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    I enjoy games, and have been playing them since the Nintendo, animes of all types ( ok most types). Manga. Youtube for background noise. Ect ect

    I also enjoy watching suspenseful horror movies, comedy's and hauntings along with si-fi films

    RPG and Story driven games are by far my fave, A good story goes along way. I how ever Tend to try to avoide mutiplayer games like a plauge, I still play them time to time. the comunity on said game is what tends to make me stay or leave.

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  1. I'm glad it's coming to the west regardless. Still think Ill get two copy's lol. Just a matter of ordering it off play Asia before to long
  2. The remaster should be a separate list. If you go to the game on the site. And on the right. You'll see 'regions' / other versions ect. Should list PS4 as a standalone stack if it does. I have the remastered as well as original. But haven't looked into it my self. Just checked. Ps4 version is its own stack
  3. Really, well the I've been assuming wrong I thought it was the PS icon. Well the I've not seen Abit since two updates ago. Not since I purchased the game
  4. I did a 64 player map and found 7 players and rest were bots. ( I assume they are bots as I have cross play disabled and they had a internet icon next to there name) Alot of the bots seem to have player names. Leads me to think they went the rout of copy players behavior and imprint it into a a.i Some.of them destroy me. Lol
  5. This is a fun, but hard game that's for sure, And now they are adding DLC (hurray) i've only managed, on Custom game to win once - and that was with everything in my favor. all I can say is Streamlining for Automatons, and trying to stockpile food (at least in 1st scenario) seemed to be the "best" way for me to get to the end lol
  6. I'll try that one. Least it's not as bad as the 1st chivalry game Grinding that was mind numbing
  7. Looks like it's an option on PC, but yeah, no go for the PS4 Version, Most ive gotten i think in a 40 player mode was 36 kills and 49 Take downs, Doesn't help alot of the bots seem to have perfect counter, or just 1tap me lol
  8. I enjoyed the title..atleast the plat is avaliable. Does suck the dlc is fucked;. Just makes it like 1o games on my list I can't 100%;. Tho I kinda gave up 100% ever since mag was shut down lol
  9. So forever glitched 🏆 as the enthusiasm that guy had was ... overwhelming
  10. Awsome; I didn't look on digital store; I've both copy's coming in physical
  11. Ive had this pre ordered on PS4 and switch since the option was avaliable. I can't wait. The trophy's looks highly doable. I wonder if there's going to be a cross save feature between ps & switch. An if PS5 upgrade will be a thing. Excited for Tuesday
  12. I know this is abit of a Necro bump, And somewhat of along shot, as from what I have come to notice, Alot of these Mobile Ports are Trash.. and are typically broken when it comes to trophy support... Given that alot of the %'s are still at 0.. is this game just hell on wheels, with the grind, Or are the trophys just bugged. I know i played Very little of this on the (free) Mobile version, and enjoyed it bit. just getting tired of grabbing WH games, only to have them be unobtainable - such as Deathwatch, Or (tho glichy) Warhammer quest 1 Worst case, i could buy it, if it's ever on sale again, and just play it on an alt. to find out. but if the grind is as bad as stated above, I dont know if i would have the sanity to do this twice.
  13. So if possible. Changing to S.america servers and running tdm/64 player modes. Could help a high bot count. Making the grind Abit easyer as bots seem derpy. I'm lucky to get 20 kills in ffa
  14. Eyeballing this one. As I havent had much reason to use my VR (outside of walking dead/sw squadron) At just 30$ it might be well worth it. That (last gasp) might be an issue and depending on collectables ... If it's anything like zombie army trilogy lol.
  15. Just incase anyone wants to get this one solo; or is having issues. If you load up act 1 of the 'champions of icewind dale' and make your way to the 2nd ballista ( to the left of the oger, 2nd rest point. You can attack this ballista an unlimited amount; and get the 🏆. The 2nd set of ballistas near the end of the mission just before the finnal elevator seemed to do the same. Found this out thanks to gamranx 'falcon' mentioned it in there ' before you buy' as a funny glich/ easy trophy unlock. (Tested it and it worked )