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  1. this game is a disappointment and a damn chore so far. so far i reached the mission where the scientist demonstrated the electrocution (where, turns out, you do nothing at all!). some of the missions in this game are seriously laclustre. theres no creativity in any of them. not ONE mission has left me feeling 'wow' after completing it. rockstar's games are getting worse. the grind for completion will make these games less enjoyable in time.
  2. impossible. and very exhausting. why did they make such a stupid mode? and the programming of it makes it seemed rigged. the computer always wins by smartass moves. and the numbered trump cards are useless - i try using them but the game keeps saying theyre not on deck and so its is the point of those?? so much for 100% on this game
  3. 5 for me. the player is either riding horses or shooting in the main missions, or a fancy combo of both. thats it.
  4. seriously, fuck this game, especially the ps3 version. i've had my ps3 for 4 years and played many games, some very demanding to the console like gta5. but evil within has pretty much broken my ps3. never before had i had so many crashes as i had with this game. especially the stupid 'checkpoint' and 'saving' prompts displayed, those make me nervous because even a button press while that is shown can freeze and crash the console. then when turning it on, upon trying to do a restore, it gets stuck, which means restarting my ps3 from scratch again. i've done this so many times for this game it has really pissed me off. this is the only time i had to pay to use PS plus to upload my saves incase it happens again and lo and behold, it does. FUCK THIS GAME. it causes the ps3 to crash so much that its wrecked my hard drive and console. upon resetting the ps3 to factory settings for the nth time, and trying to play the game to finish up trophies, i get stuck on 'loading profile'. it does nothing. then it crashes. i hate this version of the game SO much the god damned developers should have tested this!!
  5. edit: i used this guy's video: difficulty parts identified (with notes): 23.18 stealth and patience 26.10 pitch black (bend left, crawl) - NO CAM (hard) 27.05 pitch black (wiggle forward) - no cam (hard) 34.10 childrens bed - attract, stairs, round (practise) 38.55 the cart and marta - rounding (practise) 1.12.45 the arrow chase 1.18.15 running after getting rope (avoid arrows) 1.39.50 pitch black (short distance, round left to door at end) 1.43.20 USE CAM if needed to find that gap on right when running (practise) 1.45.30 library (practise) map: (practise) CAM NEEDED 1.58.10 run back to door, lock, go through narrow, slow, run. SOME CAM 2.00.20 pitch black (practise) MUST HAVE SOME BATTERY HERE 2.04.20 two switches (practise) MUST HAVE BATERY 2.07.00 crawl chase with val (practise) MUST HAVE BATTERY 2.16.25 running out of mine MUST HAVE BATTERY at least for initial part
  6. wheres the fun in the lack of checkpoints and wasting time doing the same crap over and over again? i'm doing joe must die mode and its just dumb. there should be more checkpoints. i hate having to waste hours getting to the same point again. wont even let you save. its really dumb.
  7. if so, how? the description is vague - '5 medium and large artifacts' i think this trophy glitched on me working with a booster of which he chose the challenge and unlocked 2 meds and 3 larges, and we escaped. when we i let him open the chests and was by him. when we escaped the prompt said we failed this challenge, and in the middle of trying it again his trophy popped but not mine!? what exactly are we supposed to do? am i supposed to choose the challenge, and open the artifacts myself, with both medium and large being 5 each, with my player by me??
  8. the ps3 version is giving me so much greif i want to break the damn disc in half. am trying to connect to multiplayer and its only today for some reason its having problems. first it gets stuck on 'loading', eventually saying it cannot connect to the matchmaking server, other times it says lost connection to host. then when exiting multiplayer it gets stuck when the prompt 'shutdown connections' is displayed that i am forced to switch the ps3 off by pressing the off button on the console which then freezes, beeps three times and then goes off. i restarted again and am getting the same problems. i tried rebuilding the ps3 database and the problem still persists. same for restoring file system and deleting/reinstalling the multiplayer patches. wtf is going on? don't these stupid devs test these games so they know such things will happen or not? this game is nearly damaging my ps3 console! i only am in need of one more trophy for the plat (completing the hunter journey) and i get this crap
  9. i cant even complete the last one without dying and the best grade i got from the previous ones is only a B. how the hell is it possible to get a S rank in this crap? i try headshots but the creatures either move too fast for me or their stupid heads wont stay still. trying to use youtube to guide me but i keep dying and wasting bullets on these molded. i cant even complete main room 2 with even a C!
  10. anyone else having this problem? wanted to play on my ps3 and it prompted it to do this update. downloaded it and its stuck in the installing, at 99%. been waiting for over 30 minutes now. pulled the plug and launched in safe mode where it goes to the install again. and again now stuck at 99%. is there a solution to this?
  11. what about if i replace my hard drive, will that do the trick?
  12. my ps3 is working again, though i dont trust it anymore. back to playing games..
  13. i got the plat for the original trilogy so i thought i try my luck at brutal. i am using tweaks as its quicker. i am now up to chapter 9. so far the hardest part was the jeep but i developed a technique in keeping the target central and knowing where they'll be coming from, using grenades if you've been firing for awhile and it worked out fine. the blue room with water on the floor was easy. but i am wondering if the worst is yet to come? the bit i am dreading is the boat ride requiring shooting using the gun as opposed to the grenade launcher.
  14. i left my console and came back and noticed i was able to go into safe mode menu now. but then, upon trying to restore the file system, it is now going through this - really, painfully slow. i mean 11% done in 4 hours. it might be awhile until my ps3 gets healthy again. i dont know what happened with the update.
  15. i want to try and fix my ps3. is it a good idea to take out the hard drive and format it? i was thinking of extracting the hard disk, put it in a caddy, connect it to my pc by usb, format it fully (fat32), place it back in the ps3, get a usb stick ready with folders ps3 > update, pasting the latest update in there, connect to usb, switch on, and hopefully its a simple process of restoring it? i dont care if i lose my saves, i just want to get it to work again. i have a 320gb slim model, cech-2503b opinions?
  16. guess what? after SIX hours of leaving it on overnight, having woke up this morning to check... it's STILL at 99%. i've given up. my ps3 is fked. how do i replace the hard drive? is it a matter of buying one of those small hard drive boxes and switching it over? will i run into the same problem? otherwise i think i'll just get another ps3 off ebay and sell this one as spare parts. what do you guys think? i've had this ps3 for over 4 years. unfortunate this has happened.
  17. 5 mins? been over 2 hours here and nothing. i have rebooted it again and this time have the update on usb, its again stuck at 99% for me. i'm going to sleep now so will leave this on overnight. i just hope it'll work come the morning otherwise i'm throwing this out of the window. i wish it WAS just 5 mins!
  18. ruins your ps3
  19. now stuck at 99% for two hours now. tried contacting playstation through twitter and they were unable to help, their suggesting is to send it in for repair, but i cant even do that on their useless site as i get thrown in a circle clicking one thing to the next ad back to the start again. i really dont know what else to do if i was to take the hard disk out, i wouldnt know what to do with it. how do i even connect it to the pc and what am i supposed to do? going to leave the ps3 on overnight ad hope itll be ok in the morning. i doubt it though. maybe turning it off and on may have scrambled the file or something
  20. well earlier this week i had to do just that. my ps3 crashed and i went into safe mode, selected option 5 which resets the ps3 to factory start settings, and it worked perfectly fine. i didnt care about losing game or save data. but now, i come across this. i did some googling and there was this video on youtube which suggested doing this over and over and eventually it'll fix itself. i admit i found it dodgy but got worked up that i followed it. i guess i'll leave it now and just hope it'll install. if i have to 'wipe out all data in the console', how do i do that? normally you'd go to safe mode and select option 5 to wipe out everything and start fresh?
  21. christ sake its stuck at 99 again!! if i switch it on and turn it on itll go straight to this installing update page, counting from 0, 1, 2... and then gets stuck at 99% again. i might have to leave this on overnight and hope for the best. do sony even test their updates??? this is annoying as i left early from work today hoping to enjoy some more game time but instead wasted it on this stupid update nonsense
  22. well mine got stuck again at 99 so powered down by holding down the on/off button this time. i downloaded the update and put it on usb. switched the ps3 on normal without holding it down and now its gone into safe mode again and goes straight to installing update without even downloading/acknowledging the usb update. i'm stuck in a circle, it seems! if it gets stuck again i think i might leave it overnight. mind you when it was counting up to 99 there was no orange light
  23. i am surprised the trophies are glitched for the vita version of these games. theres so many threads here and its left me confused. can anyone here advise what should be done to avoid trophy glitches? i see to not press the PS button - is this whilst playing or when the program is open at all? i will be playing this game for a few hours then stop and continue the next day - so surely i should be able to play, exit, switch off, switch on, load game, resume, etc? i am not going to keep the thing on overnight! if i play offline will this affect trophies or not? must a connection be there to trigger trophies or is this done within the system? i am checking the precautions before playing to avoid trophy glitches
  24. i have only beaten 2 trial rooms and 2 valyries. i am on level 6 (the number it says above my stats) and my blades and sword are one level short of max. i have maxed my light and heavy runic attacks. i have also maxed my health and rage, and my rage attacks. i am struggling in getting these done. will maxing out my blades and sword help at all? what else can i do to make these easier? i noticed i have bought every skill except the blades marked '5'
  25. havent bought the game yet but on forums there are complaints of very bad lag times in this game that renders it impossible especially in intense fight segments or on higher difficulties. can anyone corroborate this with me? i hope to heck the devs patch this asap - if its bad then i will not get this game which is a damn shame as i waited a whole year for it!