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  1. I gave this a shot for laughs. As i saw a YouTube'r doing this. I got it to work; till the chosen showed up. ( 2 turns ) Wanted to cheese the 1st black site lol. As chosen assassin in my game is immune to melee an overwatch reaction.
  2. So i just launched the game for the second time; only lv 4. And decided to go to the item world of "wrist band" rare 42. 1st item i bought. Apon subduing the 1st innocent i encountered ( lv2. Ennyu ( mushroom)) I got 2 trophys.. Noob grinder total lv 100 Intermediate grinder: tottal lv 1k At the same time... Anyone eles encounter this glich?
  3. Yup i got the quest. Unfortunately i stoped playing again like 7 days after coming back I've no clue whats happening in game and need to make a new toon to get the strike related trophy as in storyline one of the required characters (npcs) from what i understand. Is dead. Trying to finnish up destiny 1 instead such grind
  4. So I've been trying to Figure out if there are any other requirements to get this quest to unlock the Leviathans Breath heavy weapon Bow I have the VIP Season Pass (Lv 3... lol) as im told by afew people that you need that as a pre-requisite but every time I talk to the NPC in question, He doesn't have the Quest available; Do I need progress in Shadow-keep to unlock this quest? im not finding it anywhere - not even in my Quest log - assuming I had picked it up by mistake - every time I check google - i just get videos On HOW to do the Quest, but not it's unlock Requirements any aid would be great
  5. Its possible; roomie assumed as much. Ive only done a few missions
  6. Last anime i watched / currently watching. *high school prodigies even have it easy in another world* My hero acadamia seasion 4 Dr. Stone Sword art (new seasion) And a few others i cant think of w.o looking at the list ive made on crunchy lol. Still waiting on overlord next seasion and slime reincarnated
  7. Lol just boughr zanki zero beginning after having demo for a year. Now its on sale grrr lol Other then that ain't much here for me
  8. The new end game content is were the tarot system used to 'be Once ya get 5 shards you can trigger a series of missions for end game rewards an such I think theres bosses there. If anything. Start new campain. Get to the end of ch2 were you fight your 1st boss. That tanted waeforge goliath thing. Do that a few times as progress stacks acrost all characters. I have 0 progress twards the challange in game as all my bosses were killed <1500 pl. As i just threw my self at campain missions regaurdless of recomended power. But i did unlock. Hunter of hunters a With bout 7 boss mobs killed. This games trophy system has been painfully buggy since day 1. Destory 250 barrels for example. Got in game challange completed but trophy didnt pop till 500+ Neocore forums should provide more assistance on boss location hunting
  9. Yeah its all level based and gear drops. -5 ~ +5 of your level. Example Your lv 10. Your gear drops will be 10-15. Crafted gear is set to your level. Only dlc you need is city of suffering All other trophy content is free. Seasion 1 & 2. Also they made it to were you get exp for kills now. Used to be all mission rewards only. And you can add tarot cards to every mission. (Unsure if effects campain. I hear they bolstered campain mission exp reward) But theres a tarot card that gives +30% exp. You can stack that 3x. Doesn't cost faith. And have a change to get upgrade tokens to power up said card Think every card has 10power ups That trophys req. Hasnt changed (Kill 5 boss type) Most guides said to wait till power lv 1500 (lv 50) an do warzone But that's an unnecessary grind just to get to nemisis And they changed warzone abit anyway.. But. By the time you clear seasion 2 content you'll have killed 4~6 bosses ( i lost track) Base campain has 2 bosses. One at the end of what id consider ch2. And one final boss fight. Seasion 1 content had 1 boss type Seasion 2 had 2 boss type. My trophy poped on last mission for seasoon 2 khorhn content. Even thou i had assassin halfway thru main campain. ( 1 boss kill ) Psyker at 1st boss kill Crusader ( end of seasion 2. All bosses killed) Optional to play w newst class they just added as well ( havent tested) Now. If your talking about in game challange. They might have changed the requirement as that challange did say at pl 1500. But that challange isnt needed to unlock trophy. Just gives more passives
  10. As above said. Incase they haven't patched all the gliches Near the end of the game when your near your last hunt missions make a few backup saves. Incase it gliches on ya like it did me. Preventing base 100% w.o +1 playthru due to being unable to complete final side mission to locate missing person
  11. The patch made the game feel alot less clunky. Had it since launch and im loving it more now. And im not blue screening every 4 missions Only gripe is i cant access the new content. Captain lady has a green ! But no go for clearing that flag ( lv 53 was pwrlv 1600 b4 removal) Also finding some of my high teir quality (stat) relics having a lower gear score even (9 lv 54) vs some of simmilar type. Purple 12-15
  12. Ive been eyeballing this an its prequel fora while now Loved the hell outa uta. Mask truth/deception. Only just started the anime 2 years later. Might wait till march to pick both "retellings" up. Only grip i might have is the dynasty warriors esk combats. Also. Tears to tiara was an unexpected masterpice
  13. Cool. Alreadt a topic thread. So since they have there cross save system any trophys or milestone you unlock on pc. Apon transfering back to ps4 w cross save its going to auto unlock trophys I just tested out. "All sub classes" trophy Unlocked it in steam last night after manually changing each titans subclass. Then after reinstalling on ps4. Apon getting the promp to rebuy shadow keep on ps4. Since dlc content isnt apart of cross save. The trophys poped. I can immagen a fresh account on ps4. Booting up a veteran account on pc. And auto-poping every trophy. Wouldn't be hard at all now that aside from raids base game is cake starting ya at lv 50. 750 (previous max light) And on pc your bound to find a hardcore raid player goop easily
  14. Good to know the dlc adds required blueprints.
  15. Just throwing this out there for anyone who plays demo - If you cont. A demo save ( just before boss of ch.1) You'll not unlock prologue trophy or any other progression type trophy Had demo since 5/10/19 Finnaly got game and nothing pre- poped.
  16. So im playing. 1.16 Haven't played in some time And for some reasion I can't put units into houses Or Put them into abandoned tanks/objects Some sort of bug or something? Trying this in both mission 3 of Russian campain main game And 1st allied mission for dunkirk Can't get units into anything
  17. Let's hope. - Been waiting a week for my 20$ redeem code to pick up the addon
  18. Ive got the same glicheys. Also. You can re roll your campain an fight 1st boss over n over. Just 'be mindfull. When ya do buggers scale to your gear I was above offensive/deffencive Re rolled cuz i want this lazor gun my roomie got via trent boss or who ever. And it's like im lv 1 all over again. Higher teir loots also droping. Such as forged iron for 5+ upgrad.e
  19. Almost sounds like the pre-order kit 3 armor sets 30 iron 400 scrap Exp pot.
  20. So the game is on sale atm and I've played all JC games, aside the 1st and have enjoyed them decently well.. Ive heard alot of mixed things bout this entry... Was wondering if it was worth picking up for its current discounted price I've seen it go on sale. Just bout every time i check the online shop lol
  21. Crazy! More an more disappointment as i read. Just makes me think of "Back in my day games were: " Lol Well heres to hoping remnant from the ash lives up to da hype
  22. I stoped tryin to grind for ever ago as i haven't even beat the 2nd arc. Lol the game lost its flavor after a while. How ever. Logging in everynow an then an getting 120k from andriod 21 faction or 500k from dev. Team as apology is deffently nice Just logged in today after a month or so of not playing. And was given 620k between the two.. Sittn at 2.5m with maybe... 30 mins spent of logging in sporadically
  23. Ya go ahead and add me - ive been at work non-stop only now checking threads
  24. Good to know I see some folks have gotten it. As trophys sittn at 2.--% Ill have ta see if games been patched since. *havent had time to check my self lol*
  25. So i can't quite figure out how this works. I have max affinity with (paragon) 120-200 inflence on avg. More then enough to chose the "connect to town" option. X town does have 1 or more sectors it can obtain. And meet the population requirement. What I'm not understanding. Id when i click " connect to town : 85 influence " it just backs me out. Nothing happens