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  1. Ive managed to get A.I to interact more... Ish By setting up art codes and useing the character the game will copy how you play ( unlocked 1/2 way into ch2 give or take) You can download pre-made codes for cyz character via the ingame network. Some are good some are shit. The interface to check user made skill codes kicks you back to the top of the search menu. So best to remember upload user name. After hitting L1 an tabbing around w D-pad an giveing commands ala personality attributes the a.i started wrecking things I went from 5-15 min fights vs 1 target To 4min fights vs small groups If you have a.i set to never miss an chain attack an constantly chain moves together you can see 100-400k chain lv 2-3 combos early on. ( saw a video raid boss 1.3m combo in 10 seconds) Option " not attacking" in code arts as a "gambit" should also force a.i to attack. Same goes w healing/tanking/buffing. Sadly its abit annoying having to train A.I to do basic shit...
  2. So I was wondering, Since the Trophy says "Complete the game with the setting \"Melee Only\" selected at the start of a game" - (forgot to select this on my playthru of melee whoops) Are you able to use Ranged Minions the Sakii? does it just prevent you from using Ranged weapons on your Priests *Tho with +movement 2 Axe priests seem to be wrecking everything with Attacks of Opportunity Update: if anyone is wondering. Yes. You can use range minnions well going for the melee only trophy. I would also recommend going for the "no aoe weapon" trophy at the same time as melee weapons as far as ive seen dont have aoe. 3 axe wielding tech priests. 2 energy range snipers 2 melee infiltrators ( ignore armor) 2-4 servitors (cannon fodder cog regen) Seems to make a healthy composition for melee run.
  3. Well, the game told me fuck all about this lol Only just finished ch1. ( 5-6 hr later) Explains why eugeo an alice just idled and fights took ages..
  4. 🏆 look like 2-3+ playthru maybe Im doing normal w/ 0 splash weapon and 0 starting $ I failed the 1st mission maybe 3 times, ( necrons an scarabs, ) barely passed second This is going to be fun as it feels alot like xcom minus cover system. Just need gladius to come to consoles an ill be golden
  5. Awesome to know this works! Ive been putting off this game because of the high player kill trophy. Might give it a whril in a few days
  6. I've spent 1 hour in Training mode, And ive done 3~4 Full mock battles (5 min. each) w.o trophy poping yet lol
  7. Im going to get it day one, lol Add to the collection Depending on how Affinity goes, i might not worry about the play SAO hollow Realization? (Sa:O) was easy to pop afiinty trophys, Half o them i didnt even expect as wasn't working on it but if is like FB or the other one (not last song) were it seems to be an uphill slug, Then Ugh hope the combat is alil more fluid. and Instances are bigger, Lil more exploration ( I know asking for alot) lol
  8. thats good to know,, lol as i jjust found this game at a local gameshop, an was looking at starting it soon-ish
  9. So as soon as I found out bout the clousers. I jumped back into vx. To do comrades Now. Aside from some afking. Ive dumped 20 hours of ffxv comrads in the last 4 days. Ive lost count of how many missions ive done. But i went from lv 2. To 40... And still no kenny.. Aside from what guide says. Is there anyother way to get kenny to spawn?
  10. I will have to try this. Would love 100% on this lol..sadly gotta do it again on standalone too uggh lol Did you end up trying on 1.0?
  11. Seasion pass is 20$ atm. I grabbed it as ive not done zombies since B.o 2 ( moon) on 360 Hopefully it wont be too hard.
  12. So i just launched the game for the second time; only lv 4. And decided to go to the item world of "wrist band" rare 42. 1st item i bought. Apon subduing the 1st innocent i encountered ( lv2. Ennyu ( mushroom)) I got 2 trophys.. Noob grinder total lv 100 Intermediate grinder: tottal lv 1k At the same time... Anyone eles encounter this glich?
  13. So, Ive been burning thru this game, and enjoying it, Quit a bit more then i thought i would, Its Really good- - now, Im just noticing, That afew trophys have failed to pop (I.e mission 10 - Finnal) *Was gliching on me bad, had to re-set a few times to trigger then QTE ) - Ive re played the mission 2 times, and it still hasn't poped- Both in Story, and Free mode. Any suggestions ?
  14. Darn, I only grabed the reward once, as i didn't fully understand the whole "glich" but oh well lol im now 8m/20m And it's only been alilttle over a year
  15. I've got this on pc. Very fun Will tottaly get on ps4 (Humble bundle bonus got me team fortresses characters to derp with back in the day on this. Wonder if they will do it again
  16. "Depressed buying" lol i waist $ when im in a slump
  17. Just wondering since the game is a free trial atm. " full game demo" are Trophys still obtainable. Havent played since i red boxed back in jan. And haven't seen any ps4 copys spring up at local game shops. Playing atm an feel like ive done 1-3 things that shoulda poped a trophy. But nothing. J/w if its possible
  18. So ive joined/ was invited to a squad and the trophy didnt pop. Is this bugged? Any way to work around getting it 10m is bit rich for my blood atm as ive only just begun Noticed afew tdm trophys also seem to have bugged in my favor 10dm/25tdm wins after 1 victory
  19. Bit of a Necro Bump, but I have Decided to Finally play Comrades Stand alone - I Was wondering how this transfer works, I downloaded my old comrades save Pre- stand alone from the cloud. but it seemed to have gotten overwritten when Comrades stand alone loaded "Avatar Creation" I am working on a New system - Currently Re-installing Base 15 w all patches upto 1.29 and ill try deleteing/redownloading Standalone, lol Just wana work with my Old toon ** been in a Monster hunter / farming God Eater mind set as of late**
  20. Thank you for the reply I did eventually dig deeper and found out you can disable the nerf to the skill in game options I will also probably use your link enjoying this game so far
  21. Just wondering. Although I've already started the game (digital) Is "no one noticed" still gliched due to the nerf of the actor perk? From patch 1.02? ( can always attempt to play base w.o patch but unsure if possible w digital)
  22. Just wondering. Is any one able to buy the dlc? I went to add it to cart. But there was no option to. Just a blank spot were buy/download/purchaced should be For refrence. Greedfall (buy) was there Division 2 dlc (buy) was also missing Nvm it fixed its self
  23. Warhammer 40K martyr constantly crashing on nest of vipers part 3 at Game launch waited a year 4 that it be fixed Some of the mobile ports that don't register all quests complete or a level 7 of X character type Or some of the ports that are maybe $3 on phone or even free on Android such as Space Wolves wanting 40 to $50 for ISO port yeah hopefully it's good though I almost bought on PC just to test it out
  24. Just found out bout this title. Totally going to look into it. Hopefully its ported better then most the warhammer 40k titles. Lol
  25. Yea. But it's not a big deal. Prelude is about 20 mins into the start Just might cause issues if prolude were to be last trophy pre platinum. And this was an unknown