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  1. Good Luck!
  2. They won't reprint the game but a few months after the shipping they put the leftovers back on their site (normally something around 80 copies). You still have a chance to get it. Just follow them on Twitter or discord or Facebook or whatever you like
  3. Cloud sync is working again (12/31). I got the platinum for Hong Kong and Japan account without any problem
  4. Cloud sync is working again (12/31). I got the platinum for Hong Kong and Japan account without any problem
  5. Still no luck on cloud sync. 29/12 JP PS4 account...
  6. Having the same issue on PS4 JP account... Cloud sync doesn't work...
  7. I am having the exact same problem. I bought Sound Shapes on my JP account (PS4) and Everytime I try to cloud sync I got the message "unable to reach the sound shapes servers"... This is so frustrating..
  8. If anybody want to boost with me please add cinthia_mendes Just send me a message ok?
  9. Hey there. I just started this game few days ago. I saw people there insanely good... Makes me think about if it is possible to platinum this game. Some trophies like "have the first kill" or "kill most players" seems impossible to me so I was thinking If there is a way to boost these kind of trophies with some friends. Like one team let the other have the kills and etc. Is that possible?
  10. And the better part is no 1000km trophy! I love farming simulator but hate that trophy.... it's so boring to drive for hours .... a rubber in the stick and go to do something else is the only solution
  11. I did it. I actually finished the game last month. To unlock the final memories you have to play the piano until 100% to unlock a paddock. After that somewhere in the house it will be an item to collect or a new room to enter. After collect the item play the piano again until 100% and repeat. Finally, you will find pieces of the mask, when the mask is complete you have to options: Use the mask or destroy the mask. Choose one option, and it will unlock a memory, then return and choose the other option to unlock the opposite memory. And you are done
  12. I've been playing Deemo for a while and I've finished my first playthrough today. I got the memory "Reality" but the trophy didn't pop. I tried the gallery and play the scene again and still no trophy... Anybody can say what I have to do to unlock reality memory trophy? And how about "The Masked Girl" and "Rebirth" memories? How to unlock them?
  13. anybody knows if both copies from LRG shares The same trophy list (same here on psn profiles) or will be two different list between them?
  14. Really? I was thinking something about 8/10 since the extremely low number of achievers Very good to know! I'll definitely get this game soon! Just one more question: None of the trophies are missable?
  15. I'm just wondering how hard is to get all trophies since two of them have a very low % os achievers. 1 to 10 how hard is the 100% Plague Road?