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  1. Had the exact same thing. Even took me the same amount of time to find the last 2 haha. Turns out there was still some events that I hadn't discovered, mainly exploration sites, which aren't even on any of the internet maps.
  2. Missed 2, sigh. Must have been in the larger camps and triggered while i was massacring everything in overdrive. Such a shit trophy that is counter to how the game should be played.
  3. Confirmed still working as of today.
  4. There is a character specific badge that is unlocked when you get a win. Its looks like the character, and tracks individual wins. It has different tiers which unlock at 1/5/10/50/100. As long as your squad wins, you get credited a win.
  5. Useful info, thanks mate 👍
  6. Definitely a tough trophy list. Both skill and grind required.
  7. Hopefully have continue this kind of event for each region over the coming weeks. Will make obtaining the crowns so much more manageable. Patience is the key.
  8. As stated there was no skipping at all. Not only did this add to the overall time, it also created more tension during these scenes because you could see the clock ticking away helplessly.
  9. Used my 100% save file and went through each level one by one, quitting to main screen each time I died just to be safe. Didn't have to repeat any.
  10. Sad to see they cheapened the platinum by making the cutscenes skippable. Regardless I'm still glad I did it when it was more difficult, but it "wasn't too hard" 😛
  11. According to the 1.02 patch notes, they addressed a glitch preventing some people obtaining the Quazy trophy. It seems to indicate you can do them in any order.
  12. Strongly advise against it. Combat has some of the dodgiest hit detection I've seen in a game, and the graphics are horribly low resolution (must be 480p or so). Not to mention the trophy problems. Wasted 3hrs trying to get all the swords in one session, only to encounter a game breaking bug on the way to the last sword.😡😡😡
  13. Nope. Not really keen to do that either. Thats probably the way to do it however, considering you had to break 20 swords in one session for it to register (that was a brilliantly fun 1 hour of grinding).
  14. 50 Kills - Destroy 50 ships in Online Eliminator or Combat Events List looks challenging. Bring it on 😅
  15. Breaking The Curse - never popped for me so looks like its glitched. I suspect you need the previous 6 swords in your inventory with some durability left, ie if one or more are 'broken' they might not count when you pick up the 7th sword. Developer could you please look into this. I don't want to waste my time playing through again if its not going to unlock the trophy.