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  1. Owning the season pass grants you access to more of the daily, weekly, and monthly events. This "boosts" your chances for an Audi Quattro event showing up, since you can achieve the trophy on DLC tracks too, something non season pass owners can't. As far as I can remember owning the season pass adds quite a lot new events so the difference is noticeable.
  2. Do a blinde one first and try not to get spottet for the foxiest of the hound trophy. If it works you are lucky and have a much easier time for all the remaining trophies.
  3. I haven't played the game that much – almost finished my first hard playthrough in co-op – but the games higher difficulties are very challenging and the 100% trophies even more so. I would rate it an eight or a nine out of ten regarding the difficulty even with two players. The time is heavily depending on the personal skill with this type of game. Everything between 10 and 40 hours seems realistic with most players somewhere in the middle of it. There are 20 levels and I think the average player will need more than 60 minutes to complete it without dying what means not taking a single hit on the highest difficulty. Thinking about my calculation I would say that 20x2hours is very realistic.
  4. I remember back in the day when Killzone 2 was still very new people boosted for this 1% trophy a lot and SONY banned lots of trophy-hunters for boosting at the time... I myself got banned for one month after boosting two hour in a privat lobby. I think since than (ten-years) I have never heard of anything like this again.
  5. If you earn some trophies on one playstation/account and the rest of the trophies on another playstation or not registered user on the same system and later sync both lists on the same account you don't unlock the platinum until you enter the game. I remember this happened to me years ago on PS3 when I first wanted to attempt all the difficult singelplayer-trophies on an unregistered second user before syncing on my profil. Once I achieved all the SP-trophies I did all the MP-trophies on my registered account before syncing the offline-trophies... ultimately I ended up with all trophies but the platinum. I don't know I this is possible on the PS4 still, I don't care for completion like I used to...
  6. Since there is no guide for the game atm I thought that a little heads-up for the "Highballer" trophy (Complete All Career Challenges.) might proof useful to some. "Complete All Career Challenges" does not mean completing all the bonus targets which reward the player with the little yellow stars but simply completing all the events with the word challenge in the title. I think quite a few players misinterpreted this one and this information saves you many many hours of replaying events for the bonus targets. Here is a video I found for a visualization: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVfpUCVniwA Hope I can save someone from making the same mistake and waste 10-15 hours.
  7. I'd like to know too. Anyone?
  8. If you are really struggling I recommend that you sell everything so you can effort the AZOV 64131. If you still need money you could try to collect all the trailers on the map and sell them at the garage. The AZOV 64131 is one, if not the best truck in the game, its quite cheap and unlocked from the start. Simply fast travel into the Russian garage and buy it, store it and fast travel back to Michigan.... You can finish basically the entire game with this truck without any need for upgrades. https://spintires.fandom.com/wiki/Azov_64131
  9. Aren't there 7 campaign characters since the last big update?
  10. I always clear all rooms and yet I haven't even seen the demon-face not even once during my 50+ runs. I'm almost done with the game but this hasn't shown up at all.
  11. No you don't need both you can scrap all duplicates. Almost all weapons can be found more than once in the game, so you should be fine.
  12. Many thanks for the info! If the new class is also needed the trophies take a significantly longer than before the update.
  13. Why does the platinum rarity for the EU (11.53%) and the US (3.57%) version differ so greatly? I did the EU platinum a while ago myself and I didn't find this game to be particularly difficult. I'm really curious because this is a major difference.
  14. Yes, thats exactly what I thought.
  15. No normally you don't have to max out the character. Theoretically you don't even have to max out all stats in the forge – you only need 75 and there are like 80 in total. I'm pretty sure that the new DLC unintentionally added new requirements to the trophies. You will have to wait for a patch (usually takes a few month in this case).