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  1. if it true that for the ps4 version, i just buy all the characters, excluding the general, and none of the other upgrades for it to pop? get all the characters, leave multiplayer and the game, go back in, and it'll pop? thanks
  2. edit: i used this guy's video: difficulty parts identified (with notes): 23.18 stealth and patience 26.10 pitch black (bend left, crawl) - NO CAM (hard) 27.05 pitch black (wiggle forward) - no cam (hard) 34.10 childrens bed - attract, stairs, round (practise) 38.55 the cart and marta - rounding (practise) 1.12.45 the arrow chase 1.18.15 running after getting rope (avoid arrows) 1.39.50 pitch black (short distance, round left to door at end) 1.43.20 USE CAM if needed to find that gap on right when running (practise) 1.45.30 library (practise) map: (practise) CAM NEEDED 1.58.10 run back to door, lock, go through narrow, slow, run. SOME CAM 2.00.20 pitch black (practise) MUST HAVE SOME BATTERY HERE 2.04.20 two switches (practise) MUST HAVE BATERY 2.07.00 crawl chase with val (practise) MUST HAVE BATTERY 2.16.25 running out of mine MUST HAVE BATTERY at least for initial part
  3. impossible. and very exhausting. why did they make such a stupid mode? and the programming of it makes it seemed rigged. the computer always wins by smartass moves. and the numbered trump cards are useless - i try using them but the game keeps saying theyre not on deck and so its is the point of those?? so much for 100% on this game
  4. how do i trigger the missions from harriet for other legendary animals? i seem to keep getting the same ones over and over again and i sampled all of them. how else do i find the others? tried using the map but nothing is there when i get to the location...
  5. Void, is there a map i could use to help me find them, or a video advising of conditions? i use this: i was actually able to find one, a legendary coyote, on freeroam. the others i had no luck so far...
  6. if so, how? the description is vague - '5 medium and large artifacts' i think this trophy glitched on me working with a booster of which he chose the challenge and unlocked 2 meds and 3 larges, and we escaped. when we i let him open the chests and was by him. when we escaped the prompt said we failed this challenge, and in the middle of trying it again his trophy popped but not mine!? what exactly are we supposed to do? am i supposed to choose the challenge, and open the artifacts myself, with both medium and large being 5 each, with my player by me??
  7. there still seems quite a fair lot of people playing this game even today, and am wondering how its possible to meet your booster online when playing? i just completed my first run playing naturally. quite an experience, albeit short - could have been a *little* bit longer with new scenarios, obstacles and puzzles to get past. thanks
  8. i am surprised the trophies are glitched for the vita version of these games. theres so many threads here and its left me confused. can anyone here advise what should be done to avoid trophy glitches? i see to not press the PS button - is this whilst playing or when the program is open at all? i will be playing this game for a few hours then stop and continue the next day - so surely i should be able to play, exit, switch off, switch on, load game, resume, etc? i am not going to keep the thing on overnight! if i play offline will this affect trophies or not? must a connection be there to trigger trophies or is this done within the system? i am checking the precautions before playing to avoid trophy glitches
  9. does any know of any good roadmaps? i'm having trouble finding one for this game thanks
  10. wheres the fun in the lack of checkpoints and wasting time doing the same crap over and over again? i'm doing joe must die mode and its just dumb. there should be more checkpoints. i hate having to waste hours getting to the same point again. wont even let you save. its really dumb.
  11. also looks big and bulky like ps4. not fair for children imo
  12. physical. because it's cost effective and logical. digital downloads from psn store are expensive, even if the games are years old. i could wait several years and the price of the console would go down, aswould the price of gamesreleased this year (buying them on ebay), and i'd make alot of savings.
  13. is this a ps5 exclusive? i got a standard ps4 and hope to play it on that. got no intention of getting a ps5 anytime soon
  14. COLLECTIBLE NIGHTMARE!! jesus this game is going to be a chore insofar as trophies is concerned, urgh... poor powerpyx! lol
  15. talk about overhype. seems the media is basically saying this is the perfect game. automatically, i'm skeptical. i'll wait until the price goes down, its patched fully and a roadmap for trophies is out. i remember the media gave similar perfect reviews to games like gta4, gta5, god of war, RDR2 and uncharted 4 - all turned out to be only ok games for me, not 10/10. the media overhyped and overrated them. i sold those games after completing them. i agree also that the media are probably being paid to say these things to encourage sales.
  16. the VR version of PS4 has only been out a few years. PS4 has plenty of life left in it. think the release of the PS5 is too early and unnecessary at this moment in time. i mean for god sakes, i still play PS3 games!
  17. i been putting off playing this game for years but having gone through a backlog of games i am close to making a start on this, and like to know if the online/MP element and online trophies are still obtainable, for the ps3 version? thanks
  18. does anyone know when the trophy list will be out?
  19. both the ps4 and ps3 versions or has these problems been patched?
  20. spending countless hours searching and hunting for a perfect chipmunk carcuss is NOT fun, its a waste of fkn time. whoever invented the 'art' trophy needs to be fkn shot.
  21. whats going on??? all that hard work grinding and i didnt get the fkn trophy!!!
  22. you need the collectors bag first, and that costs alot of gold
  23. i enjoy the Trader the most...the resupply missions, the hunting, the delivering, and good payouts moonshiner is ok but i can never deliver 20/20 and always get caught and shot at by patrols. plus there's the long waiting time and need to find plants. bounty hunter has alot of potential but i'm not that great at it, esp if it involves 2 bounty people, one always escapes. collector was just a grind but i'll resort to this if i need to make money as it sells good. i got the plat for this game awhile ago and noticed i am still playing the online. i'm actually enjoying the online, and hope they bring in more roles in the future. it would also be good if they brought some table games in so we can play against people, like domino's for example. i enjoyed that from single player.
  24. do the graves last for 100%. my last grave was arthur, at which point the 100% trophy pinged for me. a fitting end to the story campaign before embarking online.
  25. got it after getting mvp 4th time that was stressful