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    I enjoy games, and have been playing them since the Nintendo, animes of all types ( ok most types). Manga. Youtube for background noise. Ect ect

    I also enjoy watching suspenseful horror movies, comedy's and hauntings along with si-fi films

    RPG and Story driven games are by far my fave, A good story goes along way. I how ever Tend to try to avoide mutiplayer games like a plauge, I still play them time to time. the comunity on said game is what tends to make me stay or leave.

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  1. It seems everyone who does still play are lv 40 ( cap) and do norm/hard missions for legendary drops Found a friend who has game an he dragged me into his matches lol so ya gotra be 30+ to find reasonable matches. ( was nice getting 3m. Curon or w.e its called inside of 5 matches almost lv'd to cap)
  2. So ya been in quick find for a while. But no matches. Have people stoped doing the online salvage? Or is ( easy ) too low. Assuming everyone is way higher then lv 22 by now lol
  3. Oregon here w a lotta Washington bugs lol
  4. 1878 9991 5808 Recently started back up Enjoying the content after a 2yr hiatus ( last played 8/17/2016 lol) Might not be able to trade. But daily gifts can be awsome. Revives/eggs/ balls
  5. Its like world of tanks meets war thunder. More arcadey - not as many tank options as wot. Or wt. You have your pvp missions of capture/defend the point with 3 types of " power up cards" such as a AC130. Uav drone and pill boxes. Or a stealth bombing run. ( all there is atm) Unlimited respawn in pvp mode Requires some team work and communication..but you can easly play solo. Tends to be a 5v5 ~ 7v7 Theres a second pvp mode. That is a 15 v 15 battle of what i assume is capture the base. Ive never seen anyone que for it sadly. Que times are far better now then at launch. Longest que i had was 10 min this week Avg. Has been 4 min. PvE mode is were everyone is.... No joke. The "players searching for match" bars of Teir / type ( main battle tank (mbt) / light tank ( Lt) / afv ( fast attack vechical * tank destoryer / spg ( artillery) are typically full. **Not sure why ppl enjoy pve. Even with x2 daily reward. Premium. Insignia an global boosters ( + all sources of exp credits) your lucky to get 2.5k out of a 10 min match on hard. Were as a 15 min ( or less depending ticket bleed) pvp global op will get you 8-12k. W.o prem. W daily victory x5 i avg. 30k ( 90 w the current event) Even on a loss still get 5-7k and 80-100k credits. In pve : You do 3 stage step obj. With 5 others difficulty scales from easy - to nightmare./ hard core 2nd pve mode ( Caribbean crisis) is similar to orginal but is suposed to have storyline/lore elements. The game isnt cross server or platform. So. Ps4 cant play with pc. And us cant play with eu. No idea if they intend on changing that W.o premium or any type of free boosters. You can net 8-10 k a match easy. And 1-200k credits Daily log in chests and daily challange quests give exp / credits. And boosters. That can give + exp + commander exp + rep. + premium time ( i got a 7 day premium token from one) An getting thru tanks isnt a slog. Like in wot or as. Bleh spendy as war thunder. My tottal play time since beta/early access is 2 days 10 hours. I have 50 tanks fully unlocked and upgraded. 4 t6. And almost every teir 1~4 from each dealer ( aka faction/nation) misc. T5's * some of the auto- loader afv "tanks" are o.p - they tend to use ambush tatics / light tank wot spam tatics. Since theres unlimited respawn. You never have to wait for your tank to get out of battle. Some trophys are in my opinion buggy. Like get 5 kills with VBL " size matters" pulled off 5 kills. No trophy ( they pop at end of match) - might need to be from tow missles only not outside sources like air strike / pillbox / ac130 Drive 10k miles - my profile says 0 miles driven. But devs be.actively patching that. And they are retroactive. Logged in to get "unlock 100 modules" after already 100% on 45 tanks. ( average tank has 3-5 modules. Engine loader thermal binos) ( today alone ive unlocker 2 t 5 and 1 t6 300k research and 12mill credits and that was just maybe 4 hours of playing)
  6. If you've been away for months like me. Or never played AW Now is a great time to play~ More maps Low que ( instant-2 mins) Seemingly healthyer community Currently a x100% exp and credit gain event and daily 1st victory x5 boosters. Easy to quickly advance Come play~
  7. On calamity, for me before getting all the proper elemental counters. Imho ya it is Ive not played for a few months Fell into my back log Trying to clear up physical invintory so less to pack when i move. Even when on par. With dungeon level. Or even 2-4 lvs above it. Re running for levels. I tend to get 1~3 shot.
  8. Were does one see average rarity. I just see my completion % Edit: never mind it's under statistic. Im at 43.37 Could be better if i actually finnished games.
  9. So is there something eles i gotta do? Got emas affection to ❤ she skiped orange face. Went from happy yellow to love. After a conversation with kanata. But the trophy didnt pop. Everyone aside from kagato is at ❤ Nvm had ta clear 1 more dungeon to make it pop
  10. Another question. Happy candys What area to farm them How are they aquired. I get them randomly. Would love to Get some for ema. Shes been at yellow smile for 5 hrs of grinding even with 2 candys used on her.
  11. Thats what I thought. I seen that *bonus character* did have an affection rating. As well as the berzerker skill needed for another trophy. (Only just unlocked him)
  12. Exist archive Goofed the " beat game w.o sending anyone home" trophy as forgot to report decision.... .so looks like another playthru... Games easy once leveled. Just ch. 7 and ch 11 take ages Might as well mop up post game content i supose.
  13. I did time skip 3 time w mr. Handy. His carry cap is 5k. After 3x i got trophy Even thou i was around 20k collected
  14. They always happen when im broke
  15. Just wondering. Who are all the toons you need to have ❤ affection with for trophys I think ive all the men at ❤ but that trophy didnt pop. Unless i need hidden characters. And females. All but yui an renzi are at at Orange ( stage 4/5 )