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  1. The price tag is way too high, i'll get it on sale. I kinda like those "stealth" releases tho.
  2. Make sure you really like the game beforehand AND have solid friends/team to play with. I started with friends but now they all left off to other stuff. While I enjoyed the game for most parts the grind is super long and boring. And it's far worse on PS5. So I'd say it depends on how many hours you can endure suffering.
  3. Hey theres, Im bumping this since I got possibly useful info. As of Afterbirth+ PS4 EU v1.01 (disc version) there's only 3 daily related achievements. Dedication - Participate in 31 daily challenges (they don't have to be consecutive; it will still count if you die in the first room) The Marathon (Cracked Crown) - Get a 5-win streak in the daily challenges (Added in Repentance You must have a score of above 0 on the score screen) Broken Modem - Complete 7 daily challenges (by touching the trophy at the end) Source: https://bindingofisaacrebirth.fandom.com/wiki/Achievements I've been working on that daily win-streak. After a major failure on my 3rd win I realised maybe save backup will save what I've done and "restore" my streak? It seems to be the case as today I completed my 2nd win since save restore (so technically 5th win) and cracked crown unlocked ! TLDR: backup your save file after each daily win and restore save if you fail, it works. It won't break your streak.
  4. I'm usually not a fan of games with roguelite elements but I so freakin love Housemarque games that I'll pick it up when I get a PS5 (probably in a few years because I don't feel the need for it yet). Seems the game is like every other Housemarque games: super fun reactive arcade gameplay but very unforgiving and really eye-tiring 😂 I probably won't bother with trophies on that one
  5. Playing this game solo is ... sad You could get some friends with common interests in real life ? You could use the "gaming sessions" functions at the very top of this page to find people who might be interested to play with you ? The other person don't even have to buy/own the game to play it with you, how could they make it easier for people to find someone to play with ? If you can't find people to play this with, then you haven't tried. Both players unlock trophies except for a few ones where you have to do very specific actions (single button input so nothing too complicated). This game definitely has to be played, it's the best coop I've had in long time and we all know coop is the true essence of video games (ok maybe that's just me)
  6. Hero in every DQ games, it saves me the trouble of looking for official names
  7. Still checking regularly. There's been a slight change lately, instead of searching and failing everytime it now says straight up "connection lost" / "cannot connect to server"on all version PS3/PS4/PSVita which is apparently a bad sign but I'll keep on checking/trying. Also I haven't had any reply from customer support despite sending them messages via Twitter. Any of you guys tried contacting them ? Email @ [email protected] or social medias ?
  8. I updated Castlevania: Lords of Shadow to 1.03 (I believe) yesterday without any issue, I'm on EU/UK PSN Edit: I got vanilla disc version
  9. Just beware that DLC was never released on Vita, so if you're going for 100% you can platinum the game playing on whatever you like most between PS4 and Vita. You'll have then to be on PS4 to play the DLC content (which is pretty huge). I'm not sure if there's an optimal way to go about this, playing with dlc installed or without ? I believe it's easier playing with the v1.00 without DLC; but playing with DLC could cut some endgame content, leading to having less runs to do. Potentially you could optimize secrets unlocks out in one playthrough if you play with DLC installed, which you couldn't do playing the v1.00 version because the said unlocks/contents didn't exist back then. And there's another HUGE expansion coming before the end of this year I believe, Repentance This game is truly awesome but so many things to do... at some times I feel discouraged but in the end it's so worth it ! Happy plays !
  10. "If I own this on PS5, can I play it on PS4 too? Yes, if your game is a digital download. If you have a physical PS5 disc, this will unfortunately not work in a PS4 console." Guess I'll have to buy it again I love Overcooked source: https://www.team17.com/overcooked-all-you-can-eat-faq/
  11. I try to avoid games with multiple season passes and tons of DLCs, feels really scammy... Base price for the 1st season pass is waaaaaay too high, I got the base game for half of Season Pass 1 price on sale, can we agree there's something wrong with marketing here? I'll make sure to avoid Gearbox published games in the future.
  12. Muramasa Rebirth for Vita + Genroku Legends DLCs, it's pure gold, one of my favorite of all time and a Vanillaware (=excellent games)
  13. Muramasa Rebirth (born again ?) Viewtiful Joe series Breath of fire I-II-III-IV (anything that happened after IV I do not acknowledge its existence) Alundra Xenogears Wild Arms Chrono trigger Chrono cross Legend of dragoon Phantasy Star Online 1&2 / Blue Burst Lunar the Silver Star Story Vagrant story Suikoden series Power Stone 2 Skies of Arcadia Valkyrie Profile GrimGrimoire Grand Knights History Final Fantasy IV AND Final Fantasy Tactics my fav game of all time... Please square dont massacre this masterpiece. A flat remaster with trophies is fine. If full remake please oh please respect the original version. There's plenty of options to pay tribute to this pure gem. Yes I live in the past
  14. It's actually nice when devs design coop in such a fair and smart way. Josef Fares is a huge coop defender, I can only love that guy and I can't wait to play this game !
  15. I've contacted them regularly over the last few weeks/months, I didn't post anything since there was no real useful information. All I got is: "Could you please share this information with the team ? Please email [email protected] thanks so much for your help" on 22/01/21 and "Unfortunately I don't have information on your previous request, I know team are stretched right now. I will see if I can find anything out." on 19/02/21 If you guys wanna try your luck, try the email above or social medias and post results here, if they're any useful. Never got any reply from last the email above.