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  1. Wow I posted this a WHILE ago. I got the plat on all Crash games and yeah I discovered the slide jump trick makes things much easier in Crash 2 and 3. It is very true though that once you platinum and complete all trials in Crash 1, you will be golden for Crash 2 and 3, especially if you got the gold relic on Stormy Ascent DLC. :-D
  2. Thank you for clarifying :-) Happy trophy hunting!
  3. So all trophies ARE obtainable with the exception of the "in a flash" and "lest ye be judged" trophies?
  4. I really hope they make it obtainable when they bring back the Trials of the Nine mode at the start of 2019. But until then I'm keeping this game in my library untouched :-D.
  5. Doc Ock!
  6. I just got the platinum and I did not wiretap anything on my kill playthrough. You are good my friend. And yes the Season Pass grants you all DLCs. Cheers.
  7. Incredibly fast platinum! Were they going to add DLC trophies to this later? I thought I read something about that...
  8. Okay got it! I purchased the free PS3 version and now both the PS4 AND PS3 versions are in my download list/library. Thank you folks! :-)
  9. Hi everyone, So on the PS Blog it lists this game as free for both PS3 AND PS4, but when I go to the free games list for PS Plus on the store it has it listed, but it is not marked as free like the remaining games. Here is the link as proof: If the PS4 version is not free, then why is it listed there? Is this some kind of glitch on the PS store's end?
  10. That is very encouraging to know. Thank you! :-D
  11. It sucks when they make these games which can be played solo, but on the hardest difficulty are impossible...I like playing games solo.
  12. Thank you for clarifying. Well I know I'm going to renew my PS Plus account as it expires for me in November. So I'm sure there will be a Cyber Monday/Black Friday/Black Month Sale to renew to play online and get the final trophy in December. Also, if DLC makes beating that final raid a little easier, then it is still possible with a good team and if you're an experienced player. I vow to not buy any DLC for this game and solely go for the base game platinum unless I REALLY like this game. Challenge accepted. Masochism acknowledged. :-p
  13. I thought they acknowledged this and fixed it??
  14. They stated on the PS Blog that Destiny 2 is available right now if you guys were curious if the PS Store was glitching out.
  15. Did a patch fix this recently?