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    I enjoy games, and have been playing them since the Nintendo, animes of all types ( ok most types). Manga. Youtube for background noise. Ect ect

    I also enjoy watching suspenseful horror movies, comedy's and hauntings along with si-fi films

    RPG and Story driven games are by far my fave, A good story goes along way. I how ever Tend to try to avoide mutiplayer games like a plauge, I still play them time to time. the comunity on said game is what tends to make me stay or leave.

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  1. Oh ya them look challenging... Im down Currious thou, With all the 0.00% Does this game have unachievable trophs
  2. I forgot daiblo was a thing! Lol Think i have 25 bountys an 60 treasure gobs. Unsure how to make a poll. Thats a gud iderr As for wut a platnum iz' Et's wut mai phone done corrected et's self to. Lol
  3. Haha yah i dabble with it now and then, i just cant seem to do long periods of play; but its Deffenitly tempting Lol mine craft... The new warframe Patch #67
  4. I would love to finnish days gone! Sadly the marauder quest line gliched on me and ive been waiting for a patch to fix the last one i need; i played it 2 weeks straght and am abit burnt to do another playthru for 1 trophy. that pops at end game With survival mode i might give another go thou. I'm thinking of grabbing spyro or the crash trilogy since they are on sale and i grew up on them, depends on my next paycheck. Deffentily r.e 2.... I would right now, if my store manager wasn't barrowing it for a month now and hasn't started it.... Lol.... My 1sr ps3 game i played prince of Persia I've been trying to find the trilogy/2006 game. As i did enjoy it. Was a friends copy; way back before i owned a ps3. So i am not 100% sure what PoP that one is when it comes to purchace. ( im sure its on psn/psnow but rather a physical ver. Xp) Yah! Pick games from my list. Or if anything ya think i might like I'll attempt to purchace. >.> i got like 30 I've not started Ranging from gal gun double peace. To dmc 5 ** hdd is dying from lack of space Good food for thought thou liking it so far
  5. I never know what i want to play when I've way to many games to pick from. But, i have a goal to hit 100 plat by the end of the year; just no idea what to choose. Sooo I'm going to Toss it out here; What game do you think i should finish next
  6. Afew here i might snag. Spiro Kiwami 2 Dark cloud Okami. Hopefully paychecks decent
  7. This might get me back into the title. Fun little game - ashame my friends who got me ta play it w them quit after 3 days lol. Good time killer thou.
  8. Awsome Good to know; Ill keep an eye out for the trilogy to go on sale. Having all of them might be funner vs just 1
  9. So i have played some of the older UNS Games' (Pre-Shippuden iirc) for the 360 an what not, and I enjoyed them well enough - they were decent lil fighting titles. with that said, how good is this entry?- how far into the series does it go ? (I see there's a 4th one, apon searching for this game on the website) just over all currious - ** As for Anime wise - I've gotten upto/into the Ninja war? around the time Sage Naruto fights off agasnt that Uchiha clan dude in red armor (I forget his name, been afew years lol) So unsure if the game might give Spoilers (althou i basicly already know what happenes thanks to Boruto) - or if it' would even touch the Saga with the "White Zetsu" again, Just wondering~
  10. Luckly i got the plat a few years ago- skimming some of this, Yeah No way in Doom guys hell would i have been able to win 5+ Flawless matches, Lol Meat wall was hard enough >_>; I really suck at Any FPS anymore *Im gett'n to old, lol!* Thou, Currious if this will make my time stamps funky, As i platinum'd the game a good 1~2 years ago - then promptly sold it ** Got a good price for it too! Was around the time Seige Re-launched with there "Teir" packages, Entry/full/special bull shat
  11. Im always down for more tales games
  12. Just wondering if anyone eles having issues with psn mutiplayer side of things. I've been playing swbf2 now for 10 hours but...outta nowere when i go to play a mutiplayer match. The game tells me i need to buy ps+ - Thing is... My sub. Isnt up for another 6 months. Just checked it under account management just in case. I reset system. And renwed licencez. Launched game. Worked for a moment before kicking me to sub. Screen **as typing this a guy in my party chat is also now having this issue* Both on. Swbf2 and Destiny. Thou its alowing me to access and play the ps+ titles....
  13. Wana tack on. Abit jelly if ya was gettin 1 mana stone every ~ 2 hr @4hr now and nothing alot of invig. Chilly and hell fire ingots. But none o that basic stone lol game hates me Edit: of course after this post. I got a mana stone and a infinity script. Complaining always solves my problems
  14. Alrighry ill keep an eye out for that second chest. Luckly 1st few lvs are eazy ta speed thru Thanks for the tips.
  15. Ya ive been watching YouTube lol I just need 1 mana stone to awaken the rookie weapon Guess ill spend my next day off working ont that lol Im guessing the chest on B7 is the warp room? *that room confusled me quite well when i first encountered it lol