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  1. Im in pst. I work graves so typically off work around then xD. Buuut days off mean i can play alll night. Xp Good to know peeps.
  2. Just curious how dead the mutiplayer is. Or is it possible to unlock mp progression vs bots ( read bots were an option. Unsure if pc exclusive thou didnt exactly say)
  3. More or less i wana enjoy every faset of the game Plat/100% Is a bonus along the way
  4. Sure! I only just got the whole 'privite camp' system to work as a few friends an i tryed a year ago an could never find each other. Kenny is all ive left. Ill have to check schdule Im at like 38 hrs made 8 weapond. Farmed 300k gil and idled a good 8 hrs lol
  5. So im assuming im doing this wrong. Or the games just dead. I've been trying to do the dlc game modes. But every game i get into is empty servers. - Are ppl just playing the base game?
  6. Well good to know. Ïve spent 3 days downloading on grandmas potato wifi well House sitting lol! Maybe I'll make a boost group for it when I've some time off. Thanks for the replys. Sidenote. Lol I've not played a doom game since. 95. Pc floopy disks
  7. ya I've tried the daily spam. Unfortunately i seem to be working at peek times lol Maybe I'll get lucky next 2 days off Deadline is vast approaching
  8. I got all But kenny via solo. Within 28hr. But after 100 missions Still no kenny:$
  9. Im enjoying it. Its like Fallout 7 days to die 6th edition Xp Or any survival game with harvesting/crafting/hunger thrust bar. Xp Im playing in small amounts I dont mind not having npcs But wish the halo logs were louder As. Even w speach audio max and all others ~80% Cant hear much of anything Hurray subtitles
  10. Anyone eles bugging out Crashing And just experiancing all the hang ups this patch was ment to fix I didnt see any of these problems before hand. Now it's like 50/50 will i crash at loading. Or middle of events when others show up Bleh
  11. Almost sounds like what battle born did. With its "free version" Hero rotation X game modes No story access. Akin to what LoL does to try to get ya to buy more heros with there weekly hero rotation lol
  12. Ill have to reinstall. Took it off to make space For red dead and 76
  13. Ill try to suicide the a.i ~ i thought bout that once Wasnt sure it would work
  14. i get the brown head almost all the time Mariea or something .*shrugs* Bound to get it thou Dam rng
  15. Sure ill add ya after work Im gettin just a.i to Friend got kenny to appear on robo resurection. Lv 19. All a.i as well Can try for lobby matches vs low lv missions low lv toons and try
  16. Helps abit Not worryed about how long it would take to plat ~ Just adding to my back logs xp
  17. Fair enough. Trailers normally dont hook me Lol i was just stating all the info I've seen on it Figure be quciker to inquire within Be this Or god of war. Stoped playing gow Ascension after ng+ locked trophys. And had saved over progress file as no notice was given before hand. And that ch. Select was needed to pop rest of trophys for plat / 100% lol
  18. Ill get it just for trilogy sake
  19. Ive been playing on an off since early access pc Im deffently getting it Its what d3 shoulda been imho D2 skin graphics game play U.I Ff7 materia skill system Ff10 sphear grid learning system. And universal loot chest. So every new toon ( on same difficulty. Normal / hard core / leauge) can interchange gear. Makes starting new characters easy. And hard core toons. When killed are just reverted to normal core *_ assuming they are keeping the same mechanics. No real reasion to fix what aint broken
  20. There is alot more games on sale. Then what's posted in the black friday tab. I've found deals on other games by browsing discovery. Such as space hulk tatics, talisman: digital enchanted edition. - next hero up, grave danger. Forgotten Anne. Hyper sentinel. Tacoma Remembered Infernium Mulaka Riftstar raiders Fe Inner space Chaos on deponia Aer - memorys of old Raiden V directors cut Hidden dragon ledgeons The long dark. Ect. Lol this was just after browsing "similar games / explore" Granted most seem to be psn titles. But hey! Do some digging As alot of the games i listed. I didnt see in Black friday sale Deals Ps+ discounts. Found a few more notiable ones Deluxe edition mass effect androm. 9$ Elite dangrous 12$~23$ Titan fall 2 ultimate. 10$ Hidden stuff guys look for the bargen bin behind the. Shiney
  21. Sure xp as im finding i insta que with 1 human player when quick playing. Ill add after a nap
  22. Hmm ok Well i will give daily missions a shot again Only done 1 an only found a.i
  23. Thought id bump this As still no sign of rebate I know its just 15$ but Thats 15 i would like to have haha
  24. Just wondering. And hoping ive posted in the correct place. For people whom did the buy two pre-order games before x date. Such as rdr2 an fallout 76. And get a 15$ rebate code. By the 15th - Now. I know its not 15th yet. But that was the deadline to expect rebate codes. Has anyone recived theres? *tempted to use it for digital blk friday*
  25. So i recently got a vita. Enjoying it so far But im curious how cross buy works Im noticing some of my games. Are allowing me to download to vita. Such as fallen legion. Steam world heists. Darkest dungeon ect. But Then i get to games like Grand kindgoms. I had grabed digital ps+ version of game on ps4. Iirc it was advertised as cross buy with vita when it was a ps+ game ( did have physical copy but got rid of it ya i know physical copys typically dont count as a cross buy lol) So im wondering How would i play some of the games that are shown as cross buy on vita. And in my ps4 libary. But showing ( buy $$$) instead of download.