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  1. I have all games on 100% but I think it would be nice if you can delete for example one game each year.
  2. My Name is Mayo, but I think its too difficult for me
  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  4. @DiegoMolinams After many games you decided to play for trophies
  5. Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man
  6. Ticket done, in our case it was mastermind iv too I will post rockstar answer here
  7. Ok here are 2 vids from my mates which proof this bug:
  8. My teammate is on the way, he will post a youtube link here later too
  9. Played with 4 people right now and got a reset after joining lobby of mission 13/29 for no reason, just forgot to join a private lobby! But still it is a bug..
  10. You need Gold-Edition for future DLC-Trophies?
  11. I obtained all trophies so far in all games I played before. I love to do all challenges in hard games too and playing 100%. You can check my profile to proof this. So of course I did the other wolfenstein games before. But with this Im not sure if its possible to do. Remember only the first Mission in DOOM was a pain. Im pretty sure my skills are high enough, I have also the ambition to do this, but anyway this feels atm not doable. I love all wolfenstein games and of course Enemy Territory was the best game ever. But this trophy.. wtf MachineGames you did with us trophy hunters.. its sick. But I promise to follow with passion when somebody did it.
  12. I remember this years ago I played it on PC but I cant remember my solution
  13. Zero after 59 games played
  14. 100% in each game, you can do it with skill and pain, no excuses!