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  1. Its 48hrs since I unlocked the first scavenger crew. I've subsequently gone and unlocked the second, third and fourth crews yesterday and I'm already 240/2000 in Dividend challenge. No need to panic and quite your job yet 😝
  2. Love the name of the platinum and hard trophy 😁
  3. Just to clarify, I meant I'm 100%ing the required locations en route to unlocking the scrap crews. I'm doing the insignias, finding the scraps etc to 100% that location, rather than just killing the dudes and whatever the objective is. This will minimize additional backtracking later. I've literally turboed past everything that isn't a main mission objective.
  4. Started it earlier today. Just cruising along. Have one crew setup so far. Been clearing the camps and whatnot 100% before moving on.
  5. I like living on the edge mate 😎 6 per hour per crew. 500+2000 which is non-accumulative after first challenge is met. Jump in the car, drive out, fast travel back to make sure it saves - and also do this after a play session for whats accrued while playing. Don't die while collecting final scraps. Tally the Legends challenges with Statistics scavengers sites to avoid the glitch. Check that harpoon container door for anorther common glitch. I think I'll be good.
  6. Just unlocked Jeet's Crew. Might do at least the second crew later today to give myself some breathing room. Wasn't going to bother at all TBH, but I need a chill game while catching up on podcats. Sure was weird seeing this as one of the most popular at the start of the month though. Was wondering what the hell was going on lol
  7. So was it collective or in one life?
  8. Anyone know if difficulty stacks?
  9. Looking like a good list to me. My flightstick and VR gonna get some good use 😁
  10. That would have been my assumption. I interpret "non-seeded" as a curated non-random mode.
  11. Obligatory "damn I just bought it digital" post.
  12. Had the exact same thing. Even took me the same amount of time to find the last 2 haha. Turns out there was still some events that I hadn't discovered, mainly exploration sites, which aren't even on any of the internet maps.
  13. Missed 2, sigh. Must have been in the larger camps and triggered while i was massacring everything in overdrive. Such a shit trophy that is counter to how the game should be played.
  14. Confirmed still working as of today.
  15. There is a character specific badge that is unlocked when you get a win. Its looks like the character, and tracks individual wins. It has different tiers which unlock at 1/5/10/50/100. As long as your squad wins, you get credited a win.