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  1. Leviathan was nice for kills. Decent exp I still found the 2nd bridge in the mines that spawns about 36 skeletons to be a good chunk. Esp if ya have the x2 exp lp accessory ( idk when i got mine but had it durring leviathan) Clear 2nd map's undead. Cleae bridge undead. Clear 3rd rooms undead. Back track back to 2nd room ( one w split. Turn off gambits an flee to half wat in. Return to 2nd bridge, an 15-20 should respawn. With the 2 rooms next to 2nd bridge. (6 undead) and bridge. You should be at chain 47. By then Edit lol didnt actually read op till now as originally posted at work last night
  2. I spent a good 3 hr in the burbura mines Lv 10 to 21. Have been plowing game since
  3. When i get home ill get the proper link 1/2 links in jp. So c.p wont cp. Odds are the post above most likely have info needed
  4. On mobile. I c/p from browser. Ill have to dbl check Its been working for me at home I got my link from gamefaqs.
  5. Hear ya there and the 10k kills Im at maybe 1500... Trying to fight as much as possible but ugh. I think doing co op attacks and side missions get you trust Awsnering girls correctly as well. If you 5* all girls then you technicaly lock true end. According to a jp site im useing for awnsers. I got 3* coo yul and amel Chrome will auto translate to your language. Would put into a c/p pad. Trying to load on a mobile is a joke And a c.p pad would be easyer when ya need to get responce Translation is broken at best but patch work thinking ya can pice it together
  6. From my understanding the traitor is going to be Whoever has four plus Stars of trust and you have to tell them during a event but even if they were the traitor you would back them all the way and then that locks you into the true story ending unsure whether or not the investigations help I'm told you have to get at least three of them correct out of 4 in my file it's looking like coo be the traitor however I already told I that if she was to trade her I'd back her best bet would be to save before doing interviews and then play two chapters ahead and see who turns out to be the traitor and then reload your save. Like from my first interview then traded it being Kenji or whatever the laundry boy name is plus the Traders always going to be female and you can have Kana do inquiries and investigations to get you more Intel to help find the traitor this is what I've read so far I myself am unsure I'm only at chapter 6
  7. From what i've read. Before ch9 You need to max out "affinity" or evaluation with one of the girls. And get a special cg. Triggers the flag to go into true ending *has something to do w who the trator is as pointed out around ch3
  8. So the other day well at work, i recived a message from another ps user. Offering boosting services for need for speed. Particularly for the gold prestige run trophys. For cash. Found this.. Werid as ive barely started the game. Has any one eles recived something like this. And i dought it would be aganst playstation ( soe?) Guide lines when it comes to accessing others accounts; so reporting it seems pointless. *shrugs*
  9. Ya web broswer sorry shoulda been clearer. Tricky how its super compacted. And a 10" phone screen vs 40" tv. Makes a difference
  10. Got one 3 days ago. No thanks. Paid enough for the game. Trophys are free
  11. Ah didnt see other fourm sorry for making new one. Mobile is tricky to navigate
  12. I wanted to punch him But thought i would chime in. Juuust incase this is a legit trophy pop error. As its happened to me before
  13. May or may not be relivent. Something akin to this happened w my friends game tag ( on xbox) I spent months getting all border land trophys to pop he logs into his account fires up dlc and he gets all dlc instantly. Same thing happened to me playing one of the transformer games. Friend beat it on his system i loaded my psn into his ps3. And started. Soon as i started 1st mission trophys for beating game on x difficulty poped. Werid things happen
  14. there's at least +10 new trophy's added according to steam - (7 hidden) could be add on related as iirc, none of the base +2 expantions had hidden unlocks
  15. only benifit of not getting sooner, would be cheeper games lol
  16. Lots of Good Recomendations, I have 1 of the Ys games on my pc, Was thinking o gettn ys7, - Ill deffently pick up the tales games, and yeah ill see what i can find pre ownded around me - as for the vita price, even pre owned, at ma n pa shop its pushing 150 bucks, and i dont trust craigs list to pick one up there,
  17. Yeah i'm unsure my self Ive done all quests. According to a secret zone guide ive 1-2 places to unlock. Assuming that causes battles to open up.... I know the post game dungeons unlock alt. Mirages. Just beat true end. That finnal fight atb speed omg.. Steam rolled everything eles but dam.. Edit. Checked avalabe battles. 9 unlocked once. Finnal fight was done.
  18. Did All the Coliseum fights, and trophy did not pop so I think I'm missing something I've checked a few forms IGN and a few game Guides Online and I have more fights than they do they're all finished but for some reason the trophy did not pop can anyone list all the fights in requirements to unlock so I can double-check
  19. I'd Like to get down on this, because Reasons, lol I wanna 100% all the FF Games as they are my fave -- TO bad i can't bring over my 360 completion of 13 saga I don't really wana redo 13... (-2 and lighting return are ok thou) off the top of my head, I have the following: Final fantasy VII platnum Final Fantasy XIV platnum Final Fantasy XV platnum Final Fantasy Type-0 Platnum -- working on world of FF - x/x-2 13-2 and when it drops, 12 remake
  20. Yeah I was typing to fast, Lol - No desk and the darn keyboard is on my lap, ~ 9 Was amazing but your right, ~ 8 is just confusing.. but still great ~We shale see what happens-
  21. Going nigh 2 years, You think.. they could be bothered to fix a line of code sheesh Its a fun game, sure, bugy as fuck as the MP always gliched on me when i played it, but yea would be nice to be able to plat.. I stoped playing a month in, and I refuse to buy UBI soft anymore, (Saying this.. i did buy Rainbow 6 yr 2, or w.e ... and more crap all the same lol)
  22. Ahh, shame, but ya Deffently! with FF 12 Remake comingout, (and 7 when im 102 years old and it launches for the 1000th time on the Playbox 3500 Atari edition) - Could you link me to the thingy, dispite having a PSNP account for ages, Ive only recently became active on the fourm, P.S : FF 8 / 9 Remake w Trophy support :Q (and More Tatics titles)
  23. Hey If still possible, I'll join, - got game when it came out, but havent played since, idk were in story i am, but I just know im too weak (Might use this 45k exp trick i saw on front page -- x3 Maybe ) **want to plat all possible FF Titles, Got 7 14 and 15 done so far
  24. Hotline miami 😂