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  1. I have been waiting for the fix and since now the trophies are finally working, my question is: how long and how hard is this plat? I know is very grindy and luck based...
  2. Got the trophy today. Working perfectly. Didn't have to change anything, just used the search and played 20 different missions
  3. Don't know if anyone is still interested on this, but I am from Brazil and have the physical copy exactly like the one posted before by @Slazzio Just completed 100% today and it says that I played the RR version and not the OR one. So if anyone is still trying to get a Brazilian copy for OR trophy list, it won't work
  4. Yes, throw offerings of all elements, those that was like a "shuriken", don't remember the name (abusing of the enemy weakness always). I rotate my AI partners for 70% of the game. The last 30% I had two great humans partners and we finished all the last chapters together before the servers closed last december.
  5. Well, when I got the Platinum I could do 70% of the game alone with almost no problem, but the last missions are much much harder and I wouldn't probably got the Platinum without two great online partners. I really doubt it that I could do it alone. So speaking only for myself, yes, it is possible to platinum alone but it will be super hard and basically you will need to spend a lot of hours mastering everything to have better chance solo
  6. All online trophies are still obtainable on February 4th 2022. I got all of them today, took around 6 hours, and as the others said, it's pretty boring and repetitive, but much easier than previous AC online trophies
  7. So I had the same annoying issue. The game crashed 3 times ate the final part, preventing the last trophy. Tried 3 times, all the same. - Playing: PHYSICAL PS4 version with latest patch - Console: PS4 Pro (don't have PS5) Solution: went to console settings and changed to 1080p and turned off HDR And that's it! The scene finally continued and I got the platinum! Never uninstalled the game or tried to move or anything, just did what I said above. Hope it helps someone with the same problem
  8. If anyone is interested I got this trophy today, Jan 06 2022, so it is still working. I played only against IA, took around 2 ~ 3 hours to get the 30 wins
  9. I am definitely not a cheater I hate them by the way. As I said, I lost count after sometime, and I die a few times trying to farm those damn ships, IF the game still counts the ships even if you die without complete the level, so yes, I could have reached 100 without even notice. I was only counting the ships that I found AND complete the level. Maybe this is what happened, who knows. But the game is way easier then this tread made me believe. I helped the 4th platinum achiever as well, he is a friend of mine and he got the platinum pretty fast too
  10. So guys, I just got the platinum legit for this game. It was easier and faster than I imagine, so this is how I did: - First of all, I installed the patch 84MB (saw some people saying that there was no patch, but there is one) - I completed the story first and got almost all trophies out the way - Repeated the first level (the "jungle" one) over and over and taking my time on the boss to have more dropships and I also need more than 7500 coins at the time so I was farming both trophies - I lost count on 30 dropships but not long after that the trophy popped for me. It was definitely less than 100, I would say around 40 - Everything above was done in one go and took around 4 hours - Continued today to farm the last coins on the last mission (more chests, more coins, no boss) And Platinum popped! Total playtime: 6 hours Hope this helps someone!
  11. I have the English physical Asian copy, do I need to play online for anything or can I do everything solo? Will it be easier online in any way?
  12. Wow, that's a hell of explanation! Thanks, I will keep all that in mind! I already have those trophies including From Cover to Cover. I was asking not because the online part because I know the trophies are easy to get alone. I was asking because I just platinumed Freedom Wars and the last missions are basically impossible offline, even if there is no need to play online, you still have to or otherwise you will be destroyed I was wondering if Soul Sacrifice would be the same
  13. I've being tying to platinum this game before december 24th, and I already completed half of the trophies I know the "online" trophies are easy to obtain via ad-hoc, so they are not "really" online The question is: Is it possible to platinum this game playing solo all the way or the difficulty will get insane on the last avalon pacts? I never found anyone playing online...
  14. Thanks!
  15. The problem with Freedom Wars is even if there is no trophy saying to play the postgame missions, you still need to play them to farm the items necessary for weapon upgrade. If Soul Sacrifice doesn't have this kind of thing, great! I can simply ignore the postgame missions without losing anything trophy related