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  1. samurai_slayer82 Fuel Hey guys this is the only game i am flagged for and did this when i first started over 10 years ago. How do i go about getting it off of my profile so i can be reinstated on the leaderboards?
  2. I did all this but on ps3, should it still work?
  3. Hey man add me samurai_slayer82 need help badly
  4. Mine would have to be Cars: Race-o-Rama. at 21 hours.
  5. Hey guys, ive made a Red Dead Redemption gaming session, if anyone needs some various DLC trophies, head over and join!
  6. Mine would have to be either the DiRT series on PS3 or The Age of Empires series on PC. Battlefield and CoD are in there somewhere.
  7. Skyrim - I've got to level 50 twice and a level 37 character, i know where every daedric artifact quest is and the choices to do to make sure you get the item, ive completed every quest, found the best of everything, all daedric artifacts, all locations found, all skill books read, all shouts, nearly everywhere cleared. over 10 skills at 100 legit.
  8. Mine is, "Epic Showdown With Mario"!.
  9. Main character from Halo, legend in the green armor. Hes the king an founder of Rapture, from Bioshock series!
  10. --

    Would someone be kind enough to make me an avatar and/or signature? Please,
  11. Hey, if anyone doesnt mind and has the time would they possible be able to make me an avatar? Message me and ill send you some ideas!
  12. Hey, was wondering if someone would possibly be able to make me an avatar? If your interested message me nd ill send you some of my ideas! :) Thanks!

  13. Its a classic! But STILL amazing!
  14. Mine was 21 hours, but it was overnight, so like 3-4hours of actual gameplay, if ANYONE if lookin for an easy plat, get Cars: Race-o-Rama and/or Cars 2.
  15. SAME! About a week ago i uncovered my 2 (dusty) gameboy advances! In there case was, Fire Red, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Special Pikachu Edition, Silver AND Gold. LOVE IT!
  16. How could i possible forget, before consoles, gameboy and pokemon was my LIFE!
  17. Righttt. Thanks
  18. I say get it over it.
  19. I thought it was the daedric prince of Order?
  20. Whoa, have fun?
  21. Oh you should get it! A very enjoyable platinum!
  22. The newest band out of Skyrim! Their lastest new hit single. Dragonborn. /bands lyrics consist of Shouts.
  23. No games to work on, that i enjoy. :(

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    2. samurai_slayer82


      I have ACIII and BOPS2 but im stuck on a trophy on either,

    3. Noire_Symphony


      Ah, I see well I have confidence you'll get yourself unstuck and platinum them both

    4. samurai_slayer82


      Thank you! I need the "clubs" based trophies for ACIII and all the "completion" based trophies aswell.

      For Black Ops II i need the easter egg trophy, complete all challenges and all intel, then plat! :)