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  1. I had even quit to menu. An typcialy if i Didn't quit to menu; i'd quit the title long after a checkpoint had been reached. Seems abit od. As in older cod games i never had this issue Thanks for the replys tho.
  2. I'm not sure if im missing something or not - I'm playing on Vet. - And have noticed. when i tell the game "resume Campaign" it always resets me to the start, Dispite when or were my last checkpoint was - Example - CH1 - I got to were ya need to main the MG40s to fend off some germens - but I had to go to work, So the game hit a check point, and i quit the application, Apon coming back home, And hitting "resume (Triangle)" it put me back on storming the beach
  3. Any idea if the MP in base game pre standalome will still be available I just saw this, havent touched rdr2 since launch.... And seeing standalone for Anything like this makes me think back to comrades ( ffxv) mp - became unavailable from base game.
  4. I see The New Avenger game (Delux) At like 35$ - but I haven't really seen anything super positive nor Negitive about the game, Aside from buggy trophys, and There mutiplay base diminishing - i played some of the Demo and it felt "meh" - but in Ya'lls Oppnion Is this Title worth the ~40$ (After Tax)?
  5. Oh lol i played sonata on 360 orginaly. So i had assumed lol. An ya i ment Z. Just was going off memory for what i have digitial on ps3 ( not much ) and my brain was just like " its the 2nd title so put a 2" lol
  6. So i thought i would play this on hardest setting. Thinking it would make getting a plat. On this game - 2 playthrus instead of maybe 3 or so. But holy hell. - on the 3rd elder greed lv 6-7. With may be 650-900 hp between all 3 current characters. Getting 1 shot Out side of learning there tail tail signs of attack and getting good - whats a good way to go about these fights. Also is there a way to see how much exp im getting from battles.. Re ran moonlit dungeon 4 times to get 1/4th exp bar x.x For being on calamity. Seems like exp yeld is quite minor
  7. Ok, heres my back log to work on. Im going be cheeky and put need for speed hot pursuit on here, as i got it from 70% base game to plat yesterday * unsure how to do spoiler tag* Finished: nfs:hp ( plat; dlc delisted) Started: Trails in cold steel - 8% Trails in cold steel II - 1% Project Diva F 2nd - 1% FFXIII-2. - 86% Dragons crown - 57% The witch and the hundred knight -21% Final fantasy x - 59% Final fantasy x-2 - 31% KH 1: - 5% KH 2: -23% KH birth by sleep: - 59% KH: re:chain of memory's: -7% Drakengard 3 - 32% Ratchet & clank collection 1: - 52% 2: - 11% Jack & dexter collection 2: -10% 3: - 5% Ni no kuni wrath of the white witch: 16% Skyrim: 28% Tales of symphonia: donw: 17% Tales of synphonia: 10% Sniper elite 3: 41% The awakend fate ultimatum: 22% Dragons dogma: 25% Star ocean: the last hope 1% Twisted metal: 15% Assassins creed rouge: 42% Assassins creed black flag:45% Deception IV: blood ties: 15% Tom Clancy: end war: 22% Yaiba: ninja gaiden z: 51% Fairy fencer f: 35% The guided fate paradox: 30% SSX:52% Aliter shallie: alchemist of the dusk sea: 5% White knight chronicals II: 10% Trinity Universe: 34% Watch Dogs: 94% Cross Edge: 21% Metal gear solid 4: 64% Grand turismo 6: 43% COD:MW 3: 44% Injustice gods among us: 61% Dynasty warriors 7: 27% Street fighter X tekken: 22% J-stars victory vs+: 36% House of the dead: over kill: 38% Diablo 3: ultimate edition: 72% Diablo 3: 89% 3D dot game hero:18% Terraria:80% Record of agrest war 2:19% LBP: special edition 10% Mass effect 1: 49% Mass effect 2: 21% Mass effect 3: 2% Marvel vs capcom 3: 20% CoD: Mw 2: 87% Time crisis razing storm: 13% TC4: arcade - 52% Sengoku basara: samurai heros: 34% Naruto ultimate ninja storm revolution: 43% Akibas strip: 61% Grand turismo 5: 26% Starwars: force unleashed:30% Dante inferno: 21% Tears to tiara II: 57% Disgaea 3: 7% Disgaea 4: 38% Prince of persia: 13% Dragon age origins: 10% Hyper neptuna V: 50% Just cause 2: 58% The last of us: 70% Ragnarok odyssey ace: 57% Disgaea D2 a brighter darkness: 77% Atelier totori: adventure of arland - 29% Hyperdemention neptunia mk2: 33% Bleach soul resurrection: 36% Trinity: souls of zill o'll: 15% Killer is dead: 45% Tails of xillia: 2% Rune factory: 13% Tails lf graces f: 21% Tails of zilla 2: 2% Atelier meruru: 40% Atelier ayesha: 4% Atelier escha & logy: 31% Mugen souls: 17% Time & eternity: 23% Metro last light: 64% Aegis of earth: 18% Tokoyo twilight ghost hunters: 35% Dmc devil may cry: 33% Project via F - 33% Yakuza dead souls: 50% Yakuza 4: 35% Metal gear solid 2: 57 Metal gear solid peace walker: 59% Tokyo Jungle: 14% Split second: 42% Not started: Star wars: the force unleashed II Prince of Persia the forgotten sands Prince of persia the sands of time Prince of persia warrior within Prince of persia the two thrones Ratchet & clank 3 Eternal sonata Silent hill 2 Silent hill 3 Mugen souls 2
  8. Well perfect! When i manage to down a bit o coffee i shale post my dreadfull list.
  9. I just got back into clearing some ps3 titles be for seeing this lol, is it too late to join up Heaven knows my backlog is atrocious ( ive some titles 9+ years hardly started and keep buying more)
  10. That's disappointing. I just came back to the game, with the remaster goals to 100% it.. ( even bought a 2nd copy to boost mp) to find the dlc is gone Also Looks like i just missed kingdom of amalur dlc too -.- found a ps3 copy around the time remaster was droped. And never looked to grab dlc ( didnt think it would be delisted as Its single player title) Epic lame sauce
  11. This video helped alot im on yr4 roughly. An following your steps i went from yelding 10-16 to 65-70. Just unlocked seed sorting so lol see what happens next round
  12. Might be a necro bump. But yes lol. Its working for me atm lol. Lv 85. Cleaning up side missions post game for training partners.
  13. So as soon as I found out bout the clousers. I jumped back into vx. To do comrades Now. Aside from some afking. Ive dumped 20 hours of ffxv comrads in the last 4 days. Ive lost count of how many missions ive done. But i went from lv 2. To 40... And still no kenny.. Aside from what guide says. Is there anyother way to get kenny to spawn?
  14. Had just hit Level 42... It jumped me to 508... and ive been playing playstation solid for a good 8 years >_>; yeesh as for Ranking on the site, It did jump me 590 Global / 150 local, but after it reballanced, I was up 320 Global 100 Local still... When i saw 508 the other night, i thought my playstation was just being werid because my net was gliching out x-x
  15. Glad im not the only one wondering wtf happened Jumped up 580 global. Putting me around 9k rank and 150 local putting me close to 2k I know ive spent my last few days off getting lot of trophys. Lol but ive never seen it go up or down, more then 20 spots before Wonder if ill be ranked abit higher once all this is recalibrated, since plats are now nearly worth 2x more? Lol
  16. Allo all. So i finally bit the bullet an ordered a PS VR via amazon. ( iron man bundle ) And im looking for some suggestions. I have RE7 and ace combat 7 ( i read its vr capable) an im going to grab beat saber. As well as owning gun grave VR. Aside from that. Looking for suggestions. Was thinking arizona sunshine. Anything hack n slashy or what have ya.
  17. Yah finding the sweet spot is abit tricky. Eather i have my eyes pressed aganst the lense. Or its abit blurry. Even with wearing my glasses. Tho seeing the brim of my glasses doesn't help w the immersion so i play w.o them most the time I did notice, cleaning the lenses at each break did improve visuals.
  18. I was just going off my understanding an what i red eles were. I was avg. 350-500 after 1~2 days offline w 1 strong hold. Was offline for 3 years an came back to 500 scrap max again. 1 strong hold. ( now have 2 w the survey crew still haven't gotten over 500. But getting higher amounts in shorter time) đŸ¤· (Edit:) also only took maybe 12 days to get the 2k offline scrap challange done for my self.
  19. Well so far im loving the VR, only issue im having is with dead zones... When facing the camra.. ( main culprit is TWD onslaught...) And it was giving bad motion sickness when rotating ( found option to help w MS) After playing TWD:onslaught Iron man Beat saber Gungrave vr UN. ( so disappointing glad i got it for 8$ months ago) Id say this is a blast experiance. Got Till you fall and TWD: saints & sinners to try as well as SW squadrons ( i know limited VR support) I want to try arizona sunshine as well Ill look into pistol whip I enjoy rythem games
  20. Hit me up for torch light 2. I got afew hardcore toons im derping with. That aside, Im waiting for this one. Lol trophys look easy as it stands Vs games like daiblo 3 đŸ˜‚
  21. Not 100% sure if i got this ( just got up) In my stats, i have 93 locations completed. Reaper of harvest shows 57/191 So i do (max - remaining to get to 191 = completed ) So... 227-134 = 93. It should show 93 in completed location's for a non gliched save?
  22. The cap is 500 scrap 1 crew takes 24hr to collect 500. 2 crews would dock that to ~22 hr 3 crews would lower it to about 20hr So w 3 crews. Getting 500 scrap every ~20 hr. Would take bout 5 days I avg. W/ 1 crew. 350-500 after being offline for alil over a day. Min. Amount taken would take 5-7 days w max crews 1.5 week max w 1 crew booting up each day just to collect scrap an going right back offline. ( about how long it took me)
  23. Ill have to peak into this. An see if my file has gliched. As i picked up from a old 2017 save from the cloud. N Only just started grabbing the scavenging spots. Started checking w 18/191. Now im about 60/191 w all of jeets and 1/2 of guts territory picked clean. Hopefully im in the clear. As finnished the 500 n 2000 scrap collected after bout a week ( just working on the 500 scrap scavenged from clean up crews now as unsure if that one counts. Twards the online challages.
  24. I got noelle and then. Beidou. With the promotional pulls. Droped about 60 for giggles an because i want dulic... And got Xangqui Ningguang Barbara Cnongyung And 2 other ice supports whos name escape me. Ima put off blasting more cash at this game for a bit Its very fun so far.
  25. It looks VR compatible. VR isn't req. So can play w. Or w.o