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  1. I'd rather play a well-paced and fun experience for 40$ even if it's short than an overpriced crappy game like Borderlands or yearly washed out games like Ubisoft and others release all the time.
  2. I'm having an incredibly hard time to have the rarities merchant to spawn. I'm on NG+ and have everything except light and dark rings. I keep going back and forth on barren (poor soil) tiles around NW part of the last island (where final dungeon is) but after a few hours I still got nothing. Is there any tricks to it ? EDIT: obviously after a few more tries I finally got it...
  3. I've asked Nicalis/Hypergun support several times and they failed to give a clear answer. All I had from them was these answers: "Hello, the game will only be available through our online store." and "We are currently only offering region-free physical versions of the game on PS5, Nintendo Switch, and X Box Series X on the Hypergun Store. Digital versions for the games will be available on the respective console stores." Despite my questions being clearly oriented on save compatibility between versions and the possibility/probability of a physical release in Europe.
  4. Make yourself a favor and away from this crap game (and other Wargaming games too). It's been a shit show for the past year and as stated many times before, devs make absolutely NO effort to listen to feedback. There are thousands of better games out there to explore before diving into a pool full of crap (WoT). Wargaming doesnt deserve any attention You know what they say "when it's free, you are the product"
  5. Stay away from this crap game (and other Wargaming games too), it's been a shit show for the past year and as stated many times before, devs make absolutely NO effort to listen to feedback. Trophy wise on PS4, it's been a very rocky road and some trophies that were supposed to come back are still unobtainable to this day. You've been warned. Wargaming doesnt deserve any attention
  6. Hey there, Has anyone tried to play this in coop ? I was curious about how it works;, can you play with one person on PS4 version and one person on PS5 version or are they completely separate ? Also how is the game performing online? I remember the first one having troubles at some point and i heard issues about Argami 2 too. Anyone has any feedback on it ? Thanks!
  7. I'll agree that remastering games from PS3/PS4 era feels a bit too early for me. There's plenty of excellent (older) games, to remaster / revitalize / remaster before doing those. Just to cite a few, Onimusha, Power Stone, Breath of Fire, and pretty much all Squaresoft era games. That's also why I never rush/buy Playstation hardware on/around release, they always bloom with time. A clearer split between PS4 and PS5 games would have been nice imo, some PS4 games I've been holding onto now are being re released on PS5. I'm kinda hesitating on what platform to play on.
  8. It's not exactly chill if you go for all the trophies but it's, in my opinion, one of the best Vita games out there: Muramasa Rebirth, both base game and DLCs are masterpieces and probably one of my favorite games of all time. Art, animation, music are all of stellar quality. I can understand people finding the gampelay a bit repetitive at some point but it didn't bother me at all. Available physically in US and Asia, only digital in EU.
  9. I really don't recommend the PvZ BfN game, I love dearly the original tower defense game, had great fun with GW 1&2 but this one is super crap... My advice is: give it a try with alt account so that you know what you're getting into. PS: it's super grindy
  10. Not sure if it has been mentionned before (only read page 1 and 8) but Destiny 2 has been confirmed to auto-pop all trophies on PS5 (I remember reading it in it's own thread) in the spreadsheet it says "probably" EDIT: I can now confirm this on a PS5 and it indeed all autopop at game login, no need to do anything specific.
  11. I'm pretty sure cross save is only between PS4 and Vita. I've never seen any option to transfer from any other platforms. Maybe with Repentance ? But if they were planning it we would have heard about it by now I guess.
  12. I'm a huge fan of the DC/GC games and it is very painful to see how this franchise went from my blind go to game to f2p super crap. I spent thousands of hours on the GC ep 1&2 solely, so much memories there chasing that elusive gi gue body part or unsealing that Sealed J-Sword ! ❤️ I know if it ever comes out on PS4/PS5 (at this rate it's safer to assume PS6) I'll probably give it yet another chance and play it but, having tested the PC japanese version, I'd probably won't spend as much time. A broken PSO fan 😵
  13. Some are already mentionned, I've focused my choices on couch coop games, I assumed that's what you asked for ? There's a lot of different genres so I guess you'll find some to your taste . If you loved a Way Out you'll love It Takes Two even more I guess ! best coop experience I've had in a long long time. Bear in mind that all Housemarque games are generally poorly designed in local coop, it's super fun to play, very intense arcade gameplays but you'll see the limits of it soon enough, for those I recommend online play, it's much better than local. - Guacamelee 1 & 2 - Moving Out - Overcooked 1 / 2 / AYCE - Towerfall - Alienation (Housemarque) - Untitled Goose Game - The Binding of Isaac (coop will get better by the end of the year with latest expansion) - Nuclear Throne (definitely a hard one) - Cuphead - Castle Crashers - Streets of Rage 4 - Rocket League - Foul Play (online play is super buggy, local is fine) - Gauntlet - Helldivers - Metal Slug games (but not Anthology, it's hyper crap in coop) - Assault Android Cactus - Resogun (Housemarque) - X-Morph Defense - Pang Adventures - Ikaruga - Nex Machina (Housemarque) - Wizard of Legend - Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - Dead Nation (Housemarque) - Full Mojo Rampage - Broforce - Jamestown + - Shank - Shank 2 - Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris - Dragon's Crown
  14. Thanks for the tips ! Don't know what kind of pro / aware lobbies you were in but on my end, after 1h of tries, it's mostly been chaotic runners, grabbers, sabotagers, and very unaware people... Crossplay on / off doesn't make a huge difference. I'll keep trying but once again it's all so random...
  15. No problem ! I've used them recently yeah, mostly for US and UK. Play Asia for JP and HK Shopto does sales from time to time so keep an eye out EDIT: actually there's an ongoing sale right now for Days of Play EDIT 2: i just tried to purchase some digital items from shopto and they now have restricted it to UK located customers. So if like me you're outside UK you can't buy those from them anymore... bad move on their end. I'll just stick to Eneba then