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  1. Ya I was getting 'lobby closing in 10min' notices well playing solo (online). Rolled my toon back to lv1... Refused to connect. Then I reset game and character was deleted. X.x lovely
  2. So I'm enjoying this game quite Abit, more so now that I've learned how to learn magic spells.. I'm playing thru as the witch chick. And am finding that battles are becoming rather difficult I'm only afew quests into 'act 2' if ya will. And seeing most if not all my minions 1-3 shotted. I rolled up the mercenary dude an found that his starting stats, and perk. Leave my units carving thru the encounters; What are some tips aside from getting higher warfare ( seems to make units hit harder) to make my guys hit harder last longer Right now I got gear that's giving armor Hp and warfare.
  3. I haven't seen a MechWarrior game since chrome hounds on 360 iirc lol (haven't been looking hard) or armored core series. I might get this just to own it.
  4. I've already got my preorder in lol. Still debating on grabbing the jp ver. From Idea factory's website. Or play Asia. But 75~$ is Abit steep atm lol
  5. So I gotta ask. I haven't played this in about 3 years (2018). Got ta lv20 and quit. Only recently came back But I've been grabbing the ps free promos each time they were up; where do I find these. Made toon and wasn't sure we're to look. Also; did they change how level or something. I logged in and got 'lv15/lv20' trophy when getting onto my old toon. Promoting trophy pops idk why they didn't pop in the past; but then I got on my lv8. And it was shot right to lv 20. (Giving another trophy ) Is this normal?
  6. They help. If your mixing your squads The happier they are the more likely chance you'll have for a double attack,/extra turn. And I think but not sure. Extra damage. The angeryer they is. The more frequently they skip turns. And possibly take more damage. My mage playthru. Has a hodge podge of moral units and they get slaughtered.. they are all neutral/angry w 1 perk into each mod. Dealing 20-80 damage a turn My merc playthru tho having ~8-10 more warfare. And all +,green moral as they are all 1 faction of moral. W. No modifiers. And they deal 200+ a turn and mop the floor. Tho the mercs advantages is that he gets better preforming units. I don't think his perk improves them 'that' much
  7. Ouch... I'm struggling to keep just 5k... Might be worth it to reset kathrine's playthru.. I've only just unlocked the golem's... But her forces feel oh very squish. Dancing around encounters. That I'm struggling to win. Tho just squired Max's boots (set item) that enhances defence so might become Easier
  8. That's good to know. I should stop drinking with order then; lol. (Was doing order/finesse w kathrine) thinking having units with a (green smile) would deal more damage/work together better Lame about the 'free cast' outside of battle items not counting towards 20 matches with out using book of magic. I have kathrine, and avair at the same spots in game and he hasn't use the book of magic aside from spawning in extra units for army reserves. Do you get anymore skill tree resets or is the 1st one (free one) only one available
  9. Yeah; One for choices and one for each toon. I'm assuming the witch chick is the hard playthru; as even the game says she speclizes in spells and magic. - and I've blown maybe 40k gold on units easy just trying to get thru some of the encounters; wasn't save scumming to reload encounters - as they seems scripted. As in no random battle encounter. Just found one halfway thru story quest that had an archer formation that had 10 bars of HP and 1 shot my mounted rider. (150hp) Since you can backtrack to other areas when ever. Tho overworld movement is slow as sin... (Horse gives some +speed but is useless In town ) Don't think anything should be missable
  10. Yeah I saw it was platted on the EU side; and I know the 1st.ome can be platted.. (just very garbage triggers) Kinda getting tired of titles that are glitched A majority of them are ironically wh titles
  11. A year later - most the 'just play the game's trophy's and such are at 0%.. Is it safe to assume it's another glitched WH title?
  12. So as soon as I found out bout the clousers. I jumped back into vx. To do comrades Now. Aside from some afking. Ive dumped 20 hours of ffxv comrads in the last 4 days. Ive lost count of how many missions ive done. But i went from lv 2. To 40... And still no kenny.. Aside from what guide says. Is there anyother way to get kenny to spawn?
  13. So after returning to the game; and remembering just why it put me off... I've decided to bite the grind and try to plat this title. If it wasn't for the 'store parts in a tote/a.i focus firing on your MS' it would be great (like the 1st Gundam breaker) That aside. After trying to find quick ways to knock out the 30 gunpla built trophy. I' like to think I've spoted afew ways to ease the grind. If your just starting don't spent any GP. I messed up and droped 300k gp on more expensive parts thinking it would better improve the gunpla. .. it really doesn't... I went thru every gunpla In the library. And there's about 28-30 that are 8-16 pice requirements to finnish. And only cost 10k a part. (When I get home I'll post them) If ya just play the game normally. Only replaying only for S rank. By the end you should have close to 300k. And afair amount of the 'minnion' gunpla parts. Should make getting 30gundams alot Easter Rerunning 'bonus event 1' ( found by hitting triangle at mission selection) nets ya about 8k a mission. Not counting any bonus from sold parts (avg. 30k a run) Ran this mission 10-12 times well working on frame levels. And managed to finnish 3 gunpla. Not the best map (imho desert map is best. Less GP reward. But chest doesn't. Warp around) Let the a.i focus on S rank. You just pick up parts. If ya press the Dpad you can see if you've picked up a new part. And press down to discard if it's a repeat. Really helped me with nit picking the last few from a map.
  14. Dam I should try this one then. Aside from other dlc. This is the only trophy keeping me from 100% lol
  15. So this is a weird little game i picked up few days ago.. Plays akin to a simplified xcom. but dam in just 6 hours of playing this, ive encountered afew bugs and issues.. Trophy's are popping Way to early. After getting ~10 kills or so the kill related trophy's are popping (30 kills with X skills) or save files are deleting them self, Game auto saves, there is no manual save - resetting ps4 seemed to delete saves, - thankfully auto upload to cloud saved some list progress. just incase anyone ever wonders about this game.
  16. It's all very straight forward. Unfortunately you'll need 3 playthru for each ending as just picking X choice at the end of won't necessarily prompt trophy unlock. You'll need to stick with (groups) people for there respective ending. People they have you play with before giving option to pick William or Emily's teams. Most kill relayed trophy's are straight forward. You'll get the 200 kill mark around the finnal stage of 3rd playthru. Bleeding and any dot is your friend. Defence is werid when you take cover always try to flank Final boss is easy encounter. Spam your snipers with +range or squad sight Spam X as you run around the map to find hidden resources / attachments they do somewhat show up on the screen. But blend into the surounding. There is a collectables guide on true achievements I used. Make sure to follow it step by step. If you miss even 1. It requires an entire do over. And they don't Cary acrost runs. Umm...hmmmm Anything specific? @MyNameIs_Rainman
  17. I'm glad it's coming to the west regardless. Still think Ill get two copy's lol. Just a matter of ordering it off play Asia before to long
  18. The remaster should be a separate list. If you go to the game on the site. And on the right. You'll see 'regions' / other versions ect. Should list PS4 as a standalone stack if it does. I have the remastered as well as original. But haven't looked into it my self. Just checked. Ps4 version is its own stack
  19. Really, well the I've been assuming wrong I thought it was the PS icon. Well the I've not seen Abit since two updates ago. Not since I purchased the game
  20. I did a 64 player map and found 7 players and rest were bots. ( I assume they are bots as I have cross play disabled and they had a internet icon next to there name) Alot of the bots seem to have player names. Leads me to think they went the rout of copy players behavior and imprint it into a a.i Some.of them destroy me. Lol
  21. This is a fun, but hard game that's for sure, And now they are adding DLC (hurray) i've only managed, on Custom game to win once - and that was with everything in my favor. all I can say is Streamlining for Automatons, and trying to stockpile food (at least in 1st scenario) seemed to be the "best" way for me to get to the end lol
  22. I'll try that one. Least it's not as bad as the 1st chivalry game Grinding that was mind numbing
  23. Looks like it's an option on PC, but yeah, no go for the PS4 Version, Most ive gotten i think in a 40 player mode was 36 kills and 49 Take downs, Doesn't help alot of the bots seem to have perfect counter, or just 1tap me lol
  24. I enjoyed the title..atleast the plat is avaliable. Does suck the dlc is fucked;. Just makes it like 1o games on my list I can't 100%;. Tho I kinda gave up 100% ever since mag was shut down lol
  25. So forever glitched 🏆 as the enthusiasm that guy had was ... overwhelming