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  1. Happened to me once too, luckily I was sitting on a flaming hot zero win streak for months so it's not as bad. Game is full of bs glitches: people grab me from afar / can't grab the crown even if I was first and did press grab / I fall through tiles on the hex finale, recovery from fall is sometimes ok sometimes too long and I just loose 2-3 floors. Never really tried to go for Infallible since it's so flawed but I'm not gonna try in the future either. I enjoyed what I played but that's about as far as I'll go.
  2. I share your pain. But if that Power Stone part is true... I will buy this extremely fast.
  3. Which game ? So we can check.
  4. I'm not sure what's the strikes/nf pool look like now they've removed many destinations but I wouldnt be surprised if it came back. They haven't said much about grandmaster this season AFAIK good luck to anyone playing the new season.
  5. Well it once again all depends on your light level. I agree it may be grindy but nowhere near as difficult as to organize 6 people and make them sit and clear through several raid encounters (hopefully without connection issues or glitch). as MrFudge said if you keep your distance it's not a problem anymore, enemies won't aggro you from the other side of the room. Champions are just a mechanic, if you have correct mods you can control their abilities and wreck them. Match game isn't even a problem if you have the correct elements in your loadout, or know which shield elements are involved in which nf, or even a person with hard light can make this problem go. One of the easiest Nightfall I can think of would be Lake of Shadows, if you're doing this carefully it shouldn't cause too much trouble. I don't say it's easy I say, but it may not be as hard as everyone think it is.
  6. If I'm not mistaken the grandmaster nightfall was introduced fairly recently, so we're not sure if level cap / gap to play it are gonna stay the way there this season. It might be easier to go over the grandmaster level cap making the task less daunting, thus less grind etc. Some people solo grandmaster nightfalls in matter of minutes (yes they're top players but it means it's also doable), some strikes/nf can be cheesed, so I'm really tempted to think it's really less complicated than a full 6 people raid with coordination mechanics. It's all a matter of perspective here, if you're a raid addict with a good dedicated team of course prestige leviathan is cakewalk, if you don't then nf might be a way better option. Time will tell. I found Leviathan based raids to be fairly clunky in mechanics, circus encounter, final encounter, the whole Spire of Stars and the whole Crown of Sorrow but that's just my personnal opinion.
  7. Strongly disagree here. Nightfall (regardless of the level of difficulty) requires 3 decent players with at least 1 or 2 with decent stuff but there are barely no mechanics involved in strikes/nightfall. So it's imo much easier to do this than Prestige Leviathan, which on top of being on of the worst raid ever with counterintuitive/clunky mechanics requires a full team of 6 very good coordinated players. Light level is irrelevant because it's capped out at "activity light level" + 10. So you might be 1360 light and still get wrecked in Prestige Leviathan because in reality you're capped at "activity light level" + 10. I dont't remember what it is for Leviathan maybe 750? So capped at 760, and adds pack a punch there.
  8. Agreed. I wish they put more tought into how they manage their IPs. Aside from that, has the game evolved for the better with recent updates? Will probably pick it up on sale.
  9. Hi there, I'm once again very late to the party and playing D3:RoS on PS3, I just need to clarify one point. Back then I played the original D3 and then upgraded to UEE/RoS, transfered my character from D3 to D3:RoS. The UEE/RoS version was labeled/sold as "BONUS: also includes Diablo 3 original game" but there's no way to "launch" original game and earn trophies from the original list? I looked it up and it doesn't seem to be the case, if someone could give me a definitive answer that'd be sweet ! Thanks
  10. Art still looks awesome, just hope the game is fun and is not completely busted like many other kickstarter games.
  11. Ubisoft just like EA (we can also add Gearbox to the group now) are known cash grabbers, just look at the number of editions, number of season passes (and prices of season passes) they have for the same game. It's just sad to see we've come to this point. If you really want one of their game I'd just wait 1-2 years for sales and store clearance. I'll be sticking with my PS3/PS4 for a while, I've got plenty to do there.
  12. Thanks man appreciate it! I got Xcom and Rage dlc, I also have a bunch of games I haven't started so I'll need to do a full check on what I have and what I don't. Such a mess to manage in the end...
  13. Found it at the bottom of my download list ! Glad I could download it... Is it just EA delisting content these days ? I still have a very long backlog to take care of on PS3, I really need to check out what I still need to finish / buy.
  14. Seems like it's been delisted from EU as well, can't find it on UK store. I think I bought them ages ago but never got to downloading them. Is there another way to get this ? Any other game/content/dlc facing the same fate ? I need to sort my PS3 games now...
  15. From "recent" games I would only want Muramasa Rebirth on a full screen, it would look so gorgeous, but I'm a sucker for Vanillaware games, anything they do I'll buy Viewtiful Joe series Breath of fire 1-4 Alundra Xenogears Wild Arms (I'm fine with just the first one) Chrono trigger Chrono cross Legend of dragoon Vagrant story Suikoden series Witcher 1-2 Power Stone 2 Skies of Arcadia Valkyrie Profile FF6 FF (fucking) Tactics my fav game of all time... Please square dont massacre this masterpiece. A flat remaster with trophies is fine. If full remake please oh please respect the original version. There's plenty of options to pay tribute to this gem. Yeah I don't trust SquarEnix anymore. After FFCCR fiasco, DQXIS "Switch port" and other things i'm not giving them much credit.