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  1. What do you call a fish that won’t shut up?
  2. I'am super hyped for this one. looks really good I'd say.
  3. While the main game is quite doable, 100% is a completely different story.
  4. Yeah me too actually. I'am usually quite fast at completing games compared to most estimations but I have almost 60 hours of playtime now and still miss some shards and some trophies. That being said, while I took my time I wasn't overly slow while playing. To me even 30 hours seem very little even though I'am really experienced with this typ of game.
  5. I'd recommend playing Dark Souls 1 and 2 on your PS4. Mostly because of the frame rate and the possibility to still play online what makes the Platinum little easier and faster. My Top 5 recommendations besides the obvious ones like GoW, Uncharted and such are: 1. Mirrors Edge (Platinum and 100% is very doable despite some very high difficulty ratings) 2. Deus Ex Human Revolution (preferably the Directors Cut because it has some extra features like NG+ and the DLC implemented within the main game) 3. Bionic Commando (very few people bought this game, but most people I know fell in love once they played for few hours. might be my no.1 hidden gem on PS3) 4. Deadly Premonition (this is a wired one... kind of Twin Peaks as a video game in an open world mixed with old-school resident evil gameplay. I love it but its surely not for everyone) 5. Catherine (there is a PS4 version too but either way this is a brilliant game and totally unique)
  6. How do you know? I have heard differently... for example from @ImStylinOnYaBro and I myself think I have completed all Hot-laps now but haven't unlocked the trophy. Also the special event list has some extra events in the base game section I believe are not included in this vanilla version.
  7. How in the world do you get 110k+ in one run?! I'am almost done with this game but still missing this trophy but the very best I get in one run is around 50k.
  8. Update III – 12.01.2021 – 3/16 completed Unfortunately not a update with much progress this month – almost like a reverse update... I played a couple of PS3 titles, some included in my backlog some not, and was quite disappointed with the quality and how those games did age so I decided to not even sync them to my main account. Good thing is that my backlog got smaller and I save some time but at the same time it is rather underwhelming how bad some PS3 titles did age. Silent Hill Downpour ❎ While I consider myself a big Silent Hill fan this game simply is too much for me to handle. I played around three hours and the game crashed on me three or four times. Also the frame rate drops constantly and almost freezes from time to time. Besides the obvious technical flaws this game is rather mediocre even though I like the open-world idea and the side-quests. I might finish this game once but there is no way I will do three full playthroughs for the Platinum. Hard Corps: Uprising ❎ Hard Corps: Uprising is quite a solid game if you like side scrolling shoot em ups BUT this game requires grinding, MP-play and offers no Platinum. I played this game for few hours and since I like this typ of game I had quite a bit fun. Technically the game seems to be alright but not at 60FPS what is quite beneficial for a game like this. If this where a 10-15 hours game I definitively would finish this but since it is more like 60-80 hours 9/10 difficulty, I'll pass this game and play Huntdown (2020) instead which doesn't require any grinding, looks 100 times better and is equally difficult but features a Platinum trophy. __________________________________________ Blood Drive (not part of my initial backlog) I bought this game years ago since I always liked car-combat games like Twisted Metal or Carmageddon but never started it: Holy shit! My sympathies to every pour soul who got this game in the backlog. I have never experienced such servier framerate drops in any other game, let alone a racing game. The Stadium map as well as Las Vegas are barely playable. This explains why this games trophies are so rare since the game is surprisingly easy overall. But since you have to replay the same six stages for around 50 hours I decided not to add this game to my backlog even though I'am missing out on some very easy Ultra Rares. This game could had been quite good by the way with some little tweaks here and there but to me it is unplayable in its current form. Binary Domain (not part of my initial backlog) This game wasn't part of my backlog for this challenge anyway because I always knew that I'am not willing to boost for close to a hundred hours but I still wanted to play this game since quite a few people seem to like it and I have to say that Binary Domain is a really solid game and still very much payable in 2020. Without the ridiculous online trophies I surely would had platinumed this one. One playthrough is around 15 hours in case everyone is wondering... I really recommend this one. ________________________________________ Backlog:
  9. Yeah, this is also the only solution I found. Unfortunately you lose all your XP from this run as well as all upgrades you bought during this run making the final boss borderline impossible with some characters. Actually this happens to me almost every time in the "normal" campaign, making it extremely frustrating to play this game for me because of this glitch. Fortunately I don't have any problems with campaign+ mode besides the fact that it is way more difficult and time consuming. Thanks for your reply anyway!
  10. I tried it myself and it is not possible to avoid the DLC events. Multiple times I only had one event available to proceed and those events happen to be DLC events... I can confirm this.
  11. Apparently "yes". I don't have the trophy myself yet but thats what I read multiple times. That being said only 7 or 8 people have the platinum and all informations are kind of unverified. I'am almost done with the time attacks and drifts so I might can confirm this soon myself.
  12. I'am slowly getting there and luckily the difficulty varies quite a bit in both directions in some of the hotlaps. I did start the Ultimate Edition though having quite a few extra events also required for the trophies making the platinum even more time-consuming and difficult (didn't know before I started that DLC content is required for the base-game trophies).
  13. If you have a proper handbrake and experience with playing rally games with a wheel it is surely easier. I, for my part was never able to put down the same times with the wheel in this game as I do with the controller. Having many short corners and overall a lot steering and shifting activity makes rally games way more difficult to play/learn with a wheel than your standard sim racer á la Gran Turismo or Project Cars. That doesn't mean that Rally games are harder per se but it takes some getting used to the different driving style if you are used to racetrack racing with longer corners and a bigger emphasis on breakpoints and perfect cornering. A controller allows you to change directions in the blink of an eye what can be seen as a certain advantage.
  14. I know of some people who did it with a controller but I'd say it is way harder. But make no mistake even with a very good wheel 99% of the players will not achieve this platinum. That being sad I have played and platinumed many difficult racing-games but to me Assetto Corsa is easily the hardest. I have played around 100 hours and I'm not even halfway through the challenges but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel This game is among the 25 hardest platinums ever if you ask me and surely the hardest racer in terms of skill out there. GT feels easy compared to this.
  15. What?! Brilliant game and not even that bad to complete! Try it out little bit, preferably with a friend via coop.