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  1. I lucky. After 518 steps on the lv 27 free roam map. And leveling up my new unit whom has experiance tp skill. I went to fiel or w.e green nations called. Highest rep w them. Got short sights on 1st attempt. Hope this saves time lol. Thou have hardly played game since launch. Only maybe 6 story missions In ( req. Lv 20)
  2. Ya i poped in did tortorial and played abit thou i got crushed alot by new joining ppl or being only lv 13 w seemingly out dated loadouts. Had a laugh tho
  3. Ive not touched this since a few months of launch. Im shocked its nearly been 2 years. Well its a great game. ( thou i had bad luck w comunity (ps3 at the time so no voip) Was thinking of gettn back in to it now w alienation on ps4+ this month. My question is. Should i just play it on ps4. Does progress/ trophys unlock evenly among both copys ( as im unsure if they share same list. Or if gettn x troph on ps4. Then loading ps3 ver. Would re pop troph. ) Is the comunity still kicking? ( doesnt matter to much imho i played alot of this solo) * if the responces are to my liking. Might seek out some peeps to crack out on this for reasions
  4. Ive done well over 60 wins in pvp dominiation. Some times winning 5-7 matches a day. Same w skirmish an elmination. Still have only poped domination related pvp trophys. As this was main game mode i played since beta ( cant do pvp dule or brawl. As it seems everyone is sheild bash happy. And constant stun lock is agraving)
  5. Is it wrong to pick up girls in dungeons Wasnt expecting this anime to be as good as it was. Fair amount of drama. Harem. Sci fi greek/norse mythos. With a splash that felt like .hack (orginal) 2nd seasion started april. Sadly is a pre quil. Will how ever watch an support. In hopes of more
  6. Awsome. So you can basicly 6man it to end of game. Then suit up 4 psi ops + commander shepard. And get the few n proud Im taking a break from xcom atm alilen dlc wrecked my save even thou i didnt get option to enable encounters out. ( only gave option on rookie) But also atemping to bust out kill alien on 1st encounter ( working on top upgraded gear + flame rounds/grenades. I hear flame dmg tics for more on alien lords an w there bs move spamming shouldn't be hard. Almost got lucky w a over watch spam encounter knocking out most hp. But then he had like +100 dodge as even point blanks were <50 and missing. Bad save and he got away with 6hp. Couldnt recreate kept going into a burning r.v blind spot oh well
  7. Is armello still unobtainable? Picked it up a while back. Well ive not played too much. It is fun and would enjoy the plat. Saw somewere it was re patched to fix broken trophy. Just a bit unsure And toy solders toybox edition (sp) Challenger trophy : wish ubi or who ever woulda fixed. Put a damper on that game when i found out. What a disapntment. 😣
  8. Ive not really played since launch. Tempting to go back an see if my stats reset. Thou. I didnt play too much. Felt like others were playing cheep or flat out cheating. When a jeep nearly 1 shots a fresh spawned tank. With basic weapon. Makes me wonder
  9. Most recent would be darksiders furys collection. Never got around to playing it on ps3. Thought i had #1 for a little Currious about arsland warriors. As no game store has it instock since release. And i cant be bothered for digital download
  10. This might help. Dev. Added some tips for stage 3. From what i can tell. You need to research enemey skills and have all 3 sententals (tanks w.e) Leveled for the 3rd boss. Keep an eye on pattern and switch when needed. Abit likr longue from ff13
  11. Not sure i didnt realise how few had this game ( Its werid af) have only played like 5 levels. Might get back in to it ill post again. If i ever get that far
  12. It's grundy alright. I didn't have a dam clue as to most the game. Got to ch 5. 15 Hours in. ( kept getting lost lol) Reset. Now I'm. Back at ch5 higher lv far more support% ( pushing 100k) as missed a but ton of quests with 1st round. Been skipping killz for sake of getting story fin. Quicker If you just want trophys and don't care about story holding/ spamming R2 Will expedite things. ( cut nearly 10 Hours between two saves) Also usa mugen souls my god the grind. Assuming you can be botherd to play more then a few hours in a sitting ( not even thought of playing 2nd. Might buy for novility. If i can find it) White knight chronicals another uber grindy game due to no mp. Still fun.
  13. Not sure if its legit or not.. Ive read that if you demo your gwt it removes squad upgrade size and kicks you to default. Unsure how reliable this is ( once i clear my july 1st trophy ima load previous save and see if it works) Just saying this as a potental option to make game a little easyer
  14. Yea. I put this game away. Thou might return i found out only 4 people worked on the port. Looking at the %'s eather people gave up or this game was never patched aside from 1 patch that was suposed to fix frames. ( barely fixed frames and nothing eles from memory) Idk if i wana put my self thru hell with the game again. Hell loading 1st stage over n over again only to redo tutorials heh. Thou iirc stage 3 is great for sigil farming.
  15. So I just crafted every "Synergy Sigil" avalable to make and yet the Trophy did not pop for me - I re loaded the game and did it again, im 110% sure I crafted each one as my "Journal " lists me haveing all 12 as well as having the Components in my invintory Or am I missing something? This is the count I came up with -- Lighting elemental and storm elemental seem to be the same thing Just named diffrently? *component says one thing the Unlock synergy says another* the + is how many i have Undead Hulk + Ice Elemental ++ Lighting Elemental Pustulent Corps + Maw of the abyss + ice storm ++ frostburn Vortex + Firery Golem + flaming Zombie + Meteor Storm + singularity + Supernova ++ Storm elemental ++ Am I missing somethihg As well as - For a mouthful Im unsure as to how many vortexes you need to do in one sitting, Ive done all 6 in one go, - but Do i re run them, Or do i re load the room and Start fresh I know only 1 person has the 2 trophys i asked about (so far) but If anyone has any idea that would be great
  16. Im able to log into the servers. But i get ( campaign is in cease fire mode. Please wait a few min. And try again) Then it boots me to main menu. Followed by ( servers are down) 2 mins later I'm able to log back in.. Lol Wonder if this game is stil viable I've had it for ages. Just the mp was always so unstable.
  17. I hope so... Im Tired of Falling thru the floors in portal maps or the system crashing, but this game has been out on PC for a good 2 years. - So If they were going to fix it, it probably would have been fixed by now. even thou PS4 is a port, a shit one at that - they have had time to fine tune it
  18. yes. I was on Fairy, That then became Sylph - Character name Black mist - And I was Lvl 99 everything Aside from COR - I really hated that job
  19. Yeah I was going thru steam and checking all kinds of other fourm as this game was Released 2 years ago (Buggy Port I find my self Crashing or Falling thru the map when I do the NGP+ portals I did all 6 Vortexes in one sitting, and It gave me (challenge Accepted ) - I'll Keep trying lol Also Whats with this "New game +" Its bogus, All the mobs from Stage 1 to Finnal level have Easly 100k-200k Hp And suddently my spells are doing nothing Example Fire + corruption was netting me a good 24-30 k dmg, now im lucky to break 2k also makes Sigil farming even more annoying - *sigh* Might have to just not beat the game on another toon and farm stages instead of end game *shrugs* Since over killing seems just too much when the mobs have 5 times more HP then the damage you can do It's like this game suddently became The Division
  20. The Drop rates in frames, Screen tearing and Lag, and System crashes does make this game hard to Plat - On top of Not knowing how many 'vortex portals' you need to clear in one go to get the Mouthful trophy - and the # of kills needed for Each Sigil - (You can combine 3 in to one kill but You need to over kill about 2k tottal Per its an Ok game. but you would think the port would be more polished after the PC Ver has been out nearly 2 years Also Haveing beaten the 1st boss on Bad ass, - and having another character on (normal) - seemed to cause a conflict with system data and prevents the game from booting up - caused me to make a new file all together This game is a jumbled mess
  21. So Im reading that in order to get 100% Compleation with Terra and Van i need to fight the -end game- bosses. - Although I can't figure out how to access Vanitas Lingering Spirit (VLS ) No matter where I look, All I can find are Guides on how to beat him with X character, gear set up, level, excetra (almost killed him with Raid strike w Aqua for lol'z) What I can't figure out. is when i beat the game with any of the toons, I don't get a "NG+" Icon connected to the save profile. and when i load the End Credit Save file, Im just put back in the fissuer and nothing's changed. - am i to do something diffrent? Also, With Aqua, once you unlock Finnal mission - you can't go to Radiant gardens with out triggering the finnal boss fight, correct? is there no way around this? - since I noticed I'm missing 1 sticker and 2 chests from there. Granted I can go back on my Other (Aqua) File and get them, but it just feels so tedious to do so, seeing as "finnal episode" Aqua has all Stickers/chests aside from the ones on RG. but that's off topic. (And i lose about 20 levels Lol) -As stated, I can't figure out how to access VLS, with Terra or Van. And I don't get a "NG+" stamp for beating the game with there files... unless, I need to fight there repsected boss fights again -now that I have the game @ 100% Compleation (for story) but that wouldn't make much sence... Even though if i do manage to unlock VLS. I'lll need +25-30 levels seeing as they are only in the mid 30s and i was playing on Critical) - nor do i fancy re-playing start to finnish on a beginner setting to make it easyer on my self, (not that it's a bad game, I just have other things i could be doing) - Sorry for bad spelling or the fact that I repeat my self, it's a bad manureism
  22. I Played it alittle about a month ago - And Servers were still up for me, Just couldn't find a match (To bad they didnt add VS AI to the MP, slight over sight, for when MP Dies out) I Would love to Boost some of the MP trophys if Anyones Up for it - I know it would be a pain. (few years ago tryed to do it on XBOX, And would Always DC mid match) -- but ya, Long rant - lol last time i Played TC:EW servers were still going for PS3 but not Xbox
  23. Waiting for Type-0

  24. I'll be picking this up the moment the doors open. Can't wait the list does look easy, and im likeing that it doesn't look too grindy (Like FF 13 my god i put that game down after Accadently deleteing wrong save file like 4? years ago ) regaurdless if it -is- grindy or not, im sure i'll enjoy it ~ I've enjoyed every FF game i have played (played all of them cept the moble spins, and Gamecube/Wii ones)