ atm so not much loss. If its not been tweaked
  9. Ya if you hit up the 2-3 sid missions to 100% the island '- then can go bout 1 hour
  10. Yeah. The interruptions and save players are going to be rough. Ill need to pratice that in totoral 😥
  11. Sucks hard if they patched it But unsure how they could patch that as setting low mtu is basicly giving your self poopy internet, Knew i shoulda banged em all out but man got kinda boring and ya ill add ya's 👍
  12. Takes like 30 mins to do dutches island. Give or take
  13. NA - but could play normallly Even @ 400 mtu i was getting othet legit ppl ....
  14. Yea hopefully Still gotta manipulate mtu to get them A++ trophys lol and Get the story bonus to finnish story leviathan was wayyyyy to op. :v Hope s.e will Listion to there consumers and stear away from the e-sport theam that they seemingly launched with
  15. About 40$ it's paid for some ps+ / fornite $ / dlc Quite convininte