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  1. If they do a full blown remake of MGS1 where it plays like Phantom Pain I might lose control of reproductive parts...
  2. The farming method blows. And I’m not trolling I’ve been so called “farming” straight for diamonds on the first chest on 6-3 for an hour and a half. Nothing! And yes I’m full on all other gadgets and relic types all except for diamond. Of course 10 min later I get a diamond lolol
  3. I hope I can get some of that luck and get 6 diamonds to get Diamond Knack in my 4th playthrough lolol
  4. I have tried farming on MULTIPLE occasions for almost an hour and a half and no diamonds at all. It’s just luck and honestly sitting there closing the app and restarting it is way more of a chore to me than playing through the game normally. All in all, this trophy either is great or it blows for people bc it’s all luck and someone can get all diamonds in 3 playthroughs or less without farming whereas others need to play the game 10 times over.
  5. Unfortunately not. The only way to get chests is through the main game and once you beat it once you hit continue to start a new game with the same relics carried over. Once you unlock everything then my recommendation is to use diamond knack for the tougher difficulties. My third playthrough only got me 1 diamond relic so now I need 6 more to unlock diamond knack :-/. Hopefully I’m luckier on my 4th playthrough lol
  6. No so sure as I’m in chapter 8 right now of my third playthrough and have not received a single diamond for this playthrough. On my second playthrough I got 3. On my 1st I got 0. I still have a ways to go and many chests to open so we will’s hoping I somehow get 7 diamond relics during the latter part of this playthrough and the game throws me a bone.
  7. Sorry :-(. Yeah I started on normal because easy would have been wayyy too easy ya know? Once I finally unlock diamond knack I will use him for Hard and Very Hard which are now my only remaining trophies (apart from unlocking all knacks and beating all bosses with Diamond knack). I even tried the farming method for a bit on both the beginnings of 3-4 and 4-3, but no luck even after trying for 1 hour straight...
  8. Update: playthrough 1: 0 diamonds; playthrough 2: 3 diamonds; playthrough 3: have yet to get a diamond and I’m on chapter 4 right now.
  9. Well folks I’ve tried the farming method again and no luck so I’m just going to play the game for real until I get 10 diamonds bc at least I’m enjoying the game...even if it’s going to be 4-10 times lol
  10. Out of curiosity how did you complete these playthroughs? In one sitting or off and on? I just want to see if there is any correlation to getting diamonds. Probably not lol May the RNG gods be with us all.
  11. Oh I know it’s a good method I just get very impatient. Lol so I want to get a feel for how many playthroughs I need to get diamonds and it seems like 3 is the estimate :-D
  12. Yes I know this method. I tried doing this for an hour+ and got really tired of it but of course when I didn’t try it I got two diamonds in chests while playing normally only in my second playthrough. That’s why I ask how many playthroughs.
  13. Hey folks, I wanted to make a new forum especially since this game is a ps plus game for February. Can anyone tell me the approximate amount of playthroughs they had to do before getting the 10 diamond relics? So far I’m halfway through my second time with the game and only have 2 diamond relics so far. I just want to mentally prepare myself lol. Thank you all!
  14. Okay folks just got the trophy successfully and I have to say that the only method I feel certain about it making sure you contribute a little to the overall contract and be sure you’re online when it is completed. It doesn’t matter how much you contribute as long as you contribute and are online at the same time of the completion. I hope this saves people a lot of time. It is still a glitched trophy bc it took way more than 15 contracts but then again I wasn’t keeping track of the exact moments I was online when the contract was completed.
  15. Can anyone please confirm EXACTLY what they did to make this trophy pop. I have tried everything and I am well over 15 connected contracts completed. I’m probably close to 30+. I even played a contract completely offline to see what would happen and nothing. Please include clear details. Thank you.