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    I enjoy games, and have been playing them since the Nintendo, animes of all types ( ok most types). Manga. Youtube for background noise. Ect ect

    I also enjoy watching suspenseful horror movies, comedy's and hauntings along with si-fi films

    RPG and Story driven games are by far my fave, A good story goes along way. I how ever Tend to try to avoide mutiplayer games like a plauge, I still play them time to time. the comunity on said game is what tends to make me stay or leave.

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  1. I want to add on here Since there are people whom are on "trial" mode still, with full access of the game. Once the devs fix the issue. And people who do buy the full edition. They will be unlocking all the Trophys retroactively. Well this is general knowledge. They might get all trophys or maybe all but fishing trophy done by the time this issue is fixed. And there timestamps are going to be very out of wack. An there time to 100% could be from 1 second to afew days. Just incase anyone gets flagged
  2. True I bought + 48 invintory slots. And the fishing rod mentioned in the guide. Both times ive noticed the rod @ <20% when ive logged back on. Guess ill just need to do it on my days off lol 2 days in ( maybe 7hr of fishing) an looking @ lv 15 3hr of grinding @ 21 lol edit; looks like it worked. I got home and was disconnted at 11pm utc. Due to maintenance but had a full invintory of fish. Stimulating the game to think ur there seems to work
  3. So ive been attempting to quickly level fishing and processing, ive been getting removed from server after about 2 hours; unsure to be precise. Enough to gather ~15 (green an higher) quality fish. Set to discard white teir. Any idea if there is a way to not get droped after such a short time - as it seems ill need minimum 30hr fishing w/ life exp event/buffs. An leaving My system on for 7-10 hours wilst i sleep or am at work - would be great to get the full alotted time not 2-3 hrs an then sit on the D/C screen. Im 100% sure its not my network. I've read here n there that there was a patch that kicked people after x amount of time or xyz durability on fishing rod or random other speculation. If anyone has any tips or tricks they use to not lose connection well doing the afk grind. Would love to know. Right now im trying ( have world map open. Lower population area and left joystick tilted to show "activity" )
  4. Yeah I was thinking of trying there - was were i did some of the challanges to do X amount of damage b4 i knew about doing the Archives lol - Did The Void - And managed to get 4 procs on the Lore. 1 on the final gate before the boss fight, 2 When in the Warped demention 1 on the final swarm of Valrasi I Was hoping to be able to farm that last cluster of 7-8 Mobs that get spawned in when the boss is at 10% but the "Valrasi hunter" kept warping around and wasn't enough HP on the mobs to alow the Dot to tic up to 3k But this definitely worked! 5/10 progress, thanks for the tip
  5. I've been trying to get Alani's finale Lore challenge done for a while now. Even with ~16% Skill damage, ~10% Skill cool down, I can't seem to hit the 3k Benchmark reliably. I've Done The Archive but im not getting enough Foe's Grouped up to get the damage spike, And I've done Renegade and Got lucky to get 1/10 on the Finale push of minions Just as the mission failed I am doing about 350-500 dmg when the Ult procs (Between level 7~10) Then about a 300dmg from the DoT it applies, I've hit 7~12 targets at once but just not having any luck with this one I Would Like to get this Last lore done and have this game 100% before the end of the year, as servers are shutting down sometime in Jan (I haven't found a solid date) Any tips or Tricks that might speed this up? I was thinking of doing Incursion/meltdown Minion bots seem to roam in groups of 5-7. but seems to take alot longer to level up vs story. and Alani isn't the best damage dealer.. min. Damage i would have to do would be 428~430 damage to a group of 7, Were as 600 to a group of 5. unsure if the DoT from the Ult counts.
  6. Apparently my edit didn't go through after about 30 minutes of research I found that my system wasn't properly connecting to the PSN servers is getting to 4% and canceling even though my Net Connection showed a strong 35 down and 15. up Ended up resyncing when I got home from work
  7. So mindless playing this game, I Got the Notification - "Trophy Earned! Rough and Tumble" Cool, one less thing to think about when I finish The game, I go to Sync Trophies with Server, Collection say's I've only unlocked 5 trophies, When at this point in my progress it should be 6. * And That's how it's done *Prized Collection *Golden Ticket *The Adventure Begins *Lost but not forgotten I'm Trying to figure out why, despite saying it unlocked, The "Rough And Tumble" trophy remains "locked" in my List Is there away to fix this? will it attempt to unlock again when i hit another 20+ Combo? or is this a case of SoL
  8. Uphill grind. Think after 4 hours i was about lv 6? Trading wins lol
  9. Didn't know ya only needed 1 person for the lv 50 grind that's good to know, Bonus side, unsure if it's been fixed. but some of the PVP win Trophy's are glitchy in a good way, Like, I got win 25 matches after 3 matches 0
  10. there CQC is Easy to boost, IIRC ya just need 4-6 people - Only down side., is That (when i last played 2 years ago) There were some "Elite Sweats" that hunted booster groups in the Pvo Side of things Only glitched trophy i came across was the one for joining a Guild/group - but the boost group that i was apart of didn't have this issue - it hasn't resolved for me yet how ever
  11. I had even quit to menu. An typcialy if i Didn't quit to menu; i'd quit the title long after a checkpoint had been reached. Seems abit od. As in older cod games i never had this issue Thanks for the replys tho.
  12. Any idea if the MP in base game pre standalome will still be available I just saw this, havent touched rdr2 since launch.... And seeing standalone for Anything like this makes me think back to comrades ( ffxv) mp - became unavailable from base game.
  13. I see The New Avenger game (Delux) At like 35$ - but I haven't really seen anything super positive nor Negitive about the game, Aside from buggy trophys, and There mutiplay base diminishing - i played some of the Demo and it felt "meh" - but in Ya'lls Oppnion Is this Title worth the ~40$ (After Tax)?
  14. I'm not sure if im missing something or not - I'm playing on Vet. - And have noticed. when i tell the game "resume Campaign" it always resets me to the start, Dispite when or were my last checkpoint was - Example - CH1 - I got to were ya need to main the MG40s to fend off some germens - but I had to go to work, So the game hit a check point, and i quit the application, Apon coming back home, And hitting "resume (Triangle)" it put me back on storming the beach
  15. Oh lol i played sonata on 360 orginaly. So i had assumed lol. An ya i ment Z. Just was going off memory for what i have digitial on ps3 ( not much ) and my brain was just like " its the 2nd title so put a 2" lol