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  1. Looking good!!! Thanks for the update, really appreciate your work! I guess I'll be playing Persona 5 in June now!! 😁😁
  2. I dont know if anyone has already pointed out, but you can grind all the skill points you need, backup save, buy all the skills, get the trophy, reload save and put all the points in STR with the mask!
  3. Don't worry man, take your time!! Resident Evil 2 is a great game as well! I will wait for your guide!! I have a lot of games here on my backlog anyway (KH3, DMC5, soon Sekiro, etc)... About the difficulty, if it doesn't matter for the trophies, just do it all on safety hahaha But I heard that it's more difficult to get "Passionate Listener" on easier difficulties, is that true? Good luck with the guide!
  4. I achieved The Evil Within 2 plat last week using your guide, one of the best I have ever seen. Congratulations! Looking forward to your guide for Persona 5, do you have any updates on when it will be released? Thanks!!
  5. I always loved these point and click adventure games, and this was the one that started my love for the genre. I completed Grim Fandango on PC back on the day and was one of the first achievers of the platinum here on PSN Profiles, both without a guide. Took me months to figure out some of the puzzles, but that was part of the fun! I replayed the game several times over the years, so it was a breeze to do this on PS4. Great game, a gem!
  6. Please put this patch on the PS4 version too! It's WAY better to play without all that ink on the screen. It would be very nice to have this option!
  7. My setup: 5 heroes at level 60 (50% EXP Bonus) + 10% EXP Catalyst + 5x EXP Boost = 1.5~2.0M per run!
  8. Thanks man! Just confirmed here, the Liebers Brewhouse has been patched but the Crypt you mentioned is still working!
  9. This has been patched in 1.06, no?
  10. Just earned some trophies in Nier Automata after a while and it went straight to the top. Seems fixed for me!
  11. Game is not released in Brazil yet so I downloaded the US version. Works fine!
  12. Unfortunately it's just a temporary fix, when you get a trophy on any old game it does not sync correctly
  13. Earning a new trophy in a new game restored the correct order to my list!
  14. On my PS4/PS3/Vita it shows the trophies in correct order. Here on PSNProfiles it's messed up
  15. It's coming this Friday!