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  1. Street Fighter 2. First one i ever seen but damm im impressed.
  2. Hate giving EA money too money Hungry.
  3. Skin Deep on RDR2
  4. Shit I gotta get on Driveclub VT
  5. Would love to delete some of the crap i wish i never installed even it meant loseing acheived trophies.
  6. Fifa vita. Bought this and was unobtainable from day 1 fkn sux. Screw EA
  7. Best in the west RDR2 sooooooooo proud
  8. Ace Combat. Kind of regreting it. Its not that great.
  9. Death Of Arther Morgan. Spoiler Alert lol.
  10. RDR2 according to soical club 5 days and 22 hours and still 2 trophies to go. Its fair to say i got value for money.
  11. Robbie Williams Hyde park london. What a concert.
  12. It is but you need great internet. I tried to help the freeflow perfection on batman was too laggy. Needs to be live.
  13. Sega Mega Drive. Streets of rage is my fav game of all time.
  14. Didnt like it. Thought the acting was very off in Gran Torino felt forced. Was a few good moments Clint os still a legend totally agree on Batman though
  15. Are they done making vita games now?