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  1. i left booking my holidays really late. my leave starts next week, got 3 wks off. i wanted to do some horseriding, but those are fully booked. i'm uncomfortable flying abroad because of covid travel restrictions being so unclear. so i have booked a week doing some hiking. i'm a solo traveller - while peaceful i suspect it might get abit boring, unless i meet a lady... really wanna get laid
  2. apart from gaming lol...
  3. it would be a dream come true to see these games on the playstation console, come on Vulva make it happen!!
  4. i LOVE to play these games, my pc/laptop isnt strong enough to handle the games, i so wish they could come on ps4 or ps5 or both! been googling and found nothing
  5. i may be late to the party but i hear this phrase abit in gaming circles
  6. agreed. and i'm british. the yobs at wembley, those defacing the marcus artwork, the racist comments which i saw on instagram and others, andrew lawrence... go on the daily mail site, the article about mings standing up to priti patel, scroll down and see the comments. it makes me wish i wasnt born british. english people act like savages sometimes - twice this week when out i witnessed road rage incidents escalating to violence, a teen waved his middle finger at me in the park for no reason whatsoever, chavvy mothers yelling at their kids to 'if you dont stop i'm gonna fkn smack you one', idiot disrespectful drivers.... americans stereotype british as polite, proper, tea drinking crumpet lovers - but the reality is so different. to me, most brits - they drink, smoke, swear, wear tattoos, start trouble, sleep around, have divorces, get fat. they have no morals. my grandparents came from outside the UK and my mother used to tell us stories of racism growing up in the 70s. in my school classrooms were split between english kids on one side, minorities on the other. this country has a conservative voted government for a reason, and more people are right wing than left, hence the brexit vote. i have even gone off british women now when it comes to finding a partner! i anticipate the reply is 'not all brits are bad' - i agree, so lets say 80%+ reflect the above, from my experience. and i live outside London.
  7. looking at the leagues... england's premier league is BIG spain's la liga is big german league is well known serie A is getting better again french ligue1 on its way up in short, in europe, when it comes to champions league and club football, the big countries are england, spain, germany, italy and france. much of the winners come from these countries too - plus portugal. looking at internationals... italy last won a competition this year. spain? 2012. less than 10 years ago. germany? 2014. less than 10 years ago. france? 2018. less than 10 years ago. portugal? 2016. less than 10 years ago. england? havent won anything since the near-middle of last century!!! over 5 DECADES and counting! it just doesnt sit right. in terms of club football, england's a 'big country'. but when it comes to international football, we aren't winning like the other big countries are. why is that? is it because the premiership's too globalised? a 'club over country' mentality? no patience in growing english talent they seek a readymade player from abroad? an eagerness to be welcoming to foreign players over english/not wanting to be 'racist'? lol. playing with too much respect and not enough aggression ('too polite' as the english is perceived)? lack of skill being taught? i think these questions stop at the FA. they need reinvigorating and a frank kick up the ass. also, consider since 1966... 1966 - won the tournament but the third goal wasnt a goal. (though nevertheless, i remember watching the match, england had the momentum and would have beaten germany anyway. tainted win). 1950s (pre-66) - deemed the best in the world, but we lost to usa in 1950 with a dishwasher scoring against us, and got schooled by hungary. lol 1970s - regularly FAILED TO QUALIFY for many tournaments, despite dominating europe on the club side. 1980s - same as above, disregarding 86. 1990 - really, played poorly and this is when the penalty jinx was born for us. 1992 - failed to qualify 1994 - ditto 1996 - penalty jinx 1998 - penalties 2002 - carelessness cost us 2004 - penalties, golden generation failed to deliver 2006 - see above 2008 - golden generation couldnt even qualify lol 2010 - golden generation ripped apart by german kids lol 2012 - penalties 2014 - out after two matches 2016 - iceland, lol we have never really been good have we? up to 2018, in competitive knockout matches we have only beaten Paraguay (1986 WC), Belgium (1990 WC), Cameroon (1990 WC), Spain (1996 EC), Denmark (2002 WC), Ecuador (WC 2006), Colombia (2018 WC), Sweden (2018 WC). and thats it. compare that with say germany, or brazil. its downright pathetic for a 'big' country. 2018 - got to semi's, went 1-0 up, lost steam. 2021 - got to final, went 1-0 up, poor tactical decisions (sitting back) cost us. southgate has made progress with the england team compared to managers covering the decades before him. regarding penalties - english players are crap at taking pens. the ones missed, most of them were saved because they were low side shots, easily within reach of the keeper. english players need to learn to blast into corners. 2020 was almost gifted to us it seems - home practically all tournament, easy teams, not being on the 'tough' side of the draw again. and we choked. i really want to see england win SOMETHING in my lifetime but i dont think its going to happen. last night was our best chance. historically we've never been good at international football - 66 we had home advantage. england is seen as a big country because of its club scene. but internationally - other countries, if they see us as big given the premier league, must be looking at us wondering what the heck is wrong with us, why we cant win anything (!). we have the richest league in the world on one side, and the other we have an international team from that which regularly fails or play poorly - compared to other nationals who play in the premiership and are picked for their national sides also. urgh...............
  8. i guess 'brexit means brexit', right? lol bet europe loved that
  9. it was like the croatia match again. 1-0 early goal, good start, but again england faded, sat back and allowed italy to come at us. we should have kept going at them for a second goal to be secure enough to do that. and even when we did get the ball we didnt know what to do with it. we ran out of steam. italy's quality shone through (as it did with croatia 2018). england faded away in the second half, it was painful to see. the england that beat germany, ukraine and denmark disappeared after half time here. it was like we went backwards in our play. rashford penalty - the fuck was he doing running stopping then hitting!? just run up and blast the thing for goodness sake! xaka for the last penalty - whose wise idea is that!? england are damn lousy when it comes to penalties, they kick low. they dont go for the top corners or in the middle. if you kick low on the sides its easy reach for the keeper. its been like that as far as i remember. we wont get a chance like this ever again. world cup next year - no guarantee if itll be the same squad - players may go off form, injured or other players might shine through. and i highly doubt we'll be dodging big teams again as we did in russia and in some way this one - brazil have gotten better, france will be there, as will the dutch, belgians, italy might still be unbeaten (lol)... i really wanna see england win SOMETHING in my lifetime and dont think itll be as close as it did tonight! sad.
  10. gosh the media hype is so intense i had to switch off from news and tv altogether! even outside, flags are everywhere. even the fkn queen is in on it now. feels like the whole country is counting down until we blast off to planet mars or something. i'll be glad when this is over win lose or draw. no more football after this for a month thank god
  11. not all england are bad. those booing are probably your xenophobic, anglocentric, right wing, brexit-voting, anti-BLM, wolf-whistling knuckle draggers who have no respect for people outside their own tribes-oops i meant nation. the rest of us are reasonable people who will respect the anthem.
  12. anyone from the UK know how we can watch the copa america final on this weekend too? what channel is it on? is there a highlights programme?
  13. italy 33 matches unbeaten. its longer than the undertaker's streak! will they meet their brock lesnar on sunday in england? lol
  14. hard work tonight. i am unsure about the final - italy and england will go at it against each other. they play quite similar. but quality always wins out at the end - and unfortunately i think italy just might have that bit more in the final. i love to see england win something in my lifetime, and hope they do it on sunday (if not just to piss off the haters here lol). penalty, no penalty - refs decision is final at the end. could say the same about lampards goal in 2010! interestingly, england have only beaten italy ONCE in a competitive match, EVER. and that was back in 1977! since then, in euros or world cups, italy have always beaten us. hope home advantage will help us abit.