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  1. I was idle a few times for upwards of 10-12 hours well at work. Never got dc from a game. But it always kicked me to log in screen when id return home an finnish stage and re log me in.
  2. All day today and yesterday; I've been getting the Check network connection Cant connect to network Eventhou im online Ive reset all but modem having no connection issues on anything eles. Unsure how to solve this. Lol 10 days till shut down. Gotta get a mana stone asap for awaken item
  3. It's a clunky souls clone has 3 classes with decent line up of weapons and bosses. 1st run is abit hard, narrow halways an a fair bit of back tracking Story is abit loose. Its been bout 5 years since i played it. An i can't remember anything aside from a guy name Andreas? And being an exilem Game has 3 endings and ng++ (optional) to have a character with basicly all 3 class perks * game start. Warrior theif cleric Ng+ add one of the remaining 2 Ng++ add final role card Ng+ or ng++ would be req. To plat. Some bosses drop orange (legendary) rolls of there weapon depending on how ya beat them I.e. 0 armor / damage taken +60 seconds to kill Kill w element Kill w.o blocking/using sheild Destory adds Ect.. Its fun to mix up the gauntlet you get. Your "ranged weapon" modded mine into a flimsy grenade launcher. All n all its a ok title.
  4. I feel this hahah "11:59 trophy pops" "phew" Lol! Got a streek going wana see how long i can keep it up
  5. Good ta know! Only on ch3 an some just are brutal on uber
  6. Mp is rather lively depending on server regions. Theres also a wide array of boosting groups for this game. As ya need perstige 8 for dlc cosmetics trophys Can average 1 perstige every 4-5 hours w boosting sector control Otherwise N.A servers are rather lively mid day. Asia servers are borderline dead an used for controled boosting. Unsure about E.U or other servers
  7. Ya when i 1st went there. Nothing rendered. Blew off doors. But blank base. Fell thru map reloaded 2nd time triggered flags. Killed every thing Saved kid Skipper'd the " go to x camp tell em D'can sent ya" blah blah Annd nothing lol finnished game and everything eles. As of most recent patch This missions still buggard. Eather i wait till ng+ and plow thru the game. Assuming i keep weapons/camp lv/player lv/bike. Or in a year o so might start a fresh save. Lol..
  8. So from what i understand this is a main storyline quest and apart of " protecting the weak" I cleared the camp. And saved the kid. But i skipped the cinimatic of me saving him. Didnt think anything of it as its same mumbo jumbo they all say when ya save them. Tho this is the only bit i skiped in the entire game thus far. So fast forward. I've cleared the story; post game cleaning up collectable trophys and what not But i can't provress dimond lake camp encampment quests for "marauder camp hunter". As the quest giver just has the " job in progress " icon Thou at one point it said return job. But wouldnt alow me to turn in the quest. Does anyone know of a work around or anything? *** Edit: So i went back to the 1st clue for the quest; to track it to the marauder camp... Saved and reset game. Now the quest went from " locate an rescue whats his face" To find the camp. Well I'm standing in the middle of the camp. Its still marked on world map. But nothings here Will note that 1st time here before i encounterd this camp. It was gliched and abandoned/ i fell thru the world This section seems rather bugged I'ma keep tweaking things to see if i cant fix this thou highly unlikely Edit 2: i saved inside the camp were eathen Ross was. Quick saved and reset ps4. Now i have a quest marker as if the quest reset its self. At the location of the 1st searchable Might have forced it to fix its self I also uploaded quick save to cloud. Unsure if this would have an impact on it.
  9. Good ta know the game is 100%able Plan on getting it tomarrow
  10. The in game tracker is nice was happy to see it Thou sad to learn ya can just link epic accounts to auto pop... Ive been at it on an off since the game launched early accesss. So like 2 yearz? Lol talk about a bummer. *im lazy thou lol 10k surviors 1k. 20k mist monster im at like 8. 500k structures built im maybe round 50
  11. Yeah I thought about doing a fresh run, but ... I mean... Ehhhhhh... It's nota bad game, but... Ehhhhh.... After doing Everything as it is, i'll just wait for NG+ / hope for a patch by mid june. (When NG is said to be droping ) assuming a patch isn't put into place to fix this bug. Thanks to the Bug how ever, I decided to make This games Plat #100. beacause 1%er Seems... fitting...
  12. So ive speared 55 "hanging bodys" in the krypt according to the stat tracker. And the trophy hasn't poped. Do the bodys actually have to be hanging to count? I know i got a few impaled targets thruout goros lair. So they " technically " weren't hanging.. Or is this one potentially buggy Never mind.. It poped in the middle of a tower run... Took 20 some mins to register...
  13. Yea eather a whole nother playrhru Or i wait for a patch lol Oh well
  14. Yaa more stable But menus felt alot clunkyer I'm having minor delays with swaping screens/loading shop data
  15. Hmhmm ya im on 1.07 atm. Its now just telling me to find the camp Camps ofc found and eliminated. But i can't do nada. Litterly last trophy i have to finnish game heh Started a new save. Figure might be quicker to just re play vs wait for potental fix. As i dont need to focus much on any side obj. Aside from encampments.. How ever... Skipped starting 7 cinimatics so far... Riding w boozer.... Have been on a loading screen for 20 mins... *sigh* Closed game.. Because loading got hung up and it blue screened ps4.. ( 2nd one in 3 hours. Last one was from manual save. Good game but blah now i encounter the buggys X(
  16. Hmm yeaa i could see server side authentication relay cauing delays.
  17. Yea aside from ooc. Resetting game to interact with quest objectives; falling thru map in some locations and currently unable to finnish 'didnt want to join up" encampment quest Games great. And i would love more.
  18. Ya i was used to the 5-25 second delay on ps3. But almost every title ive played on ps4 have poped instantly-6 seconds. Maybe 10 Even on glich fest games like litchdom battle mage... 20 mins thou is just insane. I ran 3 more towers. And entered/left krypt enough to spawn 6 more "bodys" to spear... I coulda turned off game/system an potentaly locked it for good *shrugs* Oh well.
  19. Why is every one useing this character. Out of almost 50 some matches. Everyone has picked him. And they all do the same stunlock heavy knockback tackel combo, and if they aren't repeating the same combo every one is using. They are turtled up and gaurding to were When you try to break there gaurd they drop kick you into the only combo they know.. And if its not erron black its. Noob saibot spamming the same throw warp combo. I get it Use what works I mainly use scorpion and have only manage to learn 1 combo profecently but its rather weak. I try to string diffrent moves together. But ya i duno Just frustrating Like. Everyone useing the same build on a mmo... Lol
  20. I was useing fire blade enhancement ( back down circle) with the spiral chain combo x2 Hell port R1 upper cut spiral chain R1 low kick hell port It let me chain decently but was easy to interrupt Ill practice w scarlet. I find her fun with blood magic.
  21. Ive managed to punish that a few times. But my timing is off.. Most noob saibots ive encountered - warp throw combo into shadow clone spam about a 8-10 hit combo. I found a guy who was same.skill lv ad me and thats when i had most fun lol.
  22. Thats good ta know. *in the southern area havent hit any nests so lol*
  23. Typically in burned out nests kinda looks like a pile of sand/gunpowder. Unsure if it's a glich. But when i unlocked the "improved cross bow" ( had the early access pre order) or when i changed from having xbow to a sniper special weapon. I lost all residue ingredients i had collected. So just bear that in mind. I've no clue if nests ever Respawn.
  24. Oh ok i didn't even see them! Haha. Ya i played mk 1 an recognise alot of the areas. Just wasnt too keen on the directions
  25. So im alittle confused. What chests do you walk to? The ones with shau kong head? I think I've already punched all the heads on the chests ive found. Even thou I've not the hearts to open said chests.