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  1. Thats not true! The trophy poped for me with this method.
  2. No, I had one many times and there are multiple for sure. Both at the same time is relatively rare but I got it 3 times within 20h of playing.
  3. Legends – Banners – Tracker 2
  4. I found one right at the start of a match, can be found anywhere though. The golden guns from the supply drop don't work I think, but I'm not 100% sure.
  5. You need a gun with golden rarity and golden attachments. Most golden guns come with golden attachments from the start. Completely random.
  6. I think 20-40 hours is very optimistic. I'm quite good, won 10-12 times by now out of ca. 30 matches, but at this rate level 50 will be easily 60 hours plus. 20 hours is impossible for sure.
  7. I have no idea how so many people achieved the platinum in this game. I'm seriously struggling beating the first boss Any suggestions on how to start this? Atm it feels almost impossible for me to finish a complete playthrough.
  8. Some new details regarding the upcoming expansion.
  9. nope – not at all...
  10. I have more than 4 controllers and people who are pretty good in this game, that's not the problem. I wanted to buy the DLC for years and for some unknown reason never did. So I think I'll just buy it and save me a lot trouble with the remaining awards. But to clarify that, you don't need the DLC but you need 90% of all awards including the DLC awards not just the base game awards.
  11. I played Towerfall with my friends for years quite regularly now and realized few days ago, that only one or two awards seem to be missing. Do I need the DLC for the award trophy? Because if not we already have more than 90%. (in case you wonder why its not on my account: its on my friends account Rokkxl) Another question… We did beat all the hardcore levels with ease and I was thinking about getting 100% on my main account but it seems like the 5000 rounds trophy is glitched??
  12. It heavily depends on your skill-level and also how ambitious you are. I became a little obsessed with this game and after few days I achieved the 100% having a lot fun an my way, but also a lot frustration. But its definitely not as hard as many think (but its quite a challenge nevertheless to achieve 100%)… it took me around 35 hours. Mirrors Edge was one of my first PS3 games almost ten years ago and I immediately did fall in love with the game. But I was not able to beat any speed run besides the first and the second, not to mention the time trails. Last year I played the game again and this time I finished almost all the speed runs first try. You should definitely give this game a second chance!
  13. 'Isle of Dogs' was definitely my favorite film 2018. My second favorite film was 'An Elephant Sitting Still', outstanding film everyone should watch. For someone like me who is watching movies basically for a living the year felt little weak overall.
  14. It took me 25 hours to complete the game including all trophies. I died five times but only during quicktime-events. So I would say that it is a very easy platinum and one of the best and most unique games ever created.
  15. I don't know its been almost three years since I did the trophy, but I remember that the trophy didn't pop for me after completing the requirements and I had to complete everything twice. (I'm 100% sure I did not miss any character or anything else).