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  1. Playing on hard, with Joker having debilitate to debuff, my final party was Ryuji (party attack buff + charge), Yusuke (party evade/accuracy + melee) and either Haru for one-shot kill or Moragna for healing. Buffs are vital for bosses on hard since barely do any damage and take a shitload in return. I forgot Ann had concentrate or I would have used her instead of Haru.
  2. I've been playing on hard myself since around the 3rd dungeon--I wanted more challenge after getting the SP regen patch from Takemi. Deffo more fun that way. After playing P3&P4, it's a bit too easy otherwise. Regretted not playing P4 on hard 'cause it was a cakewalk towards end. A trophy would've been nice but... eh.
  3. Yeah, when Ann was first introduced I thought Ryuji had a thing for her/was trying to protect her and they'd get it on later. That would cockblock s-linking tho, I suppose.
  4. She'll be fat when she's older and her metabolism slows down since she's half American piggy. One kid and she'll blow up like a balloon. Also, she has no brains. Tits and a sexy voice only go so far. Such is life... most of us are going for long-term gains over short-term. Real men look into the future.
  5. Persona 4's dub was excellent (Chie/Yusuke <3), and Persona 5's seemed alright, but I felt switching between Eng/JP early on Ryuji's JP voice edged his Eng one. Turned out one of my favourite voice actors, Mamoru Miyano (Light Yagami/Death Note), did him. And Ann sealed it for me--sounded more like her age and matched her character's personality more, for me. Morgana sounded annoying in English, also.
  6. Many potential child molesters would pick Futaba over the allure of an older punk doctor woman with a dog collar. Just fyi. Cool character but she has no breasts and they try too hard with her cute recluse thing. Takemi was my waifu, tho I decided to cheat on her with nearly everyone else, just cause. My second choice would be the maid teacher. Her s-link story was a bit... eh, but I'm all for seducing a teacher.
  7. The game warned me not to offend anyone, so I played it safe and called my gang True Kunts.
  8. I got the Persona 3 costume pack on a whim and was disappointed the costumes only change in the dungeons. £5.70 for some area specific school uniforms, one battle theme and an accessory deffo a bit much. On the plus side, the PS4 avatar/theme packs for £1.69 each are great value: 3 avatars + dynamic, very cool theme with Leblanc music playing.
  9. Puni Puni.
  10. This. I initially enjoyed the dungeons but trying to do them in one day to save time and stealth busywork eventually wore me down... though playing on hard hasn't helped (normal a bit too easy). I've been playing for 3 weeks; currently in the 5th dungeon. The 'villain of the month' thing also starts to feel more fillerish longer game goes on. And its structure is bit too familiar after putting 100hrs into Persona 4 many years ago. Social linking is still very fun. I left the latest dungeon until only a few days left due to maxing s-links with my harem. But having to wait for main story stuff to play out before can get any s-linking done has also become a bit trying. School trip to Hawaii was a waste of time, as was Morgana thing that followed.
  11. Played Witcher 3, MGSV5, UC4, etc. Bar maybe UC4, which I beat then cba to trophywhore, all disappointing to me. First two openworld meh; UC4 too little gameplay vs. story/walking padding. So, yeah: I prefer indie's gameplay/style approach. Unravel, like Child of Light, feels like an indie but ain't. Unravel was published by EA and pretty big dev team, iirc. I really liked / plat'd it tho.
  12. I've been getting 'please wait' / four face button loading icons a shitload when trying to access anything on my account like settings, update wall, profiles, friend list and PStore since the latest software updates. Worked fine before. Have to log in/out or network test to reset whatever the prob is. ...oh, and when trying to sync trophies it stays at 0%, then suddenly when I check back later it syncs. Used to do it instantly. When I first got the PS4 I was wowed over difference between PStore loading times and the like. Not so much now...
  13. I figured more people would post in the PS4 section, plus a fair few indie titles like Bastion (from the 360, but still) get ported to the PS4. Can't hurt to mention PS3 titles, in addition. Renegade Ops was my favourite on the PS3.
  14. Ever since buying a PS4, I've found myself far more impressed and satisfied by indie titles, rather than the latest AAA+ open-world game. Or a 'game' with too much focus on its narrative over gameplay. These are my favourites: Furi: PSPlus freebie that wowed me. The Japanese-esque aesthetic, amazing music, challenging yet rewarding bosses and just the overwhelming cool factor of the dialogue.. Velocity X2: Another 'die, learn, retry' game, from another genre but cut from the same very cool/rewarding cloth. By the end if you lat it you'll really feel like you're 'using the force', relying purely on instinct. Jotun: Stunning 2D animation. Similar to Furi but easier, with more exploration and a viking aesthetic. And one of the hardest plats around, I wager. Others: Dust, Bastion, Guacamelee, Teddy Chronicles, Rocket League I'd list Child of Light as well given that's the best JRPG despite not being Japanese in many years. But it isn't an indie technically.
  15. Jotun. A beautiful Norse mythology boss rush game with more of an emphasis on exploration, rather than exposition, between the bosses. Enjoyed it a lot, post-Furi. Gonna try Titan Souls next. PS: Velocity 2X deffo the ultimate 'die, learn, retry' game. Different genre than Furi but it also has a kickarse soundtrack and is my rarest plat, above Furi, for good reason.