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    I enjoy games, and have been playing them since the Nintendo, animes of all types ( ok most types). Manga. Youtube for background noise. Ect ect

    I also enjoy watching suspenseful horror movies, comedy's and hauntings along with si-fi films

    RPG and Story driven games are by far my fave, A good story goes along way. I how ever Tend to try to avoide mutiplayer games like a plauge, I still play them time to time. the comunity on said game is what tends to make me stay or leave.

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  1. Abit of a necro bump. I haven't played since launch. And have been putting off playing after running into issues with crafting all master spells mutipule times; falling thru the world on the end game portals and causing it to kill me or crash game ( preventing all portals on 1 life or what ever the trophy was) Unsure if that was fixed. Think the biggest gripe I had about the title was how it throws ya into ng+ soon as ya kill the final boss. And everything gets like. A 5x hp/def mutipliyer when ya go from doing 100s of thousands an smashing face to thousands-10s thousands and hardly ticketing anything. That aside Is the title more stable ? (Wasn't a fan of the huge grind for sigils x.x )
  2. Game as been patched and is now platable
  3. I can.comfirm NA ver. Patched as well; plat. Obtained by launching game. Didn't need to replay finnal endings again or anything
  4. So I reached out to the developers and they know that the glitch for the see all three endings is a thing and they're working on a patch it should be out in a week or two The email I got back from them about a week and a half ago said that in the coming weeks it will be patched I managed to get every single trophy on the game aside from view all endings and platinum so unfortunately the North American version is not Platinum Mobile at this moment but they are working on fixing it. ( Both region's)
  5. So dispute the games gliched an issues Devs should be fixing the bug that prevents the plat from poping; they are aware of the issue and other bugs. Should be able to plat the game after next patch. Hopefully by loading one of the ending or even just booting the game.
  6. I'm playing the na version and I followed a guide off true achievements tit for tat every document in his video I picked up multiple times to ensure that the game registered that I picked them up I did manage to get the documents trophy which was also at 0% for the na version until I got it if memory serves I do believe the Platinum is achievable. The kill trophies are just grindy and do seem to pop randomly example I got the kill 30 enemies at my fifth kill I am almost done with my second playthrough and the 200 kill marks are just not popping up Aside from save scumming my final choice with ending one and ending two ( save X over Y ) and find out if running only wilhlmes team will unlock ending 3 ( with only 2 2 play thru) to see if the Platinum is attainable on at least on the NA version ( Edit) Also yes it is quite buggy mine has crashed about four times when interacting with collectibles or equipment pickups. Occasionally the AI will be shown to be standing in spot a when really they're in spot b only discernible by looking for a flashing red square tile. occasionally when I end turn with moves left the game locks me out from being able to use any units, forcing me to either skip a whole turn or run whichever unit move to last until the middle of the map with no control only for the a.i to focus fire into Oblivion. The game is also very poor at pointing out objective items most the time they're hidden on cork board or items you would assume were not interactable most the time I'm having to push X all over the place just to find extra resources to revive my team members mid-fight as you're fully rested and reset in between each fight If all goes well I should have the Platinum within 2 days for the American version I can only assume that it should be achievable for the European version as well since they should both be running the same version.
  7. So this is a weird little game i picked up few days ago.. Plays akin to a simplified xcom. but dam in just 6 hours of playing this, ive encountered afew bugs and issues.. Trophy's are popping Way to early. After getting ~10 kills or so the kill related trophy's are popping (30 kills with X skills) or save files are deleting them self, Game auto saves, there is no manual save - resetting ps4 seemed to delete saves, - thankfully auto upload to cloud saved some list progress. just incase anyone ever wonders about this game.
  8. Thanks for the replys. Just got home and ya the 80$ savings is rather worth it. As for the comment about ppl still playing dead space 12 yr later. Yea DS is a good game just when it comes down to potential server shutdowns for games that seem to require server connection to unlock trophy's or progress
  9. So I recently got back into 1st hitman and I'm enjoying it as much as I used to. I see that hitman 2 is on a deep sale. Was wondering Is it worth it? What are ppls thoughts. I'm not super worried about the coop mp trophy's as having multiple ps4 would make it simple enough.
  10. After playing this to near plat. I can say it is a fun title for a musou combat game. Tho I'm not the biggest fan of it. ( After playing so many others kinda burned out on the formula) Trophy's are very straight forward and there is nothing that's missable so that's a relief. Only issue I have/had is the amount of exp needed to hit 50/max bp Example at 25k per mission (3 min mission w load times) I'm getting maybe 8% a match. It's taken about 5 hours of bp/xp grinding to get from 47 to 30% into 49. And that's with 200% xp modifier after ( modified exp doesn't show how much I'm getting just reward:22-25k - character 200% bonus)
  11. Ya the game play is Abit clunky; it plays a lot like zelda/poke'mon hybrid Hack n slashy. Names are just a coincidence. I havent looked but I'm sure there is plenty of youtube videos.
  12. They made this list look very easy for a dungeon crawler. I'm sure this will be a 3/10 the not getting hit might be the hardest one. Tho kickstarter backers might have an advanatage with this one (depending on pledge) After playing the beta and the switch version ( digital key) I like to think I can say this will be a fun title to plat.
  13. Unsure; But hella excited I've all the other ones and have read the manga/watched the shorts/ ova
  14. I've had this game since launch pre-ordered it planer with a few friends great game it was fun collecting as many explosive cylinders as possible and just rocketing ourselves into space. We have a lot of glitched trophies I might go back and try it again and see what's fixed I wonder if anything will the Retro pop
  15. From what i have read. Yes it should be obtainable. I got crushed with the anti-spy and was constantly relocating my base and havent gotten far enough to unlock How ever i feel its a good game. And i would recommend buying ( edit) Last earned was on 12/13/20 So it does seem unlockable