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  1. Follow these steps: Go to PSN Store > Games > scroll down to ALL GAMES and just scroll down a bit and it's there!
  2. Any miss-able trophies?
  3. Tips: 1) Getting a head-start boost is essential in winning this race! 2) Avoid running over the "dark patches" along the race, it only slows you down! 3) Know which ramps to avoid/jump! Sometimes it's better to just avoid it instead of jumping ramp! 4) You'll get frustrated (like I did) but you'll catch on with practice!
  4. I'm glad the trophy list for this game are much simpler then DQH 2
  5. You guys can play it now, game has been patch few hours ago! No more need for this petition
  6. Came across this petition somebody made to fix this broken game!
  7. Just read video description for details. You'll earn around 1500 xp each time and get the Tenacious Hero trophy pretty quickly! DON'T KILL THE BEE HIVE as process will end!
  8. In a way I kind of wish this game outsells the latest SO game that came out last year and did so poorly.....I doubt it will but it would be nice lol! Looking forward to playing this again
  9. Who cares about the happy this classic is coming to ps4
  10. Yeah I acended to get the trophy and things went back to normal. However I went ahead and did the glitch again but only for the 1st icon you get on upper left so it'll stay clicking away and not affect the other icons you get
  11. Here's video of the automatic glitch boost. In description I forgot to point out that I changed ps4 1yr forward from today then I went back 1yr back to 2016, I then restarted game and this video is the result. You will see monsters killed is in the negative numbers -38xxx etc...Hope this help for those that want to try but again beware of game glitching
  12. I tried manipulating the game buy moving the ps4 clock ahead by 1 day to see if I would get a money boost but it didn't work. HOWEVER, I learned that I was able to manipulate the cool-down times for the special supers you unlock on your left hand side. ***BEWARE*** Doing this worked for only about 3 times then it prevented me from "clicking" anymore thus preventing me from getting the 50,000 click trophy if you're planning to go for trophies AND preventing me from mashing/clicking the unlock specials for 30 sec or whatever. Things got super glitchy after a few tries so I wouldn't advice this. *****2nd UPDATE***** After messing around several times adjusting ps4 clock forward 1yr then back 1yr to 2016 game glitch further. I then turned off game application then i turn it back on and it started mashing/clicking away at the monsters NONSTOP instantly getting the 50K CLick trophy and the 10,000 monsters kills trophy AND $$$ boosting. However the unlocked cool-down icons on the left hand side are glitch at 27525 mins for all of them that I got regardless if I adjust ps4 clock or not so I can't use them anymore. Currently uploading a video of the results to youtube. ***BEWARE IF YOU'RE PLANNING TO DO THIS, RESULTS MAY VARY WITH DIFFERENT PEOPLE***
  13. Double Dragon 4 trophies much better. I'll definitely pass on this one
  14. You can't "pass" the tower as it has endless floors. You can pass 100th floor with partnering up with local friend. You can also do it solo but much harder to accomplish of course.
  15. Once you've died and used all your continue just go to the menu screen and press option on your dual shock controller and select the stage you want. You can start right where you left off and beat the story