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    I enjoy games, and have been playing them since the Nintendo, animes of all types ( ok most types). Manga. Youtube for background noise. Ect ect

    I also enjoy watching suspenseful horror movies, comedy's and hauntings along with si-fi films

    RPG and Story driven games are by far my fave, A good story goes along way. I how ever Tend to try to avoide mutiplayer games like a plauge, I still play them time to time. the comunity on said game is what tends to make me stay or leave.

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  1. Looking for a copy of Record of agarest war. Got It on 360, but finding it on ps3 is like pulling teeth, If possible for a reasonable price. Also looking for lollipop chainsaw lol. Another title I had on 360... And seems to be non exist on ps3.
  2. Are people hacking and or autopoping trophy's for this? I haven't been paying much attention to others unlocks and only know 1 other player (ps4) who I've played w consistently who's only managed to clear act 1 on 2nd difficulty (name escapes me) I could see with cross play and maybe even cross save if that's an option. Assuming it's available for auto pops.
  3. It was with others, resumed from my last checkpoint,. I know the solo campaign doesn't trigger trophy's. Sadly... I feel that running campaigns w bots to grind SP would be much smoother.... I was looking at redoing all of act 3 to see if it triggers or not, when I've time ( yaye retail worker) Great full 8 did pop when I redid act 1 w the finnal character. Wasn't having any issues w. Them popping when I ran thru as Jim. Iirc I got " completed remnants" 🏆 mid act 3 run (last 2 missions) and had a laugh at the word play well on the same run that made it to end of act 4.. Side note Why can I get like 38-50 sp a mission via act one but then it's like 11-20 for acts 2-4. Even ran a few in nightmare (no joke hard) and only nabbed 26 supply w 3 ppl surviving.
  4. So I'm just wondering if anyone else is having issues w trophy's unlocking. Just beat the game on recruit (last.mission is absolutely B*) And I noticed. I didnt get trophy's for beating act 3, act 4, and great full 8 ( redid a run on recruit of 1st mission speed run and got it) But wondering if anyone is having issues. I also noticed. Tho was told it's normal for trophy's not to pop till ya get to fort hope. As ran act start to fin..on one life. And only got the " jutebox " trophy till zoning back into fort hope.
  5. Oh god... Let's see I got the system in a bundle w a few titles. White knight cronicals 2 Valkyria Chronicles and Twisted metal And the ps3 (summer box) came with all 3 sly Cooper titles
  6. Upsetting :/ Just finished 5th mission in act 1 (The bridge mission w a.i was brutal!! On recruit...) Went to look at challenges and unlocks and noticed 0 progress... Sucks going to only be able to unlock well online -ugh- Oh well maybe my co-worker will have this by end of week
  7. Shining force is a good one! Though hard to find. I think I had #3 on 360. Almost every game listed here I've played and ya they are great. Found growlancer (PS2) Abit confusing with the ability unlock system Iirc super tactics (I'll have to check my PSN game log) is a good. Fantasy/midevil tactics title. I've not played it much ... But it has its appeal
  8. After about 10 hours. Id say this is akin to xcom 2 w the long war mod. Also if ya ever beat xcom wotc. An saw the ending w the monsters coming from the sea 'ommage to xcom.terror.from.the deep" You could play Phoenix point as a sequel to xcom 2 as it stands Gameplay is great. Tho I've had some controller issues were the game won't recognize the prompts. Forcing a game reset. Base building akin to upgrading your ship in xcom/2 (7 bases ya gotta retake) Faction system that is somewhat like wotc. But as you earn favor w x faction y and z decide they hate you more You can also raid factions for more resources. Some of the dlc has spawned earlyer then dealing with what I think would be end game foes when ya have only researched or reverse engineered afew weapons. Tech tree is huge. Least it feels that way so far And theres Interactive air combat.
  9. I just got this delivered I'll be playing it when I get home. 🏆's look decent and engaging. Might require afew playthrus Can't wait ta pop it into my system. °coulda played this on PC but tbs games I find more enjoyable on PS
  10. Well from what I have played so far since I decided to go for a digital copy this game plays a lot like BattleTech, minus the game style storyline so far is rather identical that being said navigation is title is rough time to forget when my Mac is facing backwards and I try to go forwards it doesn't work too well but hey this is a fun little game would recommend picking up digital or physical
  11. Fair enough I have seen that happen in the past but like only once or twice not used to seeing titles launch separately in the sense okay thank you for the reply now I just get a debate whether I want to wait 2 months or just bite the bullet and get digital LOL. Might even grab the DLC because why not
  12. Wondering if anyone can point me in the direction to acquire a physical copy of this title I've looked online and clearly says the title is out however when I check sites like GameStop and Best buy they State this game isn't due to release until 11/30 And Amazon doesn't even have the title is the digital just a early release? Or
  13. Abit of a necro bump Saw this game on a friend's 'currently playing' feed and thought I would look into it. Is it still buggy?
  14. Ok thanks That is what I was starting to assume. Haven't played d2 since 04 and honestly couldn't remember if I was missing something
  15. I get that But I'm trying to find how to set it to hell/nightmare on offline difficulty. As I was unable to pick hell/nightmare w my fresh lv1 barb for group play online. I'm assuming ya gotta beat the game 1st. For the online side. But nowhere did I see a option on the offline side.