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  1. So I don't need all events? Only the "original" events from the base-game? Would be great to know because this way 50+ events wouldn't be necessary to complete.
  2. Yes. Cargo packing is completely broken since the last patch. Also I have more game crashes than before.
  3. 'Ruiner' is a typical 5/10 indie-game and if you are not very big cyberpunk or twin-stick-shooter fan, I'd recommend to pass this game. The overall (art-)style of the game is really nice and hits home for me. But expecting a nice little cyberpunk game, you will be greatly disappointed with 'Ruiner': Although the game looks and sounds like a good cyberpunk title, an equally important aspect of a good cyberpunk game/film/book is missing – a good story or at least any kind of taking advantage of the setting. The game feels totally empty and everything you do is ultimately meaningless. Ok, 'Ruiner' is a twin-stick-shooter, so its probably not so much about the story, characters and such things but about gameplay. Well, like I said, the best thing about the game is its art-style… I played a bunch of twin-stick-shooters on the PS4 and gameplay-wise its clearly below average. The game never feels smooth like for example 'Nex Machina', it never feels like you are in control of things. Like @Munkian said, the game becomes extremely hectic but not in a good way, like many difficult games tend to be, its a total mess leading to trail and error sequences, especially the first time around. 'Ruiner' is not a difficult game but since you don't have full control of anything (weapons are random + some are completely useless; enemies spawn everywhere; everywhere are objects you dash into or get stuck because you can't see them properly). Overall the gameplay feels only "ok". It constantly felt like the devs didn't put a lot of thought into the little gameplay details, which separate a mediocre game from a good one. Unfortunetly for most of the time the gameplay feels not good enough to satisfy any experienced players or people looking for a difficult game to master like Nex Machina, Enter the Gungeon or any other top genre games. The newly added NewGame+ Mode is a good idea since you have more abilities from the start, but since you have to start every difficulty separately it doesn't really help. For a game designed for multiple playthroughs it's clearly not good enough. Also the game has a lot technical issues: frame rate, enemies not spawning, glitching under the map etc. I had to restart the game quite a few times within my 10 hours of playing. 'Ruiner' is the perfect example for a "Style over Substance". Greatly disappointed by the title, even for 4,99€ let alone 19,99€.
  4. In my case the name wasn't there. I parked it on the dam in Michigan and exited to the main menu. The next time I opened the game I had a very wired camera bug (looked like under the map?) and I ended up in the garage after few seconds. My truck on the dam was gone (White Western Star) but in the truck shop the game still said I would own one. Like I said, the truck reappeared in front of my garage the following day. I think my truck glitched through the dam when I reopened the game and there is a respawn mechanic for such cases. Btw I'am not the only one experiencing this bug. On reddit are many people with the same problem. Luckily the trucks always seem to reappear after a while.
  5. Nobody has achieved the trophy since the patch… I really hope this is a coincidence. I still need more money to buy all the weapons, so I can't try myself.
  6. Yes this is a common bug in Snowrunner it happend to me too. In the truck-shop it says you own one but the truck is nowhere to be found. In my case the truck reappeared after one (real-time) day in front of my garage without any upgrades or attachments. Before this I restarted the game multiple times and everything but nothing helped. A friend of mine experienced the same bug and ended up with two exemplars of the missing car two days later.
  7. The attachment points on this one are very bad and the trailer is very heavy. I tried for 20 minutes but couldn't unlock the trophy... I don't think it is possible.
  8. This one isn't missable since you don't need a contract to pack cargo-units. You can simply drive to any cargo-station in the game with a crane-truck and a truck + trailer (4 units or more) and manually load the cargo. Its super easy, takes 5 minutes and can be done at any time in the game.
  9. Unfortunately the game has many glitches atm. The drill-parts on the first map didn't spawn on the map and for some reason I can't restart the quest... I have the strong feeling that most glitches happen in coop. I have played coop 90% of the time but solo I had no problems at all.
  10. NFS Prestige is harder I'd say, mostly due to the fact NFS's gameplay is pretty shitty and I never felt like mastering the game would do the trick for me. But all the other games mentioned are easier in my memory: Wipeout is a lot easier and GT5 and Trackmania are slightly easier than DR2. Assetto Corsa is far more difficult than DR2, if you are looking for something more difficult. AC - NFS - DR2 - TM - GT5 - WHD - DR1 (- blur)
  11. This so cool! Thank you very much!!
  12. Honestly, I don't think so. I have 100km already and still haven't left the first map – 13% Overall Progress atm. The distances you have to drive for the tasks are gradually becoming longer. I'm pretty sure this trophy will come naturally before completing every contract and task. And even if I'm wrong there is plenty of room for rubberbanding on concrete. Snowrunner is very different to Mudrunner regarding driving-speed and distances. You will drive a lot more on roads with fast trucks.
  13. Exactly the same here 😠
  14. Unfortunately the game has a lot technical issues, ranging from graphical bugs to game crashes and some smaller stuff like I wasn't able to refuel my cars and can't deliver material brought from an other map. BUT I'm 100% sure that the devs will fix pretty much all of it within the next 1-2 month. They did so with Mudrunner and they are also very community focused. Maybe they even fix the coop-mode so that everyone has mission progress. I'm 5-6 hours in the game by now and I would estimating the platinum to take 70-100 hours, for anyone curious 😁
  15. Most trophies pop for everyone but only the host gets mission progress. The other players only receive money, xp and upgrade unlocks but can't even keep the cars. Ultimately this means that you have to play through the game multiple times if every player wants the platinum since you have to complete every task and mission yourself. Coop is pretty useless if both players only want the platinum.