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  1. Thank you and yes it was finding the right bullet type to edit online and the weapons/shield combination with the cornix predator style. I got the platinum just the other week. 👌 This can be helpful for others too as you said. Thank you again.
  2. I keep counting the number of skill effects I have for each weapon and they total 29. None of them are red aka equipped more than once as I know this doesn’t count. I have completed 3-4 missions already and no trophy. Am I misunderstanding something? Because when I watch the vid in the trophy description, the guy uses a lot more skill effects with red arrows than with a white cross icon or blue icon to the left of it. Please help as I can’t find anything other than add god arcs which I’ve been doing and I’m at difficulty 13.
  3. Howdy folks, As you progress through the story and difficulties, are there cookie cutter bullet types you unlock for each weapon that you can then use as a base to edit and make ultra powerful (i.e. HDH bullets)? As I'm watching a lot of videos on crafting bullet types that can annihilate the enemies, I'm seeing I don't have the base bullet they chose to craft that type of bullet. Please clarify as I can't seem to find a straight answer from any forum. I just got to Difficulty 7 so I may have to unlock them is my guess. Any clarification helps. Thank you!
  4. Ah yes I forgot about that thank you. I just wanted to continue to get better loot for my Titan so I just focused on Challenges for one character.
  5. You’re correct. It takes way longer with the newest update. Also, I can’t find a pro team of 5 to help me get the leviathan raid completed on prestige- specifically calus checkpoint as none of the randos I’ve come across can help me as we continue to get screwed by the shadow room :-/
  6. I have a team of 5 and am currently in need of one person who knows what they are doing. I did post a session in the appropriate place on this site to find someone. Do you know of anyone who could join us per chance this weekend either Saturday or Sunday? Thank you all again for your insight.
  7. So no matter what your power level is, then it can still destroy you?
  8. Howdy folks, I just wanted to inquire with the recent Shadowkeep update if the Leviathan Raid can be completed on Prestige without having completed it on Standard. My follow up question is if the trophies do in fact stack if this is possible (i.e. beating it on Prestige nets you the Prestige trophy and also the standard trophy). I did go into the destination menu and selected Leviathan Raid and was able to change it to Prestige and I haven't even touched either difficulty yet. Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  9. Sorry I'm not interested in writing, but I just have a recommendation: If you know a way to make Noveau Riche enemies spawn faster that would be a very useful bit of info on this guide. I know there's the skill you have to buy from Bob with CP to make them appear in the city, but if there's a method to make them spawn or where to find them easily that would be immensely helpful. Thank you! I just discovered the celebrity perfume does the trick! Apologies for bothering this forum. Cheers.
  10. I just hope it isn't purely digital games and that you can put your old PS3 games in the PS5. But we shall see...
  11. No need to wiretap when you're doing the kill everything playthrough. You will be good. I'm confirming as this worked for me.
  12. They will probably either make separate PS4 servers or just remove contracts from Absolution entirely for those online trophies. I would much prefer the online trophies removed of course :-D
  13. Is anyone going to post a guide who actually platinumed this game? Bc it looks like so far there are only 5 people on this site alone at least.
  14. Yes to the hilarious close up! lol Yeah the flying enemies suck in any game and I remember the flying demons in Silent Hill sucked too! Some parts are SO TOUGH without a guide bc the game doesn't hand hold you like current gen games do these days. So if you like spending more than an hour on a 10 minute section, then go for it :-D
  15. Ah it's okay. I suppose I'll get over it :-p.