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  1. Has anyone tried auto-popping trophies from PC to Playstation through cross-progression after the recent season that released? The last post was in October 2022. Just wanted to be sure. Cheers to all who contribute. Happy trophy hunting!
  2. Challenging trophy lists are made to challenge. They can encourage someone to push above their limits and become better at the game. It is great to see a trophy that cannot be bought or glitched to obtain. Doing so would remove the meaning entirely.
  3. I was able to platinum this game without any bugged trophies. I should note that I did not use the rewind features/save states nor any cheats and played the game for the pure nostalgia just as I did back on ps1. Hopefully this helps folks.
  4. At this point is it pointless to hope that Sony will put any of these PS3 games on sale before closing it permanently on July 2nd?
  5. Toland is NO WHERE to be found in this week's ascendant challenge. I completed it numerous times even and re entered later and still NOTHING. I looked ALL OVER and I saw some vids people find Toland immediately upon entering on the second floating rock platform. I traversed the entire place (all other floating rocks) and nothing. What am I possibly missing if anyone can help it will be much appreciated. I really thing this daily bounty is glitched for me.
  6. Just did a little research and this link confirms that if you unlock DLC achievements/trophies for Forsaken on another platform, they will indeed unlock on a cross save platform that you login into afterwards.
  7. On a different note, let's say I earn all achievements for Forsaken on PC. If I were to sign into my account on PS4, then would the Forsaken trophies pop automatically despite not owning the DLC on PS4?
  8. Thank you all for your help and advice. I will definitely pick Dreaming City/Cursebreaker then and buy the DLC before attempting to be safe. Happy trophy hunting all!
  9. Thank you. What's interesting is I can find the Dreaming City seal in the menu list in game, but not the Gambit one for the seal. I feel like I'm not looking in the correct place?
  10. The guide for Forsaken with the Beyond Light update is not specific because none of the active seals I have match the ones in the guide. Do I have to buy the Forsaken DLC for those specific seals to appear? Or can I work on a specific seal requirement to auto pop the trophy once I purchase the Forsaken DLC?
  11. Thank you and yes it was finding the right bullet type to edit online and the weapons/shield combination with the cornix predator style. I got the platinum just the other week. 👌 This can be helpful for others too as you said. Thank you again.
  12. I keep counting the number of skill effects I have for each weapon and they total 29. None of them are red aka equipped more than once as I know this doesn’t count. I have completed 3-4 missions already and no trophy. Am I misunderstanding something? Because when I watch the vid in the trophy description, the guy uses a lot more skill effects with red arrows than with a white cross icon or blue icon to the left of it. Please help as I can’t find anything other than add god arcs which I’ve been doing and I’m at difficulty 13.
  13. Howdy folks, As you progress through the story and difficulties, are there cookie cutter bullet types you unlock for each weapon that you can then use as a base to edit and make ultra powerful (i.e. HDH bullets)? As I'm watching a lot of videos on crafting bullet types that can annihilate the enemies, I'm seeing I don't have the base bullet they chose to craft that type of bullet. Please clarify as I can't seem to find a straight answer from any forum. I just got to Difficulty 7 so I may have to unlock them is my guess. Any clarification helps. Thank you!
  14. Ah yes I forgot about that thank you. I just wanted to continue to get better loot for my Titan so I just focused on Challenges for one character.
  15. You’re correct. It takes way longer with the newest update. Also, I can’t find a pro team of 5 to help me get the leviathan raid completed on prestige- specifically calus checkpoint as none of the randos I’ve come across can help me as we continue to get screwed by the shadow room :-/