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    I enjoy games, and have been playing them since the Nintendo, animes of all types ( ok most types). Manga. Youtube for background noise. Ect ect

    I also enjoy watching suspenseful horror movies, comedy's and hauntings along with si-fi films

    RPG and Story driven games are by far my fave, A good story goes along way. I how ever Tend to try to avoide mutiplayer games like a plauge, I still play them time to time. the comunity on said game is what tends to make me stay or leave.

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  1. Yea ! I know lol was like way to discourage playing lol. I might need to rent a server to get some of these trophys lol w pre round disabled. Not a single public rented server and almost every mode is dead side from some 100+ lvs playing tdm an conquest.
  2. Yeah. I missed out on hardline dlc as that game made me see red more times then not. I figured i would try my luck w a few friends and try to dou boost the dlc content. But unfortunately. The UI makes me very confused on how to even navigate anything Hahah. Thanks for the replys!
  3. So im assuming im doing this wrong. Or the games just dead. I've been trying to do the dlc game modes. But every game i get into is empty servers. - Are ppl just playing the base game?
  4. I platted around 92 hours. Only because i had to do another run to manage to kill the optional boss. My crew even thou avg. 163-172 was gettn wrecked. After sending home all but 4 ppl. It was cake. Pro tip. If you knock out finnal bosses attachments. Wrecks there def/atk.
  5. yeah, getting the 60SP For the class Lv 4>5 is a pain in the rear, if you have already spent it on other skills, Would be a good idea to go for each person getting there class skill to 5, with minor support / attack / defence skills,- with the ability to learn others skills, and such, would allow your skill points to go farther, if only 1 person learns a decided set of skills, - and then passes them on, vs everyone learning the same skills with SP. Echos of experience - and "training" skills are the two skills you want asap. granted. - there' doesn't seem to be a level cap (999 maybe) - but even at lv 170 i found it to be rough to level up any further, such as running end game dungeon to get about 1/3rd a lvl. Thou if your finding that your lacking in skill points. - Every NG+ run you get Esper stones, for every Story line Crystal fragment turned in - side from about 3-4 as well as Black crystals. so basicly ~10 esper stones, per NG+ playthru that grant +20 skill points. -- that's the longer route to go at about 8-11 hours per run. ( Would likely net the same amount in Exp for level ups to be honest )
  6. I Had all mages lv 5 (Ice lighting wind) Attack skills, Defense skills, "item drop" skills, support skills, Only thing I was missing was Berserker 5 (was lv 4 ) and needing School yard friends, Master of all unlocked once everything was earned. *once berserker 5 was finnished with "all abilitys" and Learning all melee classes.
  7. Yeah, I was Reading it on that website, as well as a checklist i pulled from GameFaqs - linking to a JP site listing every skill and how to get it. the Last skill i learned with Kanata was BERSERKER LV 5 He had every other skill, Aside from the 1 support skill listed above "school yard friends" I Still don't have it, as getting Berserker 5 and unlocking "All Melee classes LV5" and " kanata has learned all party skills" were all I needed for the platinum. *Edit* --> the "all melee classes" and "Master of all" poped at the same time, apon learning Berserker 5. As I had Kagato, Mishudie, Koharu with me - 2 of the needed characters to learn "school yard friends" were in reserves, thus was impossible to learn that at that moment **End edit** I had made the edit on my above post - about 1 hour after i had posted, As i was shocked to learn that I didn't need School yard friends, Thou. I did have Harem king and what ever one required the 3 other party members to be male thou seeing how "Harem king" and "Bros?" were exclusive to 4 people, Yes, it was a kanata skill, but no one eles aside from the 4 could learn that skill, So In a way it's not a "party skill"
  8. The games patch notes lists abunch of trophy paches. About 13 of them roughly. How ever. Ive only made it to ch2-3. Have had other things to play. And it doesnt seem as thou many people have been playing the title. One of tge trophy lists on here shows .1% but nothing listed of who that .1% is
  9. I might. If only ta remove the "_ffxi" Orginaly wanted it there so ppl from 11 knew it was me. Lol 10 yrs later. Not a soul has been like Oh shit it's mist.
  10. I should really finnish this gem.
  11. Earths dawn. At 274 achivers. ( 224 when i obtained)
  12. I would assume no; going off a few demos of games ive played that kept save file ( such as metal gear survive for example) that locked all/any trophys even if requirements were met. Thou. With ch. Select ( unsure how far demo for vc4 went only did 1 mission and following cinematic) should be able to trigger trophys. If the game alows you to cont. Off demo save file.
  13. So, ive an question. After bout 5 hours of grinding battles. In an attempt to unlock my last support skill for kanata to learn. - it hasnt triggered. The other 3 unlocked almost instantly. Or atleast with in 3-5 fights. Currently, koharu ranze and mitsuhide are learning all the skills kanata has mastered. - there affection is capped. Twards kanata. Am i missing something? Do they need to run out of skills to learn? Nvm. Looks like ya don't need the mix up skills for master of all. As it poped when i finnaly got berserker 5 from kagato.
  14. I just cancled the. 1.25 patch. Then re started it. And it was only 193 mb. Would be insane to have had to download 80 some gigs in patches from 1.22 to 1.25 over the course of 3 days. *hadn't launched destiny in 2 weeks* Also already having 75 gigs available The system was just being really stupid