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  1. My 100th platinum was Tekken 7. Even though story mode was disappointing, the final fight between Kazuya and Heihachi was EPIC and made up for it.
  2. Just wanted to ask if anyone was still playing this game as it was on sale during the PSN Mid Year Sale for pretty cheap! I love all of the Silent Hill games and I just bought this game as I know the creator of Silent Hill 1 played a part in making this game. Also, do the archives truly delete themselves from your inventory when you die during a chapter?
  3. The MP appears to be working again as I can not join matches and play with other players :-D I can now**
  4. Can someone update this forum when the MP is working properly again? If I get to it first, I'll be more than happy to update you all. Thank you, folks!
  5. It really is subjective being a trophy hunter. I always feel like I'm getting my money's worth if I go for the platinum or 100% completion (if not plat). If I absolutely adore a game, then I will keep playing it after the platinum. Even the grindy trophies can be adventures in themselves. A good example is my Little Big Planet 2 platinum. When I would leave for work in the morning, I used the fan trick to get the x hours of activity in creator mode trophy. I didn't know I would ever be able to rig up such a mechanism by taping a pen to the back of my small rotating fan and have it hit the square button to open and close the pop it menu, but I did it. Trophies can make you go through interesting routes to earn them. Also it can be quite fun finding a boosting team for a certain game online IF you are lucky enough to find a dedicated team for MP trophies. For Crysis 2 my boosting team was solid and I had a fun time with them. Yeah these trophies are tedious, but they were still pretty fun to coordinate and plan with other people. Kinda shows how the most complex of problems can be solved by putting your heads together, am I right? lol But yeah it's all a matter of perspective with trophy hunting. If one doesn't enjoy the trophies for a certain game or the game itself, then you don't have to go for them or play the game anymore. It truly is that simple in life.
  6. You can be absolutely TERRIBLE at this MP and still get by to get the platinum successfully. All you need to worry about are the blue containers to collect (which you don't even have to collect the full amount on your HUD) and the 100% risk missions. I say put your points into healing your team (first aid skill I believe) whenever they are hurt. This will easily get you the 100 risk mission ESPECIALLY with 3 games to get the least amount required to avid wiping out your team. The other one you can put points into is the crafter skill (level 3) and simply craft only 2 items (bombs or first aid kits) and gift them to other players (again you don't even need to worry about killing the opposing team). This might even be easier than healing other players because you get a lot of blue containers with each gift given to your teammates. You can be absolute trash at this MP mode and still get the base game trophies if you continue to support your teammates and they carry you through each match (needed for one win on survivors and supply raid modes trophy). The 40 survivors trophy will pop naturally especially if you are racking up blue containers through healing or making gifts to teammates. Hope this gives you more encouragement my friend. Also, fun fact: I was terrible at this MP on my numerous first attempts, but through EXPERIENCE you will learn to become a better player and see the patterns/methods of other players. After this I became a better player than when I first started.
  7. Just go for the trophies normally and enjoy the game, folks. It's a game. We play games for enjoyment. I am guilty of this as well, but we need to remember gaming is not solely about the trophies. It is about ENJOYING the game. Now I have never played Jak 2, but I absolutely LOVED The Precursor Legacy.
  8. In theory, there are infinite meanings to all kinds of things.
  9. Okay sorry let me clarify. I boot up game. I connect ONLINE. I'm playing the game normally. I replay boss fights. Will my XP increase? Or is it limited to PVP despite me still playing "online?"
  10. Any updates on the guide? Also, do you have to play PVP in order to level up or can you just repeat boss fights over and over for level 100?
  11. If they do a full blown remake of MGS1 where it plays like Phantom Pain I might lose control of reproductive parts...
  12. The farming method blows. And I’m not trolling I’ve been so called “farming” straight for diamonds on the first chest on 6-3 for an hour and a half. Nothing! And yes I’m full on all other gadgets and relic types all except for diamond. Of course 10 min later I get a diamond lolol
  13. I hope I can get some of that luck and get 6 diamonds to get Diamond Knack in my 4th playthrough lolol
  14. I have tried farming on MULTIPLE occasions for almost an hour and a half and no diamonds at all. It’s just luck and honestly sitting there closing the app and restarting it is way more of a chore to me than playing through the game normally. All in all, this trophy either is great or it blows for people bc it’s all luck and someone can get all diamonds in 3 playthroughs or less without farming whereas others need to play the game 10 times over.
  15. Unfortunately not. The only way to get chests is through the main game and once you beat it once you hit continue to start a new game with the same relics carried over. Once you unlock everything then my recommendation is to use diamond knack for the tougher difficulties. My third playthrough only got me 1 diamond relic so now I need 6 more to unlock diamond knack :-/. Hopefully I’m luckier on my 4th playthrough lol