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  1. Not if someone already gave this idea but I consider that: 1. They should prevent again that games that are completed in less than 24 hours have platinum. Some players like me just play the games we buy because we like them, not just for trophies. 2. They should create a new trophy (diamond trophy) for those who have 100% games. (these games are only those that have DLC) 3. Create colored platinum trophies, for example, if it is more difficult, that is a red platinum, when your cup of obtaining is below 1% and this should be automatic. I think this last idea could tell us how "skillful" a player is, for example: You have 25 red platinums and another player tells you: I have 100 platinums but once they are bronze or green platinums. I would stay like ... ok, you have more but mine are red platinums Oh, and finally, the percentage that makes you advance in the leadeboards is measured by the platinum difficulty, not because you have more. For example: who has more red platinums. Or make different categories, I do not know. But I do believe that they have to implement something new.
  2. It's Bruno from Voyage, one of the hardest to get in normal mode. You have to eliminate someone with melee attacks, I recommend using the Knife or the perk of Browler and with the handle of a weapon. I've found that if you get a character, they'll kill you and reappear and you keep playing normal, even if you get the character. Or you can simply abandon the game when you get the challenge, just like you.
  3. I have checked your method and it works up to six people in duos lol