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  1. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture runs real nice on PS5 now with auto-HDR. Pretty much everything has been mentioned.
  2. Its nothing to do with Sony. The publisher sets the release date in the storefront. So direct the blame at DOTEMU. Its releasing at 11pm on the 16th in Australia which is pretty ridiculous.
  3. Have they confirmed you can import your save? I was about halfway through and not keen to start from scratch.
  4. Showed up in my second playthrough when I didn't do the Metro underneath and just focused on story missions.
  5. Windmills. GRE Anomaly. Metro. Municipal. ALL BUGGED. Do not get the trophy for completing the last one. Quiz answer 4 bugged. Dude in the bar never shows up. Had to coop for the Fish Eye story mission and I think everything fucked up from there. Even got stuck in a deathloop but was able to restore a could backup.
  6. Finally popped, but the host nor the other poor sod who had done it too many times to count got it. You're playing with fire trying to plat this game atm.
  7. Have done "A Place to Call Home" three times and nothing. On top of all the disconnects and people wasting your time this is very frustrating.
  8. Has the game been out 500 hours yet? 😂
  9. So, maybe not grind out the platinum but I definitely see myself devoting a lot of hours to this if its fun.
  10. Have been tracking my progress there and everything is matching up.
  11. oof can't imagine having to boost this. 140 wins needed in total. Glad I got it done early in the Aussie region as thats always the first to go.
  12. So why are you quoting me?
  13. So this version is BETTER for trophy hunters then.
  14. Keep your eyes on the Shop too guys. I've seen Super Treasure Hunt cars going for 500-1200 coins, and there can be multiple in the same listing. 25k gears is still the bottleneck, so with the Shop refreshing every 90mins it might still be worthwhile backing up your save 5 seconds before that and reloading a few times until you get lucky.
  15. Immensely. For 10-15mins a day, if that, you can gain 2 levels in the season pass (I'm already 20) and obtain 500 gears/3500 coins.