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  1. Yes, that is pretty much the only important question! If my stats don't transfer I'll not even bother with Aftermath – especially since it looks 90% identical.
  2. 1) You have to be careful with "Afrika" only the US-version has trophies – all the Asian versions don't have trophies! It is very unlikely you will find a US copy for less than 100€ nowadays. 2) My answer regarding Spec Ops would be: "no". If you know the story already the rest of the game is quite mediocre by todays standards and not really worth your time. 3) Alice looks and runns very poorly: another game which didn't age well and I really wouldn't recommend unless you are very intrigued by the setting.
  3. Well there exist multiple complains like this 😄 For example... but it seems like that there is no solution for the problem.
  4. My first recommendation for this question is always Bionic Commando https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/89-bionic-commando . I love this game, especially the brilliant gameplay and the unique setting but also the rest of the game aged really well: solid frame rate (never below 30), graphic style which still looks a lot better than most games of the time and you get the game for like 5€. The story is quite bald but who really cares if a game plays that well?!
  5. Update V – 07.06.2021 – 3/17 completed It has been a while since I posted an update, mostly because I didn't make a lot progress for this event. Since my last update I started Fallout 3 and I'am totally in love with this game, even considering adding Fallout New Vegas to my PS3 backlog. I also started Dead Space 2 but I am not yet sure whether or not I will sync it to my account because I don't feel much urge to do another two playthroughs after my initial playthrough on "insane" – but we will see. Event Backlog (3/17) finished (8/17) started: Apart from the PS3 games counting towards this event, started and completed quite a few PS3 Remastereds on PS4. While those games don't count towards the event progress, they do for my personal PS3 backlog and so I decided to list the PS3 remastered games I completed since joining the event separately (this way my progress doesn't look that skimpy). PS3 Remastered on PS4: - NEED FOR SPEED HOT PURSUIT REMASTERED (100%) ✅ - SNIPER ELITE V2 REMASTERED (98%) - DARK SOULS: REMASTERED (11%) - RESIDENT EVIL 5 (46%)
  6. I also have the strong feeling that the PS4 version has glitched trophies: I did unlock the "Egg Hunt" trophy few days ago without ever having a golden egg in my possession and mid game after picking up a rotten egg in Mercenaries.
  7. 47 is way more challenging if you ask me. The length alone is argument enough from my experience: 1min vs. 7min is a huge difference if there is basically zero leeway in both of the levels. For level 50 you might need to come closer to perfection but 90% is easy after few tries and a restart only takes a few seconds, while in 47 there are countless tricky situations and if you screw up a restart takes minutes.
  8. I am still bit bummed out that the DLCs didn't get any trophies at all. 😭
  9. Yes, all the trophies can be unlocked via coop. When the game was newly released, the main problem regarding coop was that the game crashed very often and for joined players this often resulted in incorrect game-stats because certain missions, watchtowers, contracts etc. didn't count. With a limited total number this was a huge problem, because basically you had to start a new playthrough. Now there are basically no crashes and even if something should go wrong, there are by now almost twice as much missions, maps, watchtowers, contracts etc. as when the game was released but the requirements for the trophies didn't change – so you have plenty of room for potential errors if something shouldn't count.
  10. Update IV – 23.02.2021 – 3/16 completed Another rather disappointing from me this month... I haven't played much in general – neither PS3 nor PS4 – so there is not much to report on. I started Deus Ex: Human Revolution and I really liked the game thus far. I also started Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch but I'am wondering if it wouldn't be more practical to buy the remastered and play on the PS4 instead. The only Playstation 3 game I finished since my last update is Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit which isn't part of my backlog for this challenge and since I completed the PS4 remastered version it wouldn't count anyway. But for me it is one less game on my personal PS3 Backlog. I really hope to make some progress in March. So far I'am not really happy with my progress but also mostly disappointed with the quality and technical performance of most PS3-games I played thus far. But I finally completed Persona 4 Golden witch was the last game on my PS Vita backlog, which means I'am once and for all done with the Vita. Backlog (3/16):
  11. Prey is the far superior game in almost every regard, especially by todays standards. Though the age of the Bioshock games should be taken into account.
  12. I agree! I was quite surprised by the games difficulty tbh. Surely not super hard or anything but some events took multiple tries what I'am usually not used to in arcade racers these days. Some of my PSN-friends took 20+ tries for some events if the leaderboards are correct. I would rate the game a 6/10.
  13. I don't really care: There are easier games than Drive Club being ultra rare and there are harder games than Drive Club not being ultra rare...
  14. I'am super hyped for this one. looks really good I'd say.
  15. While the main game is quite doable, 100% is a completely different story.