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  1. :platinum: 68: Resident Evil 2


    Omg should we talk about our good time in '98? I confess, listening the original soundtrack made me nostalgic.

    There are so many speedrun and these guys are very pro, but I'm just happy and glad for plat another re.

    Now let's see for the 3th ;)

    Btw.. Leon! R u not upgraded!? =)

  2. :platinum: 68: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered


    I liked the remastered, it brought me memories. (like when I was a child and was a pc gamer too lol)

  3. :platinum: 67: The Witness


    Who like rebus and puzzle games? I found it relaxing but... could be heavy too, expecially at the end of a work day lol

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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. AmarisSkye



    4. Renzissimo


      Thx everybody!!

      @Squirlruler yeah it's a cool challenge

  4. :platinum: 66: Rogue Aces


    A good time killer and relaxing game, you can still find it on ps+, last days

  5. I think that easy plats are necessary somethime in the life of a trophy hunter. What is easy plat? I know games where u finish the story and the trophy pops out (like telltale series) or if u buy it (hit the mayo). Or maybe a game that doesn't require sofisticated skills. Plat is plat but I prefer when it comes after a road of challenges and, most important, when u really play and enjoy the game. I don't like plats with a big average of achievement, but depends from game to game. It's a nice discussion.
  6. Nice, thank u 🏃🏃
  7. At least restart the savepoint but very lucky lol. But where u saw the steps? On the final rank page?
  8. Congrats! U walked for 14001 steps lol
  9. Wowowwowo just preordered Re2, time left 1 hour to go. If someone wants to see the first part, i'll stream that. I'm tired but curious, don't want wait tomorrow evening.

    50 min to go. www.twitch.tv/renzissimo

  10. :platinum: 65: South Park The Fractured But Whole


    An assassin is in town :D

    An other funny game, more than the first.

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    2. Fat Chocobo

      Fat Chocobo


    3. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    4. Renzissimo


      thx guys :dance:

      @Beyondthegrave07 In the first, I liked a lot customize weapons. Money spent well : )

  11. :platinum: 64: Onimusha Warlords


    Oh my god Onimusha!! It was one of my favorite game on ps2. Samanosuke super star lol. He makes very crazy and funny faces in the game lol.

    I was late for finish south park tfbw in time, so at european day one 01/15 I started very fast this game. I thought i could be one of the first 100 with the platinum trophy but hard for me, rank 104? At least I'm pretty sure I'm the first italian player with this plat (watching the psn list). Happy for this yeah.

    1. DamagingRob


      Nicely done!

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  12. :platinum: 63: South Park The Stick Of Truth


    Very funny game :D

    1. DamagingRob


      It most certainly is, congrats!

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. Renzissimo


      I was wondering if some minigames are really censored only in Europe. The screens describe what should you do in the minigame and maybe is the same for everyone. It's not so important, the game is like the tv serie, full of laughter.

  13. :platinum: 62: Battlefield V


    New year, new plat :D

  14. :platinum: 61: 2064 Read Only Memories


    Funny and short point n click game, boring way to repeat the game for different endings but i liked the easy dictionary and the voices. Today is not the 22. lol a little bit late for the sincro... three days AFTER Christmas 😆

  15. A short story of my last drama purchase.

    I was not sure about battlefield 5 deluxe edition or standard. On 14th I decided: ok c'mon let's do it! 15th afternoon was a long gaming session, about 8hrs and it was great at the end. I thought maybe i can stream some interesting video. 16th i was not at home but yeah, weekend is coming and i can play many hours.

    17th there is no more connection. Red light on my modem and no internet access. I call for maintenance and my internet provider says they'll fix on monday (today). Okay I did the campaign hoping the trophies don't lost theirself till the next sync lol. Today still don't work. They said the maintenance will come by friday. Crap! Good job italian company 😂

    I think i'll go on with diablo 👺

    What about you? Someone was without internet during the release of a game buyed? 🤕

    1. PermaFox


      Yep.  Been there.  3 days without internet.  Everyone else having fun, making progress and I'm sitting here with nothing.  Ended up playing pinball until I could get back online.  Really sucked.

    2. Renzissimo


      today again online, feew, no pinball for me  😆