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  1. 7 day suspension on PSN for offensive avatar! -_-

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    2. weeztha


      Oh I see. I did just change the profile pic to my truck the other day but it's definitely not offensive at all. Just a Chevy truck no graphics or writing anywhere on it. I can still see it on psn when I look at my profile. Just bs you can get suspended over dumb things like this

    3. DamagingRob


      @Cammy: Thanks. :) I don't have a cell phone, though, so I don't know if I'll do it or not. Would have to use Facebook. *Shudders* I never get on there, anymore. DX

      That's real messed up if you were banned for an avatar they sell, though. And who wound find Ibuki offensive?

    4. DamagingRob
  2. Since when do you get locked out of all your downloaded games cause psn is under maintenance?? Bullshit -_-

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    2. weeztha


      I find it kinda weird that I was able to select the activate icon and it says activated but all games still show locked. Clicked on payday2 and boom it loads up now even tho still locked lol

    3. Auto-Tomato


      The servers are a bit tetchy, get the same thing from time to time, usually it'll sort itself. As to the primary, yeah, true, but I think that in itself is BS, regardless if I'm primary on my own console the media is still tied to my acc, the verification nonsense is just that at times.

    4. skateak


      Go to Playstaion Network/Account Management-then do "Restore Licenses" that will fix it to where you can play offline.

  3. It can only be done in One Life matches. Deathblow is when you kill the last member of the other team to win the match
  4. Whooo! Just got my custom wakeskate delivered!!! It is so bad ass and got a graphic of my dobie on the board! Time to fucking shred!

    1. daftprophet
    2. weeztha


      I sent ya one through psn app. Lmk if it works :)

    3. daftprophet
  5. Got home from work to find my dog ate 3grams of weed and now he's completely fucked up. Poor fella is not doing good. I might take him to the vet if he gets any worse :(

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    2. weeztha


      Thanks! He's seems almost back to 100% this morning! :)

    3. RachP13


      Glad to hear he's back to his normal self today ^_^

    4. weeztha
  6. I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled because they were growing in sideways under the gum and had to be cut n pulled out. Quite possibly the worst dental experience I've ever had. Tons and tons of pain. Idk what went wrong but nothing got numbed right and pretty much felt everything. I wanted to shoot that dentist after that. Now I have a new dentist and all is good now n days on more teeth pulled and no cavities. I do take good care of my teeth though.
  7. Wtf, ps4 tony hawk pro skater 5 is $80 on the PSN store... That's way overpriced and their only throwing in a free theme with the preorder! lmao

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    2. weeztha


      Lmao I was starting to think everyone was getting a secret deal but me :)

    3. Superstarmaste1r


      Now that is just plain awful deal for making the price so high.

    4. CasaDeBen


      Our exchange rate makes it the same even if i bought it from us psn or from a us retailer

  8. Finally! I'm back on PSN :) I had 36 messages and 20 friend request but most were blank so I only added 7 of them :/

    1. Purple Heart

      Purple Heart

      welcome back

    2. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      back to the welcome land of Psn

    3. weeztha


      Thanks guys! Happy to be back :)

  9. Any user in in the world at war 100% club/fastest achiever
  10. It's about $15 a month or $120 a year. My buddy has been playing this game since day 1 he's easily got 100's of hrs into chasing 100% on both ps3 & 4 Definitely a great game if your into online/fighting games
  11. Thanks, yeah I did them all solo except for Perkaholics Anonymous..I had a great time doin map pack 2 trophies. I can't remember exact details of everything but It's easy to hang out down stairs beneath the spawn point, and not open one of the doors but rather camp by it. (There's a desk and other debris you can stand behind so you can't get attacked head on and only from righ or left sides.) Set mines around you and keep boarding windows. I open everything but the door mentioned and the debris blocking the stairs to spawn point. Once you start getting over ran. I head outta the swamp grab the Thompson off the wall and start running big ass circles while turning around and mowing down zombies. When the pack gets thin make a crawler and reup on supplies and start the next round. After a few tries it's easily manageable. That's how I got my big baller trophy solo
  12. Time will tell with all the new tables coming out through the rest of the year. We could get some really hard wizard mode trophies in the future. Let's hope we can manage it and keep our sanity haha
  13. Haha for sure you gotta push the front line otherwise if you just sit back you'll get grenades thrown at you nonstop.
  14. Nice work man! Your hard work paid off! I agree heart of Reich was really annoying at the 4th flack but after a few try's I got past it. The rest of the game wasn't to hard but I enjoyed getting every trophy. This is probably my favorite COD plat/100% I have
  15. Damn 5 years went by fast and I've had PS+ the whole time! It's been great having + and being flooded with great deals and free games. To bad sony doesn't want me in the June competition. I've missed some really good flash sales and freebies these past months. Super frustrating