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  1. darth4052 Resistance 2 Are you serious this took me years boosting sessions to get the 10k kills and grey tech Gran Turismo 5 Are you serious this took me years i had to upload photos and tracks before the servers closed. Had to buy a fucking stering wheel to do some of the licence challanges. LittleBigPlanet 2 No idea what cfw is. I have 3 ps3s, 2 vitas and 2 ps4s i work as a sales rep i bring consoles wit me on the road im only home some times i sync trophies on whatever system whenever i may or may not have hotel wi fi. Ill be honest im not that fussed about the leaderboard and if I could have cheated, warhawk, MK vs DC, fight night and fifa vita are amongst some of games id of cheated on as i cant do legit amymore. Why am i too fast allegedly? some of this took me 8-9 even 10 years to finish.