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  1. you need the collectors bag first, and that costs alot of gold
  2. do the graves last for 100%. my last grave was arthur, at which point the 100% trophy pinged for me. a fitting end to the story campaign before embarking online.
  3. i enjoy the Trader the most...the resupply missions, the hunting, the delivering, and good payouts moonshiner is ok but i can never deliver 20/20 and always get caught and shot at by patrols. plus there's the long waiting time and need to find plants. bounty hunter has alot of potential but i'm not that great at it, esp if it involves 2 bounty people, one always escapes. collector was just a grind but i'll resort to this if i need to make money as it sells good. i got the plat for this game awhile ago and noticed i am still playing the online. i'm actually enjoying the online, and hope they bring in more roles in the future. it would also be good if they brought some table games in so we can play against people, like domino's for example. i enjoyed that from single player.
  4. got it after getting mvp 4th time that was stressful
  5. the races ALWAYS has someone with a rank 200 or something ridiculous like that, about a dozen other players in it, and the race you get is random. and slow to load. this is frustrating AS Fk. i'm rank 42 with an arabian
  6. you cant select the specific race you want and there are ALWAYS lots of randoms in the lineup, you cant just have your invitees in the race and every time you race with randoms there will always be someone who will shoot you or knock you off. i havent won any race yet. and the other one, hostile territory, how do you even load that? you click you series and it takes you to a random match with random players. and even in takeover series, they say spend as much time as you can in the other camp, thats easy to say if you dont have people always shooting you down whenever you go there!! you cant select specific series games, and every time you go to a lobby it has randomd in it. so how tf is the real deal trophy boostable??
  7. how is it possible to boost this if you cant even manually select the race or game you want to play, and it always has randoms in the lineup?
  8. for the next week, doing missions will yield 1.5 times the amount of xp. i'm pretty much on course in getting rank 50 soon, i already went up 5 ranks thanks to this scheme today doing various things. i actually enjoy this online. my only gripe is money and gold. other than daily challenges and collector, what other ways can one make money? rank 31 so far and only got 1k in the bank and 15 golds. moonshiner requires 25 gold, urgh
  9. price still reads 10 gold bars but was told it was free when logged in online? where is my free bag??
  10. it's 2020. how is online today?
  11. and use dynamite when you find it. i found shooting at it is useless as it's so big and fast and charges to you the second you shoot.
  12. how good/bad is red dead online these days? spent the past 3 months on story and am nearly done with it, all thats left for me are the animal trophies... might need a small break before starting online and thought i ask how is it these days. is greifing a bad problem? is there much to do? is the grind to level 50 here worse than GTA online level 100?
  13. i dont mind plats requiring skill but not those designed to deliberately suck up as much time out of you as possible.
  14. so much time wasted on this damn game. now trying to do the gold medals. some missions are just downright annoying, its as if rockstar wants to consume as much time as it can with you, with some stupid missions involving walking or riding endlessly to the important parts that make up the gold medal - any failing and you ave to redo, of which there isnt a restart mission option! and why cant we skip the pointless long travelling in replays? i just got 5 golds left but it seems like forever, i wasted all my christmas holidays getting this stupid shit done. how did this game ever get maximum ratings is beyond me.
  15. confirmed that. meanwhile, uncle still hasnt made the request to me. i guess i have to start a new game just for the errands trophy, after finishing 70 medals, wanted in all states and the animal trophies. sigh.