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  1. is there a recommended list of missions we should do in order to avoid missing the 100% trophy if we accidently get locked out of some missions? the guide leaves me quite worried, saying i should do certain missions before others otherwise i might screw it all up. was hoping theres a list i cann follow...? thanks
  2. i am interested in trying playstation now and playing games from my laptop, which is good enough on run the pc version of red dead 2. is it possible to play PS Now games without unlocking trophies? on the console its possible to do this by creating a new user. what about on pc? i like to sample some games on PS Now that i havent played but i dont want trophies unlocked if in the case i find some games i do not like. thanks
  3. i meant what you see when flying. the fog effects in the old games are definitely missed...i mean, you can see all 3 cities in one frame in this game high up. ruins the enjoyment. and the models WTF, they look cartoony and worse. the games look shit. and i played the originals to death on my pc back in the day
  4. i used to, but then learnt you can make a second user on the console which doesnt require you to sign in, so you can play at your hearts content because no trophies will be synced so need not worry about any streaks being broken
  5. after getting the plat or acheiving 100% trophies, does anyone tend to go back to the games ever again? or do they go on the shelves and eventually collect dust, or sold off on ebay? i find after all mind that i dont really go back to them, unless another entry to the series is due to be released and might play on easy to be refreshed on story
  6. omg i done it. i fkn done it. i used this video to help me. i think the key to it is practise and master each stages, eg knowing what to do in 1-10, 11-20, 21-30, etc. even the later stages you;d get used to it even though it may mean alot of restarting. also to dodge enemies let them rush toward you and you pull away, when the hands reach out and start to go down you can run back to them because they completed their attack and they'll continue moving on, and you can run past them.
  7. Day 2 results: 62 85 45 31 47 73 66 31 51 56 15 33 51 43 i cant even get consistent with those mode its fkn impossible, especially when the third door starts to open. i feel i'm getting nowhere with this shitty mode.
  8. this mode is fucking stupid. no way can i kill 100 enemies. i cant even reach 50. my max so far is 43. when both doors open youre surrounded. how are you meant to do this mode? i hate to be wasting my time on the same shit over and over again. repetition in gaming fucking sucks.
  9. i was thinking of buyng a second hand pc off ebay, and replace the key components to make it cope with games today or at least titles released in the last 10 years at least. for example, buying a tower off ebay, and then purchasing processor, graphics card and more ram and install all these replacing the old parts. is it doable or is it not that simple to do? i like the idea of giving something a new lease of life and saving it from being consigned to landfills
  10. red dead redemption 2. god of war 2018 GTA5 none of these i found to be good enough to keep, ultimately. got the plat and sold them
  11. i dont use it as much anymore. i never use my real name. twitter - my account got suspended. i could live without it its just a load of pointless feeds even on topics that interest me. instagram - my account got suspended there too. i'm glad to be off that. i used it mainly to see women pics. facebook - i dont use as much anymore, only for messaging friends and colleagues. most dont even reply anymore. its also depressing seeing everyone showing off their house and holidays and fucking kids and i have none of that so i stay away from it. the feeds just look like spam. youtube - this one i use the most. its actually quite addicting. i watch/listen to scary horror stories, watch live feeds of puppies, and listen to entire music albums, lately gotten into classic rock again. i also use it to consult powerpyx videos for trophies, especially the collectibles, and diary vlogs of some people i follow. never understood the appeal of social media. its all spammy bullshit and i stay away from it. i'm actually glad my accounts at twitter and insta are suspended.
  12. hope little nightmares 2 isnt as bad as this one. i thought dlc2 was bad. this is worse. i think i might just resort to a youtube video as i honestly cant be arsed after awhile.
  13. i left booking my holidays really late. my leave starts next week, got 3 wks off. i wanted to do some horseriding, but those are fully booked. i'm uncomfortable flying abroad because of covid travel restrictions being so unclear. so i have booked a week doing some hiking. i'm a solo traveller - while peaceful i suspect it might get abit boring, unless i meet a lady... really wanna get laid
  14. apart from gaming lol...