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  1. Just wondering Havent heard much bout this title aside from its dark souls esk. Watched the trailer. Made me think more dishonored
  2. Ive played to the 2nd boss. On hard. Its no joke. But a nice challange
  3. Hahah for real tho. Lol - I shale!
  4. More rusty then new I used to be amazing at it back in the day mk1 street fighter alpha tekken 3 Just messed up joints and aged controller doesnt help None the less! Its fun! ** mk9. Made me rage quit on 360 with all the juggle
  5. I figured that would be the case w Fatalitys unlocking shows combo once i saw a.i doing 2-4 diffrent ones. ( cage likes to alternate his..) I was so happy to see MK1/MK2 variants of the fighters. As well as all the throw backs to the movies and dreamcast / older / n64 ect titles. Would be amazing if we got every fighter added in the history of mk. With timeline manipulation. It would be possible Each one with there on 5-10 fight story arc. / tower.
  6. Just throwing this out there It seems your a.i battes can use Fatalitys youve not unlocked. And they count twards the trophy progression.. Thought id mention that. Should make things all around abit easyer. So ya dont gotta unlock 2 Fatalitys for every one.
  7. Just got cages trophy for his fatality xp Also You can enable A.I battle for towers. And set it on very easy - very hard. And let the a.i farm towers. ** klasic towers so far that I've tryed it in* With a turbo controler you could essentially do this in your sleep with X spammed. * thou its fun to play them normal But if ya become burned out. Well there ya go* Well thats good to know I haven't gone guide looking lol. Litterly just played 10 hours an went to bed after my fourm post
  8. I spent like 5hr in tutorial; still a few example combos i can't pull off lol Story is imo amazing.
  9. Just cause 4 is tempting. But ehh~
  10. A bit farther then me lol. I wanted some op gear to smash the story with Thou ugh etna seems so dam weak i swear she was abit stronger
  11. I play on ps3. I still need the co op blarga But ive done a fair share. And its solid. My recommendation... Farm 1st mission Ita boreing and god dam repetitive... But you can clear it in about 30-45 seconds depending on load times. If 1 person moves to 2nd zone and clears well 1 person mops 1st zone. Roughly 1 full mission Load lobby Select/start mission Load mission Start mission Finnish Result screen Yes/no save screen Load lobby Then loop 200 times. 1-1:30 a "loop" Maybe take 3 hours. Mor o less
  12. Omg i want! After mask of truth/ deception I've wanted another Also looks like a pre-quil is coming early 2020. Staring hakuowl ( sp ). * link was on pre order Page for this
  13. Its been 3 years or so since ive touched ff14. I've been dying to scrach that fantasy itch.. Ff11 is abit to dead and solo'able for my liking ( after 13 years on that) So ima deffenitly try for day 1 launch But i gotta lot to catch up on ahah Cant recall how far i was into post story. 3~ months before stormbringer droped.
  14. Trophys do seem to be buggy; Been using a silenced pistol and hunting rifle since the start. The "sneaky" trophy: 20 kills w silenced weapon poped well mowing down a hord of runners with a smg. No silencer. Killing xyz amount of targets with x weapons seems to be buggy as well. As game recorded me killing a good 80 bots in one session and all i was useing was shot gun and pistol. Most story related content is " host progress only" Killing x amount of y target also seems iffy. Im 99% sure I've taken down 20 harvesters with friends. Thou i am starting to think you need to score the final hit for credit. World missions an side missions seem to be progress for all. Says in the log what missions are host side only I was told future patches will add more mob types and supposedly future content will unlock the rest of the upper left map~ * as if it wasn't huge already
  15. Fair warning. Playing with friend in co-op and some trophys such as 1st blood and assist are not poping. Got disconnected from friend due to a crash on there end and all locations collectable/lootable reset. Lost progress on a few collectables Thou everything has a map tracker for locations on what area has what remaining to find.
  16. Looks easyer then steams list Going to be fun. Cant wait
  17. Game Stop employee told me that after april 1st; they wont have any more digital codes Only games they are able to even pre order for digital is days gone and one other game. Unsure if this is an elaborate april f joke. But *shrugs* tis wit it is
  18. Yup i was in item world; poped an innnosent. Lv 5. And they poped. Oh well ~ still enjoy disgaea Hope they remake #2 and the psp spin offs into 1 disk And expand the anime lol
  19. I would assume so.. As iirc 2nd season just adds more content/enemey factions. Atleast acording to the roadmap posted on neocore fourms months ago. Althou i cant say for sure as i quit the game 3 mo. After launch due to buggy mess of bugs. Gliches an system crashes and devs lack of communication
  20. Finnaly got the leinfeild R11. Rank 5 weapon. And double checked lists... I have all the royal weapons and all weapons researched. How ever the medal/trophy for all infantry weapons didnt pop? What am i possibly missing? I even re ran every misson to kill all aces to ensure i had all ace weapons Only ones i dont have are the bonus story/dlc ( A captain less squad) weapons. Rifle: Lenfeild m14 Brown m10 Gallian-s23 Lenfeild R1 Gallian-X1R Gallian-A10R Gallian-X20R Leinfeild R11 - ZM kar 1(e) ~ 7(e) ( 2 copys of 3 an 4 ) Gallian-X5D. ------ Assault: Robinson m104 Reising m9a10 Mags m23 Robinson m91r Zm mp 1(e) Maj-x m1r Resing m9a1r Maj-x m30r Robinson m101r Zm mp2(e)~7(e) Reising m9a5d Lancer: M2eq-14 Sb9-10 Lancaar-sh m23 Lancaar m1r Vb pl 1(e) M2eq-5r Sb9-7r Vb pl 2(e)~4(e) Vb pl 1b(e) Vb pl 2b(e) Vb pl 5(e) Vb pl 3b(e) Sb9-5d Sniper: Lf wasp no.14 Ls-asr no. 10 Gsr-33 Lf wasp no. 1R Brondel m101xr Lf-asr no. 1r Gautt r Lf wasp no. 11r Zm sg 1(e) ~ 6(e) Zm sg X(e) Mortar: Sanders m14 Elias ma13 Hartman ms13 Hartman ms1r Vb gw 1(e) Sanders m3R Elias ma4r Sandars m8r Heartman ms10r Vb gw 2b(e) Vb gw 3(e) Vb gw 4b(e) Vb gw 5(e) Vb gw 6(e) Vb gw 7b(e) Thats every weapon i have. In desending order.. Ive re ran missions to try to trigger event When i unlocked the leinfeild r11 I had obtained the medal for all squad members at corporal. Unsure if earning this medal would invalidate the all weapons medal.. Any help is welcome Edit: After tripple checking spread sheet i found i was missing zm sg 5.. So.. Ya got them all now~ platnum obtained X.x almost as annoying as valkyria revolution
  21. So i swear, I've done every mission A rank. Main/squad/skirmish. Still dont have access to purchace rank 5 royal weapons. Farming 15a. For the last weapon *kill all tanks *kill all aces ( giving me 2 weapons at victory) keep reloading. Going to atempt - "capture all bases" see if that awards another weapon. But after reloading for 10 mins Im getting all but the scout rifle... X weapon times 2. Or 2 diffrent weapons. But not the renfeild R11.. Does this weapon just have the lowest % to Rng?
  22. Might need remember to launch this game before work/bed to grind the 100 hr. As schedule leaves little downtime
  23. Huh? Well it turned out. My save file was made well "offline" Mid 2015. That' was after the transfering patch. So gotta do clean playthru on vita anyway lol
  24. So how does this work Ive read various methods but none really descriptive Tryed to transfer via cloud. Vita wouldn't detect cloud Tryed via ps+ cloud save system to system. Vita cant seem to read ps3 files. Tryed to wifi connect to ps3 with game running under transfer menu. Couldnt detect ps3. Do i need both copys of the game ps3/vita running to transfer?
  25. So i havent played since late nov. An only made it to lv 18. Leving seems to be a chore in this.. ( im most likely doing something wrong) But im noticing bad server connection. Like every 15-30 mins im droped or disconnected. Is this commonplace?