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  1. If you were able to think logically then at first you would have thought of such a thing... Why a person goes through Hardcore games like SFIV SSFIV Ninja Gaidens MGS:Revengence ( VR missions ) UMVC3 and other, spending months on them and he plans to break a trophy into Batman Arkham Origins and can not spend a couple of days on that to honestly pass the trophy in Batman. Personally for me, this is complete idiocy. If you do not want to restore? Do not restore, the flag to your hands and neck drum, I do not care. In general, I have my save, I told you how it got, what else do I have to dance for you? "Everyone can hack a save bla-bla-bla" i heard that shit. GL
  2. Today I remembered why I got the trophy from "First Riddler Trophy" before the other. After collecting all 270 items I was offered to go to the shelter of the Riddler, having received only the "First Riddler Trophy" there. I could not understand where the second one was? After reading I found out that there are Riddler informers (which are marked by a green aura) on the streets. I started flying over the city and interrogate them, having spent about 15-20 minutes and how last informer was ass-kicked the trophy "Enigma Unravelled" will pop up. That's all. Now I am once again convinced that all the trophies have been received fairly and I do not want to hide Origins from the principle now. And if this is even a possible bug I have few questions... Where my mistake? I should have known this before? This is silly.😑
  3. I still have a save game with the passage, I can specially run for you around the city and show you streets as a guide on Gotham. Starting with the entrance to the XBM with my profile. Have a desire to see? : /
  4. Valenok Batman: Arkham Origins Hello! How do I understand your question to me about getting the trophy "First Riddler Trophy" before "Enigma Unravelled"? I'm not English-speaking, but I'll try to explain as much as possible the situation with this trophy in order to avoid misunderstanding with that trophy in the future.<br /> Description of trophies in the game:<br /> Enigma Unravelled: Collect all Enigma items<br /> First Riddler Trophy: Collect every collectible<br /> As the author of the guide described the trophy "First Riddler Trophy" on the site: "This trophy description is misleading" That is, the trophy is given for the sign of the mystery in the Riddler shelter. This trophy can be obtained much earlier than it might seem, since it is possible to get into the shelter after the first tower, this is confirmed by the author (Blender100) hints on the Russian analogue of the previous site: What he writes: "to the above, you can go to the shelter immediately in the beginning after the first tower, and then collect everything in the course of the game" From all this, it follows that the trophy "First Riddler Trophy" is almost an individual trophy with an incorrect description.